WhatsApp Delta: What it is, how it works and where to download this version

WhatsApp Delta: WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world, but also one of the most versioned, for this reason, we tell you about WhatsApp Delta , one of the mods of the official App, which has become very popular among users in recent months. We explain what Delta is, how it works and where you can download this version. Here we go with the details.

What is WhatsApp Delta and how does it work?

WhatsApp Delta is a modified version of the official instant messaging application that offers new functionalities that the original does not have. Its visual identity is also different, its logo is blue.

Delta allows you to add new themes, colors and fonts, as well as customize chats, send audio and videos of greater capacity. Up to 100 MB in audio and 50 MB in video.

It also gives you the opportunity to post stories of up to five minutes, likewise, sending massive messages, up to 250 people.

You can also incorporate other functions such as scheduling the sending of messages and the log of deleted messages. This is one of its most outstanding features since it allows to preserve the security and privacy of users, something that WhatsApp has questioned.

Download WhatsApp Delta

In order to download this unofficial version you must go to specialized pages where they give you the APK completely free. However, the security recommendation would be that you do not download WhatsApp Delta. The risk may outweigh the benefit that this app would give you.

Now, if you decide to download and install WhatsApp Delta, you should know that this process is quite similar to the original application. Once the APK is installed, you just have to give it permission to access your contact list, your camera and that’s it.

This App is gaining a lot of ground among the followers, however, you must be very careful because the original version of WhatsApp could temporarily suspend your account or even block it permanently if it discovers that you are using this mods version or that of Whastapp Gold.

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