UGA eLC Login: How To Login To eLC At University of Georgia

UGA eLC Login: UGA eLC is that the web based learning of the executives system for the University of Georgia. eLC stands for eLearning Commons. It is also sometimes remarked as UNG D2L (the company liable for eLC) or Brightspace (what D2L calls their product).

University of Georgia students can use eLC to share and store documents, take quizzes, and participate in online discussions. Students can deliver course announcements, study using audio, video, and other resources, and more. The ELC UGA is completely customizable, giving instructors the power to alter the course materials and give students a better study environment.

You may think about eLC as an unlimited repository where you’ll store and track information associated with coursework.

Anyone with a legitimate UGA MyID login and secret key can access the eLC and collaborate in specific courses on a computer or smartphone.

What is eLC?

UGA learning commons (eLC) is the University of Georgia’s online learning management system. It’s sometimes noted as D2L (the company accountable for eLC) or Brightspace (D2L calls it their product).

You can think about eLCuga as a large repository where you’ll store and track information associated with coursework. Anyone with a sound UGA myID username and password can use a computer or mobile device to access eLC and participate in specific courses.

Why use eLC?

eLC at UGA gives a FERPA-secured stage to eLCuga (Athena) courses to accommodate study hall substance and exercises in an exceedingly common advanced learning space.

For ex, you’ll have the option to utilize eLC at UGA to share and store reports, run tests, draw in students in web-based conversations, give recordings, sounds, and different assets, post course announcements, and more.

It is highly customizable, enabling teachers to customize the content and knowledge of the course. The subsequent two resources describe the advantages of using a learning management system within the classroom:

Pappas, Christopher (2016). 8 benefits of employing a learning management system. E-Learning Industry Washington, Gloria Y. (2019).
The learning management system is extremely important in face-to-face teaching courses. Journal of Educational Technology Systems. 48 (2): 255-275.

How to log into uga elc

Following are steps to sign into elc at uga (UNG D2L),

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “UGA MyID Login“
  3. On the log in page, enter your username
  4. Next, enter your password.
  5. Finally, hit the login button to check in.

Log in along with your MyID and password. Note that the URL changes to This address shows that eLC is that the UGA case of the Virtual Instruction Enterprise-Wide task inside the University System of Georgia.

UGA eLC Login Page
UGA eLC Login Page

The My Home page is coordinated to show the Mini Bar, Navigation Bar, and Widgets that are standard for all clients at UGA.

UGA Single Sign-On or UGA SSO is that the University’s single-sign verification administration utilized by most grounds applications.

UGA SSO gives further developed validation associations, better security, and furthermore the capacity to utilize two variable verification to get to web applications.

eLC gives a FERPA-ensured step to UGA (Athena) courses to manage study hall content and exercises during a common computerized learning space.

For instance, you’ll have the option to utilize UGA eLC to share and store archives, execute tests, connect with students in internet based conversations, give video, sound, and different assets, convey course declarations, etc.

It is highly customizable and provides instructors the power to personalize course content and skill.

How to find courses on uga eLC

Courses within which you’re enrolled should appear on your uga eLC Homepage. These courses are “pinned” in your course listing in order that they show au fait the Homepage and in your Menu of Courses.

Click the Waffle Icon on the Menu located at the top of the screen to view your list of current and future courses. Your stuck courses will appear first, followed by ongoing courses.

If you don’t see your course, click View All Courses under the “My Courses” rundown. A preparation bar will then be accessible.

Students who get an “Error: Not Authorized” message when endeavoring to get to their eLC email should initially check to decide whether they need a test progressing. At the top of the screen, click the envelope.

If you get a message telling you that you have a quiz to take, go back to the quiz and make sure that it was submitted after you finished it. Emails cannot be sent in eLC during a quiz.

Please get in touch with your instructor if the quiz is closed and you are unable to access it. Assuming you most likely didn’t take a test, tell EITS or the D2L help focus through the contact data at the highest point of this page.

When something is added to UGA eLC, students can receive both messages and instant messages.

Normal notices remember when educators make declarations for the course landing page, when due dates for tasks are drawing closer, and when conversations are posted on the conversation board.

Click on your name in the top-right corner of the UGA eLC page, then select Notifications. This will allow you to manage notices.

Discover courses at eLC UGA.

Your eLC UGA Homepage should display the courses you are registered for. These courses appear on the homepage and in your menu of courses because they have been “pinned” in your course listing.

Click the Waffle Icon on the Menu bar at the top of the screen to view your list of recent and current courses. Your pinned courses will show up first, followed by recently taken courses.

ELC UGA Login Requirements

  • Students must have a mobile phone with an active internet connection in order to access the ELC UGA Login.
  • Students must download the Brightspace Pulse Mobile app in order to access the UGA ELC through an app.
  • Either way, they can log in to ELC UGA online.

UGA ELC Login Objectives

The main goal of the UGA ELC Portal Login is to give University of Georgia students access to an online learning environment and platform. Other goals of the UGA ELC Portal are listed below:

  • The ability to register for courses online or with ease is available to students.
  • The ability to upload lecture recordings and live classes for courses is available to instructors.
  • Teachers have access to tools like discussion boards, live chat, online attendance, the ability to upload assignments, quizzes, the syllabus, class notes, and student grades and results.
  • They need a valid MyID login and password in order to log into the ELC UGA system.

Getting Help UGA eLC

eLCuga users have multiple ways to urge eLC-related help. Topics can include the assistance needed to form, configure, and manage different types of content in ugaeLC. Here are the eLC-related support sources you’ll be able to access at UGAelc:

  • This website contains workflows, instructions, and directions on how uga elc works. You’ll find all information on the way to conduct courses in eLC here, topics include course design, student participation, content and evaluation.
  • There is a separate section for student users; this section provides students’ views on the identical settings within the environment. Assuming you expect to lead system preparing in new elc uga login, we suggest that you simply utilize the “Getting Started” tab on the route bar.
  • You can ask the internal eLC at UGA experts for assistance by using the Contact Us page. On this page, you will be able to find detailed contact information for eLC’s unit and university-level contacts. This page contains clear instructions for creating requests for every kind of users to request help associated with uga elc new login.
  • You can find other help and forums on the various settings and tools in new elc uga on the D2L Brightspace website. This is often a vital source for exploring how people use D2L Brightspace outside of UGA.
  • At the university system level, USG provides D2L-related support. Users also can register complaints, create work orders and request assistance on this website.
  • To manage notifications, click your name within the upper right corner of the UGA eLC homepage, then click Notifications.

UGA athena login

ArchPass is a two-venture login answer for eLCuga support mobile phones, upheld by Duo. A system protected by ArchPass has two steps rather than a login process.

  1. Enter MyID and password
  2. Use Duo registered itinerant or tablet to verify your ID. You’ll be able to verify your identity through push notifications from smartphones, passwords generated through the Duo mobile app. And SMS text notifications from mobiles, or calls from mobile phones or landlines.
  3. You can like better to let the browser remember your ArchPass login information for 7 days. After 7 days, or if you turn to a different device or browser, you’ll need to log in again with ArchPass.
  4. Requesting ArchPass to access eLC new UGA, Athena, and employee self-service sites will help make sure the security of sensitive student and employee information.
  5. To start using ArchPass to access any of those systems. Then you would like to register your phone or tablet in Duo, a third-party service supported by ArchPass.
  6. You will be able to register landline, tablet, mobile phone, or smartphone. These devices are accustomed verify your identity on every occasion you log in to the system. Students, faculty and staff would now be able to enlist devices through the Duo self-administration portal on the ArchPass site (
  7. Registration is totally self-service and only takes five minutes. Instructions for registering the device are available. Also, an online course on utilizing ArchPass recorded on February 15 has been posted on
  8. Register the device as right on time as conceivable to try not to be locked out of eLC new UGA, Athena login or on the viable date recorded previously. Some UGA frameworks are now secured by ArchPass. Since 2013, systems containing sensitive or restricted data (such as financial data or social insurance numbers) require ArchPass.
  9. Since the start of 2017, access to the campus network (remote access VPN). And student computing resources vLab has been protected by ArchPass.
  10. If you have got registered your device to access other ArchPass-protected systems. Like Access VPN remote or vLab, you don’t must register again.
  11. For more information about ArchPass, please visit If you have got trouble registering your device or using ArchPass, please contact the EITS help desk at 706-542-3106 or


If you have got already registered your device to access other ArchPass-protected systems. Like remote access VPN or vLab, does one not must register again.

For more information about ArchPass, please visit Please get in touch with the EITS help desk at 706-542-3106 or If you’re having issues setting up your device or using ArchPass.

ELC UAC Contact Details

101, Ceder Street
Athens, GA 30602-1130

UAC Help for Students

Please call the EITS helpdesk at 706-542-3106 to request assistance with eLC (operating hours)
Additionally open 24/7 is the D2L Help Desk for the University System of Georgia (USG).
Please contact Student Care and Outreach if you have any additional needs.

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