YMusic: An app to download music from YouTube

YMusic: Do you want to download music from YouTube to your mobile? We tell you a practical, simple and safe way with YMusic, a free application for Android phones with which you can play and download videos from this platform, in the background, with a variety of formats, including MP3.

As you know YouTube accumulates a formidable music library; You can convert videos into music and download them to your mobile with YMusic , without damaging your data plan, since it generates less consumption than when we watch YouTube directly on the device.

By downloading music with YMusic, which is not a YouTube converter as such, you can listen to your favorite songs without worrying about data. These are its main characteristics:

  • Play YouTube video in the background
  • Download YouTube with variety of formats: mp3, opus, webm, mp4.
  • Search for music videos easily
  • Browse trendy music videos.

How to download and use YMusic?

To download YMusic you must resort to APK files, there you can find the application in several stores, as it is not available in the Google Play Store. Its file is very light, barely 7.5 MB, so it hardly takes up space on your phone.

This tool to download music from YouTube has a simple design, its interface is easy to use to navigate the app, search for videos, or play and download the video you want. Within the application you can search for the videos that interest you, thanks to the search engine that is integrated into it.

The platform can also be customized, it allows you to choose background colors and screen elements, from the settings option.

This application has many functions, which make it very complete. You can play YouTube videos and music directly on your phone, and as we explained earlier, the playback is in the background.

In its settings it also has an equalizer that can be adjusted to the taste of each user, likewise, you can configure the downloads, for example, do them only with WiFi, to prevent your data from being consumed.

This application has many functions to download music from YouTube.

Install YMusic for Android

In order to install YMusic to download music from YouTube on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. On your phone go to the “Settings”, then enter the “Security” section, there activate the “Unknown sources” option. This will allow you to install any application with the APK file that is not available on Google Play, such as YMusic.
  2. Later, go to XDA Developers or Uptodown , which are two options that the developer has enabled in order to have this application.
  3. Once you have the YMusic APK file you must copy it to your mobile through the USB data cable.
  4. When you already have it on your smartphone, search for it with your phone’s file explorer and launch it.
  5. When you open it, the installer will show all the permissions that this application needs and you must accept.
  6. Once you accept, you wait a few seconds and the application will be installed on your device and that’s it. You can now enjoy YMusic on your computer.

YMusic Advantages

Downloading music from YouTube with YMusic has great advantages, and one of the main ones is saving 90% of data. Other benefits are the playback of music without interruptions, its light, easy and customizable interface, the download of videos in different resolutions and formats, among other functions.

This tool is very attractive because it allows you to listen to streaming music without worries, it is as if you were using Spotify or another similar service. This is an ideal option for music lovers, as they can create an offline playlist or choose the song you want without having to pay any subscription to download music .

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