Virtual reality and art: HP virtual reality at the service of music in Project Symphony

Virtual reality and art : a relationship with a lot of potential. And from HP they have it more than clear, that is why together with the ”la Caixa” Foundation they have presented the Symphony Project , a proposal that transports the spectator to the heart of an orchestra to participate in the emotions and sensations that the capabilities of technology transfer to them Virtual Reality from HP. An unprecedented immersive experience designed to surprise users by the hand of the conductor Gustavo Dudamel.

The innovative spirit of Fundación ”la Caixa” and HP has inspired a project that turns a music concert into a magical experience. An experience in which the combination of melody, rhythm and harmony envelops the viewer and provides a different and unique way of living and feeling music.

“The world of culture sets new horizons for us that will change the way in which artists express all their talent, through more immersive and visually much more exciting content. This will cause viewers to have more and more real and impactful experiences, which will make them enjoy content like never before ”, declared Montse Serra, general director of Solutions and Services at HP. ( Virtual reality and art


“Projects like Simphony are a perfect example of how you can go further and explore new horizons that make us live and feel culture differently, and how the most advanced technology can help in creating unique experiences for the viewer” , Serra has highlighted.

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This itinerant project devised and promoted by the ”la Caixa” Foundation offers the opportunity to understand, through image and music, how, from the simplicity of a piece of wood or the roughness of a piece of metal, build a universe as sophisticated and beautiful as that of a symphony orchestra.

In this way, Symphony deconstructs the orchestra to show simplicity, which contrasts with the infinite arc of resources it offers composers to express ideas and emotions. The experience offers the user an emotionally active listening : thanks to the 360˚ camera position changes within the orchestra, the viewer will hear and feel the music in a new and surprising way and will experience the different families of instruments.

Virtual Reality at the service of art

Symphony is made up of two mobile units that unfold and become two rooms of one hundred square meters each. In the first one you can see a panoramic film that introduces the viewer to this journey and guides him only through sounds. The second unit is dedicated to living the virtual reality experience. ( Virtual reality and art )

When the viewer puts on the HP Reverb Virtual Reality glasses , they see how their environment changes. Now he is in the Gran Teatro del Liceo, sitting on a chair and the teacher Gustavo Dudamel, soul of the Gustavo Dudamel Foundation , welcomes him. He is then seen surrounded by the musicians of a symphony orchestra, all silent, waiting for the direction of the conductor, who energetically gives the entrance to Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony . All this with amazing image quality and clarity thanks to the 2160 x 2160 pixel panel in each eye and the high resolution offered by the HP Reverb glasses, far superior to that of any other similar device on the market, resulting in a truly enveloping.

The spectator will see the musicians distributed around the stage in their usual way, by families of strings, wind, metal, percussion, and will feel them very close in a real way. In addition, you will fully experience the energy and gaze of the director, located right in front of him. This musical experiment offers the viewer a wide 114-degree field of view for a peripheral image that allows for deeper immersion, and that allows turning the head from side to side and up and down to acquire new views and perspectives of a symphony orchestra and his instrumentalists. In addition, this experience is very comfortable thanks to the lightness of the glasses (just over 400 grams) and the adjustable and soft straps designed for a personalized fit. ( Virtual reality and art )

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