Yuka, an app to analyze healthy foods and cosmetics

Yuka: Among so many options that we have before our eyes when buying food products , it is important to know what ingredients they contain, and thus make a more conscious purchase. That task can sometimes be complicated, due to the little knowledge we have for it. However, thanks to technology and some people who care about everyone’s health and the environment, there are alternatives like Yuka, the app to analyze food.

Yuka is an application of French origin, free and available on Android

and iOS , with more than 22 million users, which scans the barcodes of food and cosmetic products to decipher what they are made of. It is a useful tool for you to buy exactly what you need, and in a healthy way.

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Advantages of using Yuka, an app to analyze food

There are many advantages to using this app to analyze food. One of them is that it is totally independent. This means that the recommendations it gives you about a food or cosmetic are based on its own criteria and not on the financing of the companies that manufacture them.

Since you do not receive money from any company, another great advantage is that it does not have advertising. When you download it, you will not see any promotion of other products.

To stay, Yuka has three forms of financing:

  • The paid version of the app, which has additional functions, such as a search bar, an offline mode and personalized alerts that warn of the presence of palm oil, gluten or lactose.
  • Calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables, this form of financing is available only in France and is made with ecological materials.
  • Online nutrition program that helps you acquire the basics of a healthy diet in 10 weeks. It is only in French.

This app to analyze food is a viable option if you are looking for a healthier diet in these times where we must take care of ourselves more than ever.

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