Vokal App: How To Create Account On Vokal App

Vokal App: If you like to know about new technology. You love to learn something new. You like to teach people. Then this post is for you only. Today we will talk about such an app, after knowing about it completely, you will definitely use it. You can also learn a lot with the help of this app and can also teach a lot to people. So now in this post we will talk about Vocal App. Let us now know that what is the Vokal App?

What is Vokal App?

Vocal App is a knowledge sharing app. Which works like Quora. It specially made for Indians. In this you will get support in Hindi language as well as in languages ​​like Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada etc. Yak for Question Answer App is becoming very popular.

You can answer questions on the Vocal app. Its most important thing is that you can ask by writing questions on it or by recording audio. The person who wants to answer can record audio or video.

Now you can punch questions on Vokal App without creating an account, but to answer questions asked by someone, you have to create an account on Vokal App. Founder & CEO of Vocal App Mr. Mayank is Bidwatka.

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Features Of Vokal App

The biggest feature of Vocal App is that it is specially made for Indians. Its main attractions are given below.

  • It is available in 10 other Indian languages ​​along with Hindi.
  • On this, you can listen to the answer to the question asked.
  • If you like someone’s answer on vocal, then you can also follow him.
  • You can also Like, Dislike, Comment and Share any answer.
  • An option has also been given here to share the answer directly on Whatsapp.

How to download Vocal App?

You can download Vocal App from Play Store. It has been downloaded more than 1M almost. It has a rating of 4.4 on Play Store which is given by 25,346+ people. This size is only 17 MB. To use Vokal App on Laptop or PC, you can visit its official website www.vokal.in. You can install Direct Vocal App from the Download Button given below.

How To Create Account On Vokal App- How To Create Account On Vokal App?

It is very easy to use Vokal App and create an account on it. Here we are giving some screen shots of mobile for you, with the help of which you can understand how to create a profile on the vocal app.

  1. As soon as you install and open the Vocal app, the language selection screen will appear.
  2. After selecting the language, you will be asked for your mobile number, which you have to enter.
  3. As soon as you enter your mobile number, you get an OTP.
  4. After the OTP is verified, a screen appears in front of you, from where you have to choose the option according to your interest.
  5. In this way you can use it by creating an account on Step by Step Vokal App.

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How to use Vocal App?

Now we will know what is the use of Vocal App. As you already know that this is a Knowledge Sharing App. You can select the topic here according to your interest. You can listen to the answers of questions related to any topic about which you like to know. Also, about the subject about which you have knowledge, you can also answer them.

To ask questions on vocals, the option of asking will be given on your mobile screen. Will have to go to that. After this you will see a mic icon (as shown in the above screen shot) from where you can record your question. Your question gets converted into text form.

How To Reply On Vokal App ?

For how to answer on the Vocal App, you can understand with the help of the screen shot we have given above. You have to click on the “Reply” option appearing on the screen. The option to record the answer will open on your mobile screen. Where you can record and post your answer.

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How To Earn Money From Vokal App

Now it comes to how to earn money from Vocal App? As of now available information there is no such option. You cannot earn money from Direct Vokal App. Because it is a Knowledge Sharing App. Here you can increase your followers by answering people’s questions. In future, such an option comes in that if you get money on any add or click on it, then you can definitely get the benefit of it.

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