Wyylde: Everything You Need To Know About The Swinger Social Network

Wyylde: Wyylde is a Swinger social network that is taking off strongly in Spain. It is about creating a profile to meet others interested in the exchange of couples, and as in any social network or dating app there is something important to take into account: security. In this article we review the Wyylde keys and opinions of users who leave comments on the Internet about this social network for the exchange of couples.

How does Wyylde work? It is an application to plan couples exchange. A social network for swingers. Simple and easy to use… Let’s see, we live in a world of trends where many want to venture out to try new things. And we only talk about technology but also about more intimate areas. Exploring sexuality and seeking new experiences in terms of sex is not just a matter of adolescents. And proof of this is Wyylde , a social network dedicated to the exchange of couples.

To start using Wyylde you must create a profile as you would on another social network. On the platform they have more than 150 thousand profiles created, according to their own creators. In the frequently asked questions section they have a series of common questions / answers about aspects related to these profiles.

What is Wyylde

Today social networks largely lead the immense ecosystem of the Internet. Some are more popular than others and even very similar, in which tools and functions are even copied to attract more users; But this one that we will talk about next is different and has other interests that can generate modesty in many. This is Wyylde , the social network to exchange partners.

This activity of exchanging partners, also known as swingers , is very common in several European countries, but in Spain it is still considered a taboo subject that causes discomfort among a large number of people; However, there is another group of the population that does not have the slightest decorum in experimenting with the exchange of partners for a much more liberal and exploratory sex life, and that is where Wyylde , formerly known as the Liberal Union , comes into play .

If you think that Wyylde does not have as many followers as the traditional ones where you are only looking for friendship or something else like Facebook, Instagram or Tinder, you are wrong. According to data from the social network itself, so far it has more than four million profiles, in age groups between 18 and 35 years old; a figure not insignificant and that makes us think that this exchange of couples will continue to spread throughout Spain in the coming years.

At first glance, Wyylde is like any social network in which you share photos, videos and messages with your followers, only that the contents can be much more risque and with another purpose, which is to exchange partners. If you are intrigued to know more about Wyylde so far, then read on.

Wyylde a liberal social network

We are talking about the ‘ swinger ‘ universe , a world in which couples exchange to have sexual, fetishistic, erotic experiences and a long etcetera … Actually in these cases the limit depends exclusively on what each person or couple wants and is willing to do . Because it is the type of social network that it is, opinions about Wyylde are very varied, with some people fascinated by the novelty and others who consider it inappropriate.

The advantage of Wyylde is that it offers a more discreet way to enter this world. The most common thing for those who want to experiment in this exchange of couples is to go to a bar and begin to observe the environment. However, because many are afraid of meeting acquaintances, it is best to organize calmer meetings at home. That is why among the opinions of Wyylde you will find that this social network is the most recommended for those who are new to this type of experience.

How Wyylde app works

Wyylde works like any other social network: In it you open a profile, but the questions are focused on your sexual preferences. Once you have your account, you can start interacting with users and watch the videos that some of them post. Not everyone does it but the most exhibitionists can do it if they want to with total freedom.

Wyylde app as such does not exist, but there is a mobile version of the platform itself that allows you to interact with your contacts as you would in another social network. Wyylde’s interface is very similar to what you might see in any dating app, so you have to take into account the same security rules that you would take if you decide to meet a Tinder contact, for example.

Wyylde the swinger social network does not have an app as such, but it does have a mobile version of it. All the information you post on Wyylde can be seen by your followers on the Activities wall. Your photos, videos and Lives in one place. In addition to this, from this wall those who follow you will be able to know if you are available or not for them just by posting the hashtag #LEN, which means “Free tonight.”

One of the things that differentiates Wyylde from the rest, in addition to its main function which is to connect liberal people interested in swingers , is that you can publish the activities and events you are going to or are organizing to meet more people than Like you, they have no taboo for living this type of sexual experiences.

Now, if this is really your thing in the swingers world and you want to have greater visibility, Wyylde gives you the option of creating a professional page where you can publish and promote the events you are organizing for your followers and expand the list of followers of the exchange. of couples. But if what you like to organize them but to attend these events, on the blog of Wyylde you find a list with links to local liberals of Spain and some regions to attend one if you live there.

How do I open a profile on Wyylde?

This social network is defined as a place where you can discover endless exciting experiences to enjoy with your partner. It is an ideal world for those who want to lead a liberal lifestyle. That is, free from prejudices and social, moral and religious conditions that have led to the repression of sensuality and sexuality in public and even in private.

If you pay attention to Wyylde’s opinions about its benefits to have new and exciting experiences with your partner and that of others, you can open an account on this social network. You just have to go to the Wyylde website and select if you are in a relationship, if you are a woman, a man, a transsexual or a transvestite.

Subsequently you must indicate your sexual orientation and then what you are looking for (heterosexual, bisexual woman, heterosexual man, bisesexual, couples, etc). Then you must choose the type of relationship you want to have. Among the options you can mark videos, photos, webcam, threesome, exhibition, voyeurism and many others.

To continue with your registration you must make it clear what your experience is in the ‘swinger’ world and then your personal data such as date of birth and physical characteristics. The last step will be to establish your city, your nickname, password and email. Finally, you must advertise by writing in your own words a little more about yourself or your partner.

Create a profile on Wyylde step by step

If you have decided to enter the world of couples exchange through Wyylde , the first thing you should do is register. It is easy to do and free, although you will have to pay if you want to enjoy other functions offered by this social network. In the FAQ Wyylde place great emphasis on the process of validation of the profile after registration, aspect to which you must take special care if you create an account because if not then valid to receive email, your registration deemed not completed and no you will be able to enter the web after 10 days.

The first question you must answer to open your Wyylde account is if it will be a shared profile between you and your partner, or if you are a man, a woman and / or a transvestite or transsexual. From this point on, the questions to sign up are directed towards your sexual tastes and preferences for a better filter of what you are looking for when exchanging partners. It goes without saying that one of the questions has to do with the experience you have in terms of partner exchange.

Photos and Videos on Wyylde

Now that you’ve completed your registration, the next step will be to start uploading information on your profile, such as photos and albums to Wyylde , so that others know a little about you. There are certain conditions to upload photos and create albums that you should consider if you have already taken the step of having an account on this social network for liberal people who like to explore and exploit their sexuality.

The fact: To upload the cover photos in Wyylde, keep in mind that the minimum width is 990 px, a minimum height of 340 px and a maximum size of 10 MB.

With regard to albums, you have the option of creating a private one to have greater control of who you want to see your photos. Whether you decide to have a private album or not, Wyylde has certain conditions when it comes to doing so. One of them, for example, is that you cannot upload any photos where a sexual act is shown in the foreground or advertising.

The use of videos continues to grow and this is used very well in Wyylde for a better experience among its users. Yes, it turns out that we are talking about a social network if you want voyeuristic up to a point where the visual makes more sense than anything else and only the most daring upload videos or perform Lives for their followers.

As with photos, there are certain guidelines to keep in mind if you decide to upload a video, such as the format in which you should upload it. It is also important to know that, in relation to Lives, they can only be done from the computer for security reasons and because it does not have a Wyylde app . However, from the mobile you can view the Lives and even interact if you wish. It also gives you the option to archive your Lives, although they are automatically saved when you reach 20 viewers.

Wyylde Fees

Once you complete the information, they will send you an email to validate your account. This way you will be able to enter Wyylde and start interacting with the users of the social network. However, you must bear in mind that to have access to all the features of the site you will have to pay a subscription. If you do it monthly, the price to pay is 9.90 euros, quarterly it will be 22 euros and annually 59.90 euros.

As we explained, registering with Wyylde does not cost anything, but it does cost some functions that it offers for a more complete experience in this exchange of couples. For one month, the rate is € 14.90 . Three months € 29.90; And if you want to have all the benefits for one year, the cost is € 79.90.

After seeing everything you can do in Wyylde , the social network for liberals who like to exchange couples, there is no doubt that this type of practice leaves little to the imagination and is gaining more and more supporters in Spain who want to have another type of sexual experiences. Do you dare to open a profile or better not?

Wyylde, mixed opinions

The opinions of Wyylde are diverse. Normal, Wyylde is one of those platforms that can cause controversy. Especially in a country like Spain where the subject is barely being discovered, or well, at least it is now that the subject is just beginning to be publicly discussed. The swinger world in Spain is not as organized and advanced as in France, for example, where partner exchanges have become a systematized practice. Among the most positive opinions of Wyylde stands out the fact that you can have a profile on the social network while single. Unlike what happens in many clubs where by obligation you must enter as a couple.

Perhaps you have seen the Wyylde advertisement in the Madrid metro and you think it is a new release… We were also curious and decided to investigate what it was about. We discovered then that Wyylde is not something new although it seems otherwise. On their own website they warn that it is an evolution or change of name, before Wyylde was Unión Liberal, a site aimed at facilitating encounters between liberal couples.

They explain on their website that users who already have profiles in Unión Liberal will automatically migrate to Wyylde. If they don’t have it, they can easily open it, and they would only have to enter the new website with their UL usernames and password. Now, if you do not have a UL account, you should know that there is an introductory offer with a 6-month subscription totally free .

Now that you know the details, what are your opinions of Wyylde? Would you dare to try this social network? As we see technology, it facilitates, or seems to facilitate, adventures and sexual liberation … or not so much? You’ve probably heard of the Internet to seek adventures before, Ashley Madison, whose leak of user data caused a panic a few years ago… Do you think this Internet search for lovers is safe?

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