Vero App: What You Should Know About The Fashion App

Vero App: In recent days an application has been in the public eye due to the fact that an aggressive advertising campaign has been deployed to definitely attract users, it is Vero App, a development with more than three years in the market and in which the styles of various social networks merge.

As you read it: VERO calls itself a social network without algorithms (a headache for those who prefer a chronological timeline), advertisements, and bots. In general, you want to forget all social networks. In a few weeks it achieved more than a million downloads under the promise of being free for life to that number of users.

However, being a beta, the app now to compensate collapsed from its account at Twitter have announced that they will extend the time for most users to register where he also indicated that they have more than 3 million 500 thousand downloads.

So far so good, but despite the Vero developers have said they are working to fix the problems, the complaints continue. After registering, if they manage to do so because many do not receive the confirmation number or by call (and if it is through this way it is in English) or SMS, they cannot enter the app; They find the design depressing, and the list goes on.

In addition to the technical details, it is also added the background of its owner, the Lebanese billionaire businessman Ayman Hariri, son of former Lebanese minister Rafic Hariri and director of a family company dedicated to construction that has been involved in scandals over denigrate their workers according to the Daily Beast .

According to The Next Week, Vero App has a lot of Instagram due to the type of publications that are made, but also of Twitter because the publication of the content is done chronologically and not through algorithms as it happens with Facebook.

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The Vero App phenomenon

In addition to the obvious advertising campaign, the investment of its developer, the billionaire Ayman Hariri (son of the assassinated former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri) has been noted, who has opted to encourage various specialized media, analysts and some youtubers to offer their opinion about the tool, and even move into it.

How the Vero app works

There are thousands of users that Vero App has added in a few days and there is a promise that it will be free for the first million users and after that a subscription will begin to be paid, something that can undoubtedly happen, as it can also be a mere pressure publicity stunt as happened every year with WhatsApp. Among the features to highlight of VERO APP we have the following:

  • One of the Vero App features that comes to the fore is the way in which users connect, very similar to how users are followed on Twitter, however the most direct link in style and design is with Instagram.
  • It has some interesting attributes of Vero App , such as that you can segment the audience for which you aspire to reach your message or you can decide to disappear from the searches made by other people.
  • In Vero App you can create collections that are used to classify and choose the type of content you want to see. Vero App has a version for Android and for iOS.

However, not everything is pink, some critics have come to the fore regarding Vero App, for example they point out that it has major conflicts in its browser and the performance of its interface generates some errors that end up closing the application’s execution. Let’s wait to see what the reaction of the developers will be after a stampede of users goes to Vero App.

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