New microLED-powered smart glasses of Vuzix will show up this summer 2021

Vuzix: Vuzix’s latest models are still several months away. But they appear to be one of the more promising and brighter we’ve seen at the show thus far. The company is best known for its business-focused solutions that, after all, is where all the money is at least until someone offers a extremely profound breakthrough in the consumer category.

Less than a full day into CES 2021, and it seems that smart glasses are significantly shaping up as a trend. I wrote a couple of pair of AR glasses from Lenovo focused on business applications yesterday, and some other organizations have popped up in the meantime, with different levels of “intelligence” included…

These presumably aren’t that (if I had to guess, I’d look more carefully and closely at offerings from greater consumer electronics companies). But they do look like a step in the correct direction, in terms of an offering that bakes Augmented Reality (AR) into a presentable form factor. It looks like AR glasses that appear as if regular eyeglasses is the right hook here. There are plainly separating factors here, but the next-gen glasses look a lot closer to standard eyewear than what we’ve found before.

That expects in no small part to a partnership with Jade Bird Display, which can help popularize and commercialize the Chinese company’s microLED tech. Jade Bird describes it accordingly:

JBD offers dynamic active matrix inorganic microLED show chips and frequency going from Ultraviolet to visible to IR. The pixel pitch goes from 400 dpi to 10,000 dpi with a variety of resolutions. With the help of high reliability, high brightness, high EQE, these panels are ideal for AR, VR, microscope, weapon sights, 3D printing, HUD, projector and so many.

The module, which projects a monochrome stereoscopic image, is roughly the dimensions of a rubber eraser, according to Vuzix’s description. The company says this new microLED-powered smart glasses of Vuzix are going to be available in a very number of configurations, including optional LTE and Wi-Fi. All will feature noise-canceling mics and stereo speakers.

No word on price, but Vuzix says they must hit the market this summer 2021.

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