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Download your boyfriend game APK – latest version – for Android. In this game you are going to find yourself in the situation of a girl harassed by an undesirable.

Thousands of women around the world have suffered varying degrees of harassment by men they do not want to please. While some men are reasonably accepting when a girl doesn’t want to go out with them, others don’t take it as well and then they start reacting strangely.

This can become an obsession and lead to very uncomfortable or even dangerous situations for women, which is a problem that we must bear in mind to try to correct. This is, to a large extent, what the game Your Boyfriend Game aims to do, a conversational adventure game that places us in the position of a girl who rejects an unattractive boy and is later haunted by her obsession and pride.

What is Your Boyfriend Game App?

This game is the opposite of the dating games that so many people like. Typically, a dating game features attractive characters, with spectacular bodies and loads of money, that anyone would like to have as a partner. Through conversation you can play flirting with these attractive men and simulate a romantic adventure. In this game, however, we will be in the opposite situation, since the protagonist is not an attractive man with money at all, but a mediocre and unattractive boy with whom we do not want to have any romance. This will lead to a very tense situation due to his obsession with the protagonist of the game.

A game that aims to awaken consciences

This game has been designed to alert us to unattractive guys’ romantic obsessions, which can often lead to harassment of women they think they are in love with.

These types of obsessions can reach really cloudy and disturbing possessive overtones, so this game allows us to experience what can happen with this type of people, and puts us on alert to detect in time the symptoms of a person’s obsession under the pretext of romance and love passion. It is therefore a game that seeks to be uncomfortable and make the player feel bad, since there are really no answers that are good, and everything inevitably ends up leading to a desperate outcome.

Features of Your Boyfriend Game online

  • Conversational game. This game consists of a conversational game where we can make certain decisions within the story based on the dialogue with the other characters. However, in this game you will not enjoy your decisions very much, because they will have very little influence within the story. This is part of its informative purpose, since, when we face obsessive people, in reality it does not matter what we say or do, since these types of people have decided in advance what they want to do with us, whether we like it or not.
  • Disturbing graphics. Everything in this game is designed to be an unpleasant experience, since the objective of the game is precisely to make us see the difficult situations experienced by women harassed by these types of people. Graphics, then, accompany this objective and constitute an inescapable part of the traumatic experience of the game. Thus, our stalker will be a boy without any physical attractiveness or success in life, the environments in which we will find ourselves will be chilling, and the very logo of the game will already cause us a bad feeling.
  • Independent game. This game is developed by an independent programmer who wants to contribute his grain of sand to contribute to the dissemination of this type of problem, so that we are all aware of the danger posed by these obsessive and traumatized people, who confuse love with obsession and They are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill their unhealthy and disturbing fantasies.

Your Boyfriend APK Mod Free Download for Android

Here is the link to download Your Boyfriend APK Mod in Spanish for free. Install it at your own risk and remember that you need to mentalize yourself before playing it, because the experiences of this simulator can be tortuous and very scary.

Download Game

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