Zamob: is an online mobile website which allows users to download many files like java games, android games, tv series, mp3 music, videos clips, Apps and wallpapers all at no cost. is understood to be one of the most important websites used in South Africa. On the website you’ll find ample downloadable files like java games, mobile apps, music in mp3 and mp4 format, videos and more amazing ones.

One thing that amaze me about the Zamob website is that, it is free, you don’t have to pay a dine before you’ll be able to download it file or create an account. The website one of a kind which is always up to date on the latest media files it offers to users. It’s one of the simplest interfaces which supplies you easy accessibility to its website on your PC or Mobile Phone. You’ll visit the website with any browser that most accurately fits you…

Music Features of Zamob

In this session, we’d specifically be observing the amazing features of this site. We’d even be viewing at how to download mp3 music files on the website.

  • The Zamob music 2018 platform is obtainable for all. There’s no regulation neither is there a limit to the amount of files you’ll be able to download on a daily basis..
  • user interface is easy and simple to navigate through
  • Downloading from is absolutely free and doesn’t attract any cost to utilize.
  • Downloading Zamob music 2018 is simple from the website and there are various kinds to choose from.
  • Download speed is usually effortless and equally fast.

Having discussed the most features of the website, let’s have a look at a way to download from the platform.

How to Use the Zamob Search Bar

It is very easy to make use of the Zamob search bar to search out any media file you would like to download. All you simply need is that the name of the mp3 music, videos, game, or app you want to search for. Then you will have follow the below steps;

  • On any of your web browser, enter the following URL.

  • Then, It will directly reach you to the Zamob homepage.
  • Then, At the top of the side of homepage, click on the small search button.
  • It will display the search bar.
  • And then, Type the name of the file you want to search in the search bar, and click on the search button below.

 Then it will display a list of files based on your search query, click on anyone to open that files.

How to Download Media Files on Zamob

Zamob mp3 music, android games, apps, and java games are one of the foremost downloaded files on Downloading from the website is incredibly easy and fast, all you only need is great internet connection to induce a smooth download process.

To Download Media Files from

  • Firstly, Go to website “” on any of your web browser.
  • Then you are able to make use of the search bar at the top right side of the homepage.
  • Or make use of the “Zamob download category”, to find the file you want to download.
  • When you get the file, click on it.
  • Then, It will take you to the file page, where you will see all details of the file you want to download.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the “Download” button.
  • Then your download start immediately.

The Zamob website has no user restriction for too many downloads. It offers unlimited download process; users can download as many media file they want to.

How to Download TV Series on Zamob

You will be able to download movies and TV Series from this website to your mobile device and personal computer by the steps given below;

  • Now click on TV Series categories or visit ( on the house page of Zamob. this can direct you to a different website where you’ll be able to download TV series.
  • Click on any of the categories you would like to download your favorite TV Series movie from on the page that loads, to proceed further
  • Locate the TV Series you would like to download and click on thereon once you discover it.
  • The next page that loads will display to Description, Year, Genres, Release Date, Language, Runtime, and Origin/Country of the TV Series you would like to download. Scroll the page and click on on the name of the TV Series Movie (Deep Web HD Rip)
  • The movie is shared into different parts, click on any of the parts you wish to first download
  • Click on the server you would like to start out to download the movie from, to induce the movie downloaded to your device.
  • Quickly, your selected file will start downloading to your browser.

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Free Games

Games have really taken a special step over the years and there has being plenty of game developers, who have spent quality time developing games.

You will be able to play any of your favorite game on your mobile phone. That’s to mention, games with higher-quality graphics can now be played on your mobile platform.

Most people have always been on the web trying to find a mobile web portal where they will download mobile games to their mobile devices at no cost.

Here is that the truth, this web portal has really Made things abundantly easy for those to seem for a free mobile web portal. Where they’ll download all their favorite games on their mobile devices.

One thing i like about this excellent web portal is users can download games of Java, iOS, and Android OS. You don’t have to join up or log in to any account before you’ll be able to download your favorite games from zamob.

Download Games On Zamob

Downloading on the zamob platform is simple and free. You don’t must set up an account or subscribe the platform before you’ll be able to download on the platform.

The download steps also are easy, but as long as you know the way to download games on zamob, follow the steps below;

  • Firstly, Go to Zamob Games or ( on your internet device.
  • Then, Select the kind of game you wish to download, java, or android games.
  • Then, On the subsequent page, select the kind or genre of game you would like to download.
  • After that, Select the sport you wish to download and click on thereon.
  • Click on the download tab on the following page.
  • And then, The game file will start download immediately to your device free. Download Category

It has amazing categories where all its media files are well arranged in, supported how they entertain users or how they’re use. Following are the amazing categories on the Zamob website.

  • App Store
  • Wallpapers
  • Zamob Music
  • Videos Clips
  • Games
  • TV Series
  • Applications

On each of the about list of categories, you may find quite many media files to download. You’ll easily find any games, mp3 music, videos, and mobile app on the Zamob website with the assistance of its search bar feature.

App Store Category

  • Java
  • Android

Wallpapers Category

  • Anime
  • Bikes
  • Fantasy Girls
  • 3D
  • Planes
  • Travels
  • Disney
  • Brands
  • Celebrities
  • Sport
  • Animals
  • Artistic
  • Movies
  • Religion
  • Celebrations
  • Romantic
  • Abstract
  • Cartoons
  • Games
  • Fantasy
  • Nature
  • Others
  • Cars
  • Creative

Mp3 Music Category

  • south african
  • Asia
  • nigeria
  • hindi
  • kenya
  • malaysia
  • sri lanka
  • australia
  • Ghana
  • Brasil
  • Mexico
  • thai
  • indonesian
  • Pakistani
  • New Single
  • R&B Album
  • Album
  • All Album Genres
  • All Single Tracks Genre
  • Mix Tapes
  • Pop Album
  • All English Music
  • RAP/Hip Hop Album

Videos Clips Category

  • Latest Music Videos
  • TV Series
  • Celebrity – behind the scene Videos
  • Beauty Music Videos
  • Reggae Music Videos
  • Electronic Music Videos
  • RAP/Hip Hop Music Videos
  • Pop Music Videos
  • Celebrity Videos
  • Short Cartoon
  • R&B Music Videos
  • Funny Videos
  • S**y Music Videos
  • Reggaeton Music Videos
  • Rock Music Videos
  • Big Brother Videos
  • Nigerian Music.
  • Nigeria Telugu.

Games Category

  • Java Games
  • Android Games
  • Puzzle games
  • Racing games
  • Cards games
  • Action games
  • Adventure games
  • Horror games
  • Educational games
  • Fashion games etc.

TV Series or Category

  • TV Series
  • Movies
  • MANGA / Web Toons
  • Korean Drama
  • TV Series A-Z list
  • Movies A-Z list
  • Animations / Cartoons

Applications Category

  • Android Apps


List Of TV Series On Zamob

  • Better Call Saul.
  • Blackish.
  • Bulletproof.
  • Batwoman.
  • Altered Carbon.
  • BoJack Horseman.
  • Ballers.
  • Carnival Row.
  • Agents of SHIELD.
  • Empire.
  • Family Guy.
  • Dynasty.
  • Dracula 2020.
  • Designated Survivor.
  • Doom Patrol.
  • Daredevil.
  • Harley Quinn.
  • Greys Anatomy.
  • Grownish.
  • His Dark Materials.
  • Godfather of Harlem.
  • Into the Badlands.
  • Gotham.
  • Grimm.
  • Killing Eve.
  • Legacies.
  • Lost in Space.
  • Jack Ryan.
  • Lucifer.
  • Lost in Oz.
  • Legends.
  • Money Heist.
  • Manifest.
  • Narcos Mexico.
  • Mythic Quest – Ravens Banquet.
  • Orange Is The New Black.
  • Narcos.
  • Orphan Black.
  • Mistresses.
  • Nikita.
  • Riverdale.
  • Ray Donovan.
  • Runaways.
  • Peaky Blinders.
  • Queen of the South.
  • Pretty Little Liars – The Perfectionists.
  • Russian Doll.
  • Prison Break.
  • Powerless.
  • Person of Interest.
  • Revolution.
  • The Blacklist.
  • Siren.
  • The Last O.G.
  • SEAL Team.
  • The Simpsons.
  • Strike Back.
  • The Walking Dead.
  • The Magicians.

These are a number of the TV series on the platform for download. There are other tv series on the platform. But currently, these are the highest tv series on the platform. Check them out and thank me later.

Alternatives of Zamob

Zamob Video Clips

This is only one web portal you may always enjoy when it involves downloading of mobile videos. This web portal contains plenty of Music videos, funny videos, short videos, short cartoons, celebrity videos, movie trailers, and plenty of more. And these videos are often downloaded to your mobile devices free. This can be because this web portal is essentially built for mobile users.

Videos on the web portal are in HD, Mp4, and 3gp format, you’ll be able to download any video from the portal free at no cost.

But if you continue to don’t know the way to download videos from this portal. You simply must follow the straightforward step below to download videos from its portal;

  • Visit the home page of this portal using its URL
  • On the home page click on the video clip, to proceed to the following.
  • This page that loads contain every kind of categories of videos you’re searching for on this web portal.
  • Click on the categories of the video you would like to download from. But if you have got a particular video you wish to download, you’ll be able to easily locate the video using the Zamob search bar.
  • Once you’re able to find the video you would like to download, click thereon.
  • Then, Click on the standard right under the “Type” (HD Quality).
  • Click on download from the following page that pops resolute start the downloading process.

Free Music Download

Over the years music has been one trending media file users have always been on the net for.

All they need from the net is to download their favorite music to their device. This has really made music one among the foremost popular downloaded media come in the world today.

Some person takes music as their sole companion because it makes them feel alright after they are in a very wrong mood.

On this portal, you’ll be able to download all of your favorite mp3 music at no cost with no stress. The easy step below will guide you on how you’ll be able to download all of your favorite music at no cost.

  • Firstly, Launch any application program on a web web-connected device.
  • Then, Type within the URL or attend on the search bar of the browser you launched.
  • Then, the following page that loads is that the home page of Zamob, which contains every category of data you’re trying to find on this web portal.
  • And then, Click on to the music just Games category to access its page.
  • Once the following page loads up a research for the music you would like to download either from the category of music it falls on or using the search bar.
  • Click on the music as soon as you’re ready to locate it.
  • And then, Click on download from the subsequent page that loads to start out the method of downloading the music to your device.


Free Apps has many apps on its portal for android devices. Now, the general public have really found these apps very useful because they were the sole available mobile OS (Operating System).

There wasn’t must competition between these available operating. But when this trending mobile OS (ANDROID) was created and kicked off the mobile world.

Mobile devices with this OS became more outstanding than another software. has made it simple for visitors to have the option to download any of the Android most loved applications and games to their mobile phones.

Their many Android apps you’ll also be able to download from this portal. And every one Android apps on this portal is downloaded at no cost at no cost.

Download Apps On Zamob

Downloading Apps on the zamob platform is simple. And a bit like every other category and document on the platform, it’s unengaged to download on the platform. Following are the steps to download apps on this zamob website:

  • Firstly, Visit the Zamob website on your browser. (
  • Then, Click on the application category or application store or tab.
  • Then, Select the sort of app you wish to download, android, or java.
  • Now, On the following page, select the app genre to download from.
  • Then, Select your most loved option of the app to download.
  • Then, Click on the download tab on the following page and follow the on-screen instructions to finish your download.

The stipulated steps above are very necessary once you want to download it on the platform successfully.

Download Wallpaper On Zamob

Are you searching for a pleasant mobile web platform where you’ll be able to download lots of wallpapers to your transportable or tablet? is here to supply you tons of exclusive wallpaper for you to download at no cost.

All you wish do to download many exclusive wallpaper and also pictures from this web portal. It’s for you to go to its home page and click on on the wallpaper.

Which is among the feature of and you may be taken to a different page. This can be where you’ll be able to select the category of wallpaper you would like to download from.

Locate the wallpaper you would like to download to your mobile device, to start out the downloading process. Click on download to start out downloading the wallpaper.

This platform has one in every of the biggest libraries of wallpapers on the net today. Downloading wallpapers on this platform is additionally free. To download the wallpaper on this platform free, follow the steps below;

  • Firstly, Go to Zamob Wallpapers ( on your device.
  • Then, Select the kind of wallpaper you wish to download, e.g, movies, sport, romantic and then way more.
  • Then, On the subsequent page, select the kind of wallpaper genre you wish to download.
  • On the file page, you would like to download from, click on the download tab, and follow the on-screen instructions from the following page.
  • And then, That’s all about downloading wallpapers on the platform.

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