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Vidmate Download 2021: Vidmate App Free Download Youtube Videos – Vidmate app is an Android application using which you can download many types of videos in different quality from the Internet. Through the Vidmate app you can also download videos of many social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Tumbler etc. including Youtube. From here you can download all videos and mp3 songs for free. You cannot directly download videos from Youtube, for this you need third party apps.

Vidmate app download

The Vidmate app is not available on Google playstore because playstore has its own policy, which Vidmate does not follow. Google does not promote any such app or website that provides an option to download any copyrighted video or content. Many people download its fake duplicate which can be harmful.

VidMate has over 1000 sites links. Which you can easily browse and also download its content. To download the original vidmate app, you should download this app from its official website. Apart from this, you can take help of the search engine to download this app and can also use third party websites. This app is available on the internet for free to download.

How to install Vidmate App?

  • Download the Vidmate app from the official website and click on it.
  • Tap on Install. Install Process will start.
  • Now click on Open.
  • Select language here.
Vidmate Apk
  • It will access photos, media, files, click on Allow.
Vidmate Download
  • Tap sign in to sign in.
Vidmate Download
  • Now tap on Google to sign through Google.
Vidmate App
  • Select Google account.
Vidmate App

Features of Vidmate App

  • Its interface is very simple which everyone can use easily.
  • In this, you can download videos of all types of social media.
  • In this, apart from watching online video, you can also download the video.
  • In this, you get many options of video quality.
  • In this, you can also download the audio format of any video.
  • If your downloading stops in this, then it can be started from there.
  • From here you can also download the popular video of tiktok.
  • Here you can also download music & image with videos.

Video Quality to download

With the help of this app you can download any video in the following quality

  • Mp3,
  • Mp4,
  • Mp4,
  • 360p,
  • 480p,
  • 720p,
  • 1080p,
  • 4k

Secret Feature Of Vidmate

With Vidmate App you can hide any of your videos. After hiding the video in Vidmate, that video will not be visible in the Gallery. To see the video, you have to go to the video and after entering the password there, you can see that video and can also Unhide.

Steps to Hide Videos in Vidmate

  • First of all you open Vidmate App
  • Click on the option on the bottom side here
  • file hidden feature vidmate
  • Now click on My Files and go to Private Option

How to use Vidmate

  • Create your password, and enter again to confirm
  • To hide the video, click on Import and select the video you want to hide. And click on Import
  • After selecting whatever video you want to see in the gallery, click on Export.

How to Download Videos in Vidmate App?

  • You can download the video by following the steps given below from the Vidmate app:
  • Copy the URL of the video you want to download and then enter
  • That video will be open, click on download sign
  • Select the video quality of your choice and click on the download button

Is Vidmate App safe to download?

If no platform provides the option to download the video, then it is completely illegal to download the video from any other third party app from there. Avoid installing unknown apps and do not give your personal information to these apps. In this app, personal information can be leaked by clicking on ads.

This is the reason that this app has been removed from its platform by Google but it is available to download on the third party app store.

Disclaimer never supports websites or apps that illegally download content. The information available here is meant to provide you with the correct information about important topics.

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