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The Election Commission of India introduced the facility of Digital Voter ID Card on 25 January 2021, the day of ‘National Voters’ Day’. This Digital Voter ID Card is called e-EPIC (Electronic Electoral photo identity card). For this, the e-EPIC mobile app was launched on 25 January by the Election Commission. Through this, voters can download their identity card in non-editable pdf form through mobile. You can also download the identity card by entering your details through the website.

Voter ID card will also be able to created through their app. The biggest advantage of this will be that one does not have to go to the government offices to register a name in the voter list, you can register online through the app itself. Any citizen of India who has the qualification to become a voter can apply to create a voter ID card through the e-EPIC app.

e-EPIC full form

The full form of e-EPIC is “Electronic Electoral photo identity card”. This facility was launched on 25 January 2021 i.e. National Voters’ Day. If your voter id card is lost, then from here you can print your voter id card like e-Aadhaar. However it will be available in non editable format.

How to register in Voter Portal – Election Commission of India?

  • Visit
Voter ID Card
  • Now click on create account
  • Enter email id or mobile number where you will receive OTP
Voter ID Card
  • OTP enter and click on verify
  • Now set your password and click on Create Account
Voter ID Card
  • Now click on the Welcome button to enter your details
Voter ID Card
  • Click on submit button

How to register in National Voters’ Services Portal?

  • Enter on the website.
How to register in National Voters’ Services Portal?
  • Click on Login/Register here
  • Don’t have account, Register as a new user. Click on
How to register in National Voters’ Services Portal?
  • Now enter your mobile number and verify the number by enter OTP
How to register in National Voters’ Services Portal?
  • Then enter your other details such as Epic number, email, etc.
  • Click on Register Now

How to download Digital Voter ID Card online? How to Download Voter ID Card?

You can download the Digital Voter ID Card in the following ways:

1. Through

  • Visit
  • Create account if you haven’t created an account here
  • Now Mobile Number/ Mobile Number Email ID / Enter Voter ID Number and password
  • Then click on the Login button.
  • Now click on Download e-Epic
  • If the voter id card is being downloaded by entering details from here, you can download otherwise it to through download, you can download the voter id card by following the steps below:

2. Through

  • click login by visiting website
  • Now enter your username and password
  • Then click on Login
  • Click download e-EPIC in the new open window
  • Now select state by entering your EPIC no.
  • Then click on the search button
  • You can download the voter id card by following the instructions given here.

3. Through e-EPIC “Voter Helpline” Mobile App

How to download e-EPIC “Voter Helpline” mobile App apk/iOS?

How to register through e-EPIC “Voter Helpline” mobile App apk/iOS?

  • Open the e-EPIC Voter Helpline app after downloading
  • Click on New User now
  • Enter your mobile number and click on SEND OTP
  • Will receive otp on your mobile number
    Click on VERIFY by entering otp
  • Then enter other details such as email, EPIC number, etc.
  • Set password and click on submit button.

How to download e-EPIC Digital Voter Id Card through Mobile App? How to Download Voter ID Card?

  • Open the e-EPIC Voter Helpline app after downloading
  • Now enter your mobile number and password
  • Click on Login Now
  • Now click on PERSONAL VAULT
  • Click here at Download below e-EPIC

Documents required to apply for Voter ID

Following are the documents required to apply voter ID cards:

  • driving license
  • ration card
  • water bill
  • telephone bill
  • electricity bill
  • gas connection bill
  • income tax assessment order
  • Bank/Kisan post office current passbook
  • post later mail India post department
  • rent agreement
  • Indian passport

How to change the assembly in the voter ID card?

  • First login to the NVSP portal
  • Now click on migration to another place
Screenshot 2429
  • Here are two options: Migration outside your constituency, Migration within your constituency.
  • Select the appropriate option and click on the Next button
Screenshot 2430
  • That will open the form of changing your constituency
Screenshot 2431
  • Carefully fill in the details requested here
  • Now click on submit button
  • Within 15 or 20 days, information related to changing the constituency in the voter ID card via SMS or Email will be available

Documents required to change constituency in Voter ID Card

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Indian Passport
  • Birth Certificate of Applicant

Voter ID Correction

  • Login to NVSP portal
  • Now click on correction in personal details
Voter ID Correction
  • Select from self or family option and click Next
Voter ID Correction
  • Now you will open the form
Voter ID Correction
  • Fill in the details carefully here
  • Now click on submit button
Voter ID Correction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is e-EPIC?

e-EPIC is a non-editable secure portable document containing photos, secure QR code, serial number etc.

2. Where can I download e-EPIC?

You can download e-EPIC from or;
Android user download:
iOS user download:

3. Who is eligible for Epic?

All general voters who have a valid Epic number are eligible for it.

4. How to register for Epic from mobile?

Firstly, your age must be over 18 years. After this, when you add your name to the voter list, you will also have to register the mobile number.

5. What is the file format of e-Epic?

e-Epic can be downloaded in Portable Document Format (PDF).

6. What is the file size of e-Epic?

250 KB

7. Can e-EPIC print as an identity proof at a polling station?

Yes, you can download and print e-EPIC as a proof of identity at the polling station.

8. Can e-EPIC download be done on smartphone?

Yes, e-EPIC of Voter Helpline Mobile App can be downloaded.

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