WeTransfer: How To Send File Via WeTransfer

WeTransfer: What is the most annoying thing about e-mails and many messenger services such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Slack? Right, the file size limit. It is possible to share large files via Google Drive or Dropbox, but that is often much more cumbersome than “just” sending the file, as we do every day with pictures and videos.

In 2009 this problem was already known and the Dutchman Ronald Hans recognized it and founded the WeTransfer service. This should transfer the simplicity of sending an e-mail to sending large files. Today, WeTransfer is part of everyday work for many. With our tips we will show you how to get as much as possible out of the tool.

Note: This text was updated on March 10th, 2020 by the Netzpiloten editorial team and supplemented with current information.

How to send large files

Do you need to send a large file to a client? Share documents with other departments of your company?

It is a free tool that you can use to send files to your customers and suppliers, as well as to other departments in your company.


  • You do not need registration, only your email and that of the recipient.
  • Shipping is simple and fast.
  • It is used by 42 million users per month all over the world.
  • It’s free.

We Transfer is a tool that solves the problem of sending large files to clients or colleagues, such as corporate videos, presentations, dossiers or any file that due to its size cannot be sent by email.

Today we are talking about WeTransfer so you can learn to share files in the simplest way. It is an increasingly popular application both in the professional field and in the daily use of personal life.

But first of all, do you know what it is exactly?

What is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is nothing more than an application designed for file transfer, based on the cloud.

It is very easy to use and one of the main characteristics of this application is that it allows you to send large files to one or more people simultaneously. The only thing you need to be able to transfer a file to someone is their email.

Another advantage that WeTransfer has and that differentiates it from other applications such as Dropbox, is that it is not necessary to be registered to use it. Neither should the person you want to send the file to, which makes transferring an easy and simple action.

It offers you two options for transferring your files:

  • Free option
  • Payment option

The safest thing is that you only use the first one for spontaneous shipments, but we will explain both.

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How WeTransfer works?

WeTransfer’s interface is very simple and stylish. In the middle there is a box with four fields: add file, recipient address, sender address and optionally a short message. When selecting with the mouse, small explanations appear in speech bubbles. Three e-mail addresses can be entered at the same time, files can be up to 2 GB in size and are kept for two weeks.

Of course, you can also send several files at once, as long as they do not exceed the 2 GB limit. Sending is done using the large “Send” button below. If you do not create an account with WeTransfer, you will receive a confirmation code at the sender email address, which must be entered for authentication. This prevents files from being sent unsolicited on behalf of others.

The loading bar is nicely done: A display revolves around the indication in percent, which becomes wider and wider as the transfer time increases. After the upload you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the file – if you want to pass the download link on to other people. The recipient receives an email (sometimes in the spam folder!), Clicks on it and can download the files – simple, straightforward, functional.

Even more with the Pro version

If you are willing to spend 12 euros a month, you get 1 TB of cloud storage space in addition to the option of sending 20 GB at once. You can also manage it yourself with the Pro version and you can choose how long WeTransfer should save the transfer.

Pro-users can also track the transmission, manage it in a relaxed manner and even use password protection to control who should have access. It also has its own WeTransfer domain in the form of “name.wetransfer.com”. Users of the Pro version can also fill the large advertising space on WeTransfer themselves.

Integrate WeTransfer into other services

The file sharing service can also be integrated into other services, making automated processes even easier. If you work with Slack or Thunderbird, for example, you can directly integrate the service here. There is also a plug-in for the software graphic software Sketch, with which the pages created there can be easily sent via WeTransfer.

For the techies among us, resourceful developers have also developed a command-line interface (CLI), which users can only use the command line to send files via WeTransfer. This is certainly not necessarily practical for most users. But if you want to send a 2 GB file 400 times, for example, you can automate this process with the CLI.

Who is WeTransfer aimed at?

All people who have to send large files can benefit from WeTransfer. The service is ad-supported. The advertising consists of huge images in the background that look really stylish. Apart from that, there are no requirements: no registration, no point accounts, no annoying banners or overlays. If you use an ad blocker, Wetransfer will kindly ask you to deactivate it. However, this does not affect the function of the service.

Of course, WeTransfer guarantees not to look into the files and encrypts them – but the following applies: If you have any doubts, you should generally not give sensitive data to external services.

WePresent by WeTransfer

With WePresent, WeTransfer has raised the idea of ​​simplifying creativity and productivity from the tool level to the content level. Exciting and as inspiring as possible projects and stories from various creative areas are shared here. The selection of topics is quite broad and almost everything from art to design to podcasting and gaming is represented. On wetransfer.com, the service also uses the space that is usually reserved for advertising to share WePresent’s stories. This also works when the AdBlocker is activated. So the space on the website is never wasted.


There is now an app for Wetransfer for iOS and Android. This is called Collect by WeTransfer and offers additional functions in addition to the simple sending of files. It should be a place where users can save, organize and share their files. Images and videos as well as audio files and links can be saved, managed and shared. The whole thing can be organized in boards, which can also be shared and edited with other users.


Paper is an app that WeTransfer only publishes for iPad and iPhone. It is intended to be quick and as uncomplicated as possible to capture ideas and to convey the feeling of a notebook. According to WeTransfer, however, there are no plans to develop Paper for Windows and Android. But you have to admit that the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil is made for paper.


With Paste, WeTransfer has created a service that should help to create presentations and slides quickly and easily. Here, too, the interface is kept as simple as possible. Anyone who starts with paste and creates a presentation, or as it is called here: “deck”, either chooses a template or designs it from scratch. Then it is time to enter text, select an image, video or gif, specify colors – done. If you like, you can share and work on it with your team.

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Send files by WeTransfer for free

With the free version of the application, you can send files without the obligation to register or provide any of your personal data except your email.

This option allows you to send files of up to 2GB or what is the same, about 1024 photographs (if each one weighs 2MB). Not bad right?

WeTransfer paid version

With the payment option, you can send up to 20 GB and store 100GB of space in your cloud so that you can save files privately. The difference is quite big. In addition, the transfers may take longer since in the free version, the files are deleted from WeTransfer after two weeks from the sending, so if the receiver has not downloaded them in that period, they will lose them.

Another possibility of the paid version is that you can customize the backgrounds of the message you send with the link to your files.

The price of this extended option is € 120 per year if you do it in a single payment or € 12 per month.

File transfer

Once you have uploaded what you want to send, you can start the transfer by filling in all the fields shown on the left panel:

  • “Send an email to”: in this space enter the e-mail address of the recipient to whom you want to send your photos, videos, pdfs or other documents on your PC;
  • “Your e-mail”: fill in this field by entering your e-mail address. Make sure it is correct, as you will receive a verification code on your email;
  • “Message”: in this section you can leave a message to the recipient of your files;
  • “Transfer”: click on the blue button to submit the large files you have just uploaded.

At this point you will receive a verification code in your inbox (it will remain active for 60 minutes). Copy the code you received and paste it on the left screen of the WeTransfer page, then click on “Verify”. From this moment the actual sending will begin. At the end, a “Your transfer details” panel will appear to confirm completion.

It is important that you know that, due to their large size, files can take a long time to upload and send. The time required for sending will depend on the connection and speed of the 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network. Therefore, I recommend that you start the transfer during a quiet moment of the day, perhaps when you think your connection is faster and is not shared with others, in order to complete the sending more quickly.

How to download received WeTransfer files?

If someone has sent you something, you will be notified by email. In your inbox you will find a link to WeTransfer. You will see the list of files that can be downloaded, plus the expiration date and the blue download button.

Now follow step by step the path to open the files they sent you:

  • From your e-mail click on the link you received;
  • Click on the blue button to start saving the received files;
  • Wait for a new dialog window to open on your pc;
  • Choose where you want to save the files or folders they sent you and click “Save”.

At this point it will no longer be necessary to keep the browser open, as you have downloaded the files to your computer. The sender will receive a confirmation e-mail informing him that you have downloaded the material he sent you.

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Download WeTransfer files on mobile: how it works on Apple or Android

If someone has sent you files with WeTransfer and you are not at home in front of your PC, you can still download everything to your Apple or Android mobile device.

To open the files, it will not be necessary to download specific apps, but just follow these simple instructions:

  • From your Apple or Android mobile, open the notification e-mail you received;
  • Click on the blue button “Download file”: you will be directed to the web page of the WeTransfer site;
  • Accept the terms of service;
  • Download files just like you would from your home computer.

How to recover an expired WeTransfer file

The links generated on WeTransfer have a duration of 7 days, after which they are deleted. For the Pro version, the deadline is longer and is 4 weeks.

However, it may happen that you received an email with the link to download your files, but you forgot to download. In this case, if the link has expired, you may not be able to open the content they sent you anymore.

The only solution, if you are the recipient of these files, is to contact the sender and ask him to resend everything. Since it is not possible to recover an expired file.

How to use WeTransfer

We will explain how to use the application in simple steps:

1. The first thing you have to do is enter the application’s website: https://wetransfer.com/.

When you enter for the first time, you must choose which of the options that we mentioned before you want to use, the free or the paid one. Click the Take Me Free button to submit a file without registering or paying.

2. It will ask you to accept the terms and conditions of the service in order to use it.

3. When you have accepted, it will let you start sending files. To get started, click Add your files.

4. Once you have added the files, click on the three dots that appear in the lower left area and check the email option in the Send as section.

This option is the simplest, since when entering the recipient’s email, they will receive a link to download the files.

5. Then fill in the other fields. Enter your email, the recipient’s and if you want you can also compose a message.

6. The last step once you have all the data completed and the files uploaded, is to click Submit … and that’s it!

The loading time will depend on the weight of the files, but it is usually a fairly quick process.

You will see a box like this that will indicate that the process has been completed and the time the recipient has to download your files before they are deleted.

After sending any file, you will receive an email to the email you indicated to confirm that the files have been sent and you will also receive confirmation that the recipient has downloaded them when they do so.

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WeTransfer is the easiest solution for transferring large files I’ve seen so far, so it’s worth a real recommendation.

Started as a data transfer service, WeTransfer has managed to keep its finger on the pulse of the times with its core idea and assert itself. There is still no better solution that feels as modern and slim as WeTransfer. The service also shows that advertising funding can work in an elegant way without annoying and page slowing banners. The additional apps are a nice extra, but the real star is and will be the transfer of large files.

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