How To Download WhatsApp Aero APK v9.05

WhatsApp Aero is one of the best WhatsApp mods. With WhatsApp Aero you can customize the appearance and privacy options of the messaging app

WhatsApp is, without a doubt, the most popular instant messaging application. Currently, it has more than 2 billion active users worldwide. One of the main secrets of its success is that its interface is very simple and that it is not an application with too many options. And certainly most users don’t need much else.

However, there are those who miss more options and greater customization possibilities. To meet the needs of these users, different unofficial modifications of the WhatsApp app have been developed.

WhatsApp Aero

One of the most popular and widely accepted mods is WhatsApp Aero. With this free modification, you can enjoy all the functions of the original app and some new ones. In addition, it incorporates new privacy options and allows greater customization of its appearance.

And best of all, it lets you know if someone has consulted your profile.

What are the new functions that WhatsApp Aero adds?

As we have just seen, the many functions that the mod includes can be divided into those that offer an aesthetic improvement, those that modify the functions of the app and those that increase your privacy. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Aesthetic improvements to totally change the look of your messaging app

If you are one of those who like to tune their phones and the applications that you use the most, you are in luck. WhatsApp Aero offers a great variety of possibilities in this regard. The most important ones are:

  • Allows you to change the interface design by installing one of the more than 3,000 themes available for it.
  • It lets you change the font of each of the chats individually.
  • Allows you to create and add new emojis. Thus, it lets you choose between the emojis of WhatsApp, Facebook, Emoji One V3, Android Nougat and Android Oreo.
  • Allows you to customize the styles of the tics.
  • Create transition effects by swiping the home screen to the right or left.

Get more out of WhatsApp with improved features

Another of the great attractions of the mod is to improve some of the most important functions of WhatsApp.

  • Increase the size of shared files to 700MB for videos and 50MB for photos and images.
  • Allows you to send files in file formats that WhatsApp does not accept.
  • It lets you know who is online, offline or who has changed their status.
  • Allows you to create a group tab next to the status tab.

Control your privacy with WhatsApp Aero

And, of course, with WhatsApp Aero you have greater control of your privacy. Thus, no one will be able to control or reproach you for not answering the messages.

  • It lets you know who has visited your profile. Not only that, you will get a mod when someone else does.
  • Allows you to hide the two ticks of the received message and the two blue ticks of the read message.
  • It lets you hide your status and the last connection time.
  • Allows you to hide the messages of “recording audio”, “writing” and the like.
  • Allows you to hide the received multimedia files in the gallery of your device. Thus, they are only accessible through the mod itself.
  • Once one of your contacts has sent you a message, they cannot delete it.

Is WhatsApp Aero the best WhatsApp mod?

In recent years, unofficial versions of WhatsApp have multiplied. Some of the best known are: WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp.

In general, they are all quite similar. Thus, they do not present great differences beyond the occasional aesthetic touch-up and the organization of the different option menus.

In favor of the mod at hand, I must say perhaps one of the best reasons to opt for it and not for any of the others is that it allows you to know who has consulted your profile.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Aero?

Using WhatsApp Aero is safe, as it is a virus and spyware free mod. Furthermore, the developers claim not to store or share their users’ information with third parties.

Since it is an unofficial app, you will not find it in the Google store, Play Store. Therefore, it is essential that you make sure you download WhatsApp Aero from a totally secure source, like ours. That the application is trustworthy does not mean that the website from which you download it is.

Can WhatsApp block your account for using an unofficial mod?

WhatsApp has been warning its users for years that the use of unofficial modifications is not allowed. In fact, if you discover that a user is using one of these mods, you can block it.

The first time it detects this type of unauthorized use, the block is temporary and is limited to 72 hours. That is the time you have to remove the mod. Of course, if misuse is discovered again, it can block the user indefinitely.

In any case, the truth is that WhatsApp has not been doing massive bans for some time now. Currently, there are many unofficial applications that are working and there is no news of user bans.

In addition, the WhatsApp Aero developers ensure that their mod has an anti-ban system.

WhatsApp Aero APK – latest version 2022

If you want to enjoy all the functions that the mod offers, you just have to download WhatsApp Aero APK for free and install it on your Android mobile.

Don’t think twice, download the latest version of WhatsApp Aero APK and get the most out of your instant messaging app. Update the best instant messaging mod to enjoy the latest news without limits.

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