Webex: An Alternative To Zoom And Meet For Video Conferencing

Webex: In times of confinement and social isolation, the use of programs and applications for video conferencing has become a trend. Webex has taken advantage of this situation for its growth, becoming an alternative to established platforms such as Zoom and Meet. We can say that it offers a fairly complete and functional experience. Here we review your keys.

And it is that this application is not only focused on videoconferences, its operation seeks that the user is able to adapt it according to their needs. If we delve a little into its characteristics, we will see that it has a wide variety of uses, and can be used for both personal and business use . In this way, Webex has become the ideal platform for working with video conferencing. We give you all the details below.

What is Webex

Webex is a web conferencing application, developed by the North American company Cisco Webex . It is a fairly complete and easy-to-use platform. Its design has a large number of functions related to online communications, which has nothing to envy to Zoom and Meet, or other apps to make video calls .

With Webex it is possible to organize personalized meetings with several users, direct calls, send text messages, share files and much more. This online video conferencing tool is free and offers high-quality video and call support . Of course, as long as you have an Internet connection to surf at high speed .

How Webex Works

To take advantage of the best features of this application, you need to know how it works. First, it is a cloud-hosted application , which is supported and secured by Cisco Webex devices .

Its operation is more aimed at solving the needs of the business environment, for better management of remote teamwork . But its usefulness is so wide as to host a large number of less formal online meetings and events.

This collaborative video work application has support for both Mac OS and Windows . There is also a mobile version compatible with both iOS and Android. That is, it works from any device capable of audio, video and Internet connection. So there is no excuse not to be connected to work, family and friends from anywhere.

To start Webex, you just have to download the application from the Cisco portal through the web browser (if you are looking to use the desktop version), from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store (depending on the mobile operating system).

If you have chosen the desktop version of Webex, a registration must be made from the company’s download page, using an email account and creating an access password . After registration, you can now log into Cisco Webex Meetings and join a meeting or create your own. This registration is also requested to enter from the mobile app.

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How to create a meeting in Webex

If the time has come to plan a meeting , here are the steps to follow, so that you can successfully start the video conferencing functions that this tool brings. You will see how easy it is to use Webex:

  1. Open Cisco Webex and sign in.
  2. Locate Schedule to open meeting options.
  3. In the drop-down menu select the type of meeting you want to start. You can choose from previously saved templates.
  4. Give the meeting a name in the Meeting topic section .
  5. Set the password, date and time to start the meeting.
  6. Check the Repeat box to verify your selection in case you want to open your meeting multiple times.
  7. Invite your participants by entering the email address of each of the people to whom you want to send the invitation from the Attendees section .
  8. For an advanced configuration go to the section Show advanced options and adjust the parameters of your preference. Save your template.
  9. Finally, you can start your meeting immediately by pressing the Start button , or save it for later by activating the Schedule option and add it to the calendar.

As you can see, a very interesting alternative to Zoom that you should consider for your meetings during teleworking.

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