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In Ultimate Fantasy XIV, crystals (generally known as shards or clusters, relying on their worth) play the position of catalysts in the crafting course of generally known as synthesis.

It’s secure to say that shards are an absolute necessity for any XIV crafting endeavor.

Every crafting recipe in the sport depends on these little containers of elemental vitality.

There are six distinct varieties, every representing one of many six elementary components:

The weather of warmth, chilly, wind, floor, sky, thunder, and water.

Along with the aforementioned varieties, they’re additionally out there in three distinct sizes: shard, crystal, and cluster.

Merely enjoying the sport will internet you a lot of crystals.

Nevertheless, you might by no means use them until you interact in crafting by way of Disciple of the Hand duties.

Why Do We Want Shards To Craft?

Story-wise, the method is kicked off by fragments of elemental matter.

Think about the occupation of the chef:

A Fireplace Shard is regularly used in the kitchen.

It may simply be a fast and straightforward solution to prepare dinner meals.

Gameplay-wise, this type lengthens the crafting course of and will increase its inherent complexity.

Even, in my expertise, crystals are by no means in quick provide when you’re simply making issues for enjoyable.

To a larger extent in case you are additionally coaching a gatherer to a better diploma.

They’re not onerous to search out, however when you plan on making a livelihood in the sport by way of crafting, you’ll need to discover a regular provide.

Why Are There Totally different Sizes of Crystal?

An elevated amount of catalyst ingredient is required for extra complicated crafting recipes.

Actually, it’s simply that straightforward.

These bigger crystals are uncommon, so the manufacturing time has been stretched out a bit.

For the participant, this merely implies somewhat further work right here and there.

In the identical vein, you may’t fragment crystals into smaller items or assemble smaller items into bigger ones.

There was a time when alchemists may dismantle them, however these days are lengthy gone.

How Do I Get Extra Crystals?

The great factor is that they’re slightly accessible initially.

Typically it looks like when you sneeze in Eorzea you’ll be showered with crystals.

You will get them by performing missions, killing monsters, desynthesizing issues, or flying concerning the world on an airship.

Shards, crystals, and clusters may also be obtained by way of Botany and Mining nodes.

This implies which you could get your personal crystals when you’re leveling a gatherer as effectively.

That is useful because it offers you somewhat extra management than a few of the different approaches by letting you zero on the aspect you need primarily based on the realm you’re cultivating it in.

In terms of crystals, XIV is pretty liberal.

If you understand the place to look, you received’t need to put in a tonne of additional effort and also you received’t have to fret about working out of crystals if you’re developing.

Do I Want To Carry All Of Them Round With Me?

Fairly a bit, no?

There are six distinct elements, spanning three sizes.

You might be in all probability cautiously glancing at your inventory proper now.

Don’t fear, your crystals have their very own tab in the Stock.

This tab can maintain as much as 9999 of every kind with out counting in opposition to your most capability.

Please don’t inform me the place in actuality your character is retaining all of those crystals.

Nevertheless, the primary concept is that your crystal stash is secure.

I Don’t Need To Craft, Do I Nonetheless Want Crystals?

No, apart from the realm of inventive endeavours, they serve no sensible function.

Provided that they’ve their very own inventory of things, ignoring them received’t have an effect on your progress.

It’s greatest to disregard them.

Then, when the time comes and also you determine you need to begin crafting, you’ll have loads of crystals in hand.

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