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Nostragamus is a gaming app that offers fantasy games that mainly include fantasy football, fantasy cricket, Kabaddi, and fantasy tennis. These are all skill- and strategy-based games that have become extremely popular in India. If you want to play the fantasy sports games on the Nostragamus

gaming app, you have to choose one of those challenge games that you will find on its home screen. 

In this gaming app, you are most likely to find Kabaddi, cricket, table tennis, and football games. If you find any match of the SA vs ENG, or test 1, you can click on the challenge and then create a team as per my knowledge about sports. 


The user is rated on the leaderboard of challenges based on the points earned in the tournament. The user’s leaderboard position rises as the number of points they have accumulated increases.

Every challenge has its own set of awards and prize systems, which entirely depends on the mode used (mode or free). Only if the contestant’s final leaderboard position at the end of the task has the money linked with it, then the candidate wins the reward. 

Leaderboards for Card & Casual Games such as Poker, Rummy, Carrom, and GoPool are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week on GetMega. Because the leaderboards are based on task completion and victory, you can ascend it by winning or playing. Leaderboards are offered hourly (called flash leaderboards), daily, weekly, and monthly.

The leaderboard awards are available to players up to rank 10, i.e. position 10. Depending on whatever leaderboard you choose, you can enter for free or for a fee. Every week, players may win up to $100,000 from the leaderboard, as well as tempting prizes like gold coins, mobile phones, and more.


Nostragamus is divided into challenges, with each challenge consisting of a series of live matches in a particular sport. The user is required to participate in the challenge due to the nature of the game. Once they’ve signed up, the user must choose six predictions for each match in a challenge. Depending on whether the user’s predictions were correct or incorrect, the user can win (usually around 10) or lose (often around 4) points.

Every challenge pits the players against a group of users (can be limited and unlimited users). Participants are rated on the game’s leaderboard based on how many points they scored in a match. In addition, every challenge has its prizes and award system, depending on the mode played (mode or free). Users are eligible for a reward if they achieve the top spot on the scoreboard after completing all tasks.

GetMega’s gameplay has been optimized for maximum amusement and fun. Depending on the game, the gameplay is horizontal or vertical. The game’s aspects are shown best, allowing you to focus just on the game and not on anything else. The use of bright colors makes it easier to recognize and use the essential features.

User Interface

Because of the app/web design, the UI of Nostragamus is quite engaging and enjoyable. Nostragamus, being the most comprehensive free fantasy platform, features a plain and easy user interface. Payments can be made in several different ways. The website is elegant and straightforward, and it is easy to explore.

GetMega is well-known for its intuitive and straightforward user interface and experience. Based on the game, GetMega offers both horizontal and vertical gameplay. For example, vertical gameplay is seen in games like Poker, Carrom, and Warship, and horizontal gameplay is found in games like GoPool and Rummy. GetMega’s user interface is simple and straightforward, making it simple for users to interact with the games and earn money.

Number of players and games

Users using the app have earned millions of dollars by forming teams and competing in contests. There are already over 4 million users around the country, and this number is growing every day. Cricket, football, basketball, Kabaddi, tennis, and badminton are among the games available in Nostragamus. Nostragamus permits actual players, just like the app accepts real money. In addition, it takes legal action against imposters. After registering the application with a valid account, players will be eligible for the signup bonus.

Master your favorite real money games from three different categories: Cards, Casual, and Trivia. Rummy and poker are two games in the Cards genre. Carom, GoPool, ABC Rummy, Warship, and Dots & Dash are among the Casual games. 123, GK, and PicMe are some of the games in the Trivia genre. Only on GetMega can you play your favorite games and win real cash prizes! GetMega only accepts 100 percent verified accounts and only offers legal, skill-based games, not games of chance or luck. GetMega is a member of AIGF and is RNG certified (All India Gaming Federation).

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