Todocoleccion: Everything You Need To Know To Buy And Sell Safely

Todocoleccion is one of the great Spanish Internet platforms. She is from Malaga, and has extensive experience in everything related to buying and selling antiques online. You can really find any exclusive item from yesteryear here. We have prepared this guide so that you can learn more about this platform, so you will know everything you need to buy and sell safely.

And it is precisely the fact that they sell antiques online, th is is what makes it so peculiar, and stands out compared to other important ones in the purchase and sale of second hand, such as Milanuncios or Wallapop . In recent years, it has been consolidated especially in the old books section, with more than 430,000 books sold in 2019. You can really find any exclusive article from yesteryear here, so let’s review how it works.

Sale of antiques online

Surely you have heard of Todocoleccion at some point. This platform is the one that all the people who want to sell something exclusive that they have had for many years go to.

If it’s in good condition and a rare antique, they can probably get a good profit from it. There are always collectors and antique dealers on the lookout wanting to expand their collections.

It is also one of the best platforms when it comes to buying something from another era, a facsimile or an item that reminds us of our childhood.

Although what is sold the most are books, its catalog is immense. To give you an idea, there are more than 26 million lots for sale, with up to 200,000 daily auctions.

How to buy at Todocoleccion

To be able to buy at Todocoleccion it is necessary that you register with your user data . On the home page of the web, you will see all the sections of the catalog to go looking for things that may interest you.

But if you are looking for something specific, it is better that you go directly to the search engine, and indicate what you want.

Once you see the lot, it is important that you pay attention to the description and check the images. Also make sure of what the shipping details are like. And to be more sure, check the seller’s ratings .

In any case, if you have any questions about what you are going to buy, it is best to write a private message. The purchase can be made by auction through bidding, by direct purchase with the indicated price, or by making an offer to the seller, if this option appears as available.

The payment is also indicated in the advertisement, although this can be agreed with the seller. In order to avoid any scam if the seller does not give you much confidence, it is best that you pay through Paypal. The platform itself provides a messenger for buyer and seller to write, thus guaranteeing communication. The form of payment and sent can also be specified by this means.

If you have any problem with the purchase, and what you received does not match what you expected, you can contact him again through the courier to reach a friendly solution.

How to sell on Todocoleccion

Registration is free, although to put lots for sale you have to choose between being a commission seller or a store . Registering as a seller has a cost of € 10 + VAT. But you can get rid of this initial fee if you receive an invitation from one of the prestigious sellers on the platform.

To insert the batches it is necessary that you select the category, put at least one image, a title and a short description. Also, you have to specify the shipping and handling details.

Depending on the rate accepted, the seller will have a monthly fee and / or commission:

Todo coleccion uses more or less the system that eBay uses . So that any user can sell on the platform and create their store by registering as a seller.

Thus it is possible that you put your market online through the internet without much effort, in view of the thousands of users who enter the platform every day.

Security and customer service

When it comes to buying or selling at todocoleccion, keep in mind that there is nothing centralized with regard to payment methods or shipping . All these issues are agreed between buyers and sellers.

There are sellers who accumulate five-star ratings with hundreds and thousands of opinions. Of these, in general, we can always trust.

However, from sellers without ratings, or with little experience on the platform, it will be necessary to take a little more care.

Any doubt or incident with the platform when buying or selling, you can resolve it in the Contact section , through a new query or by indicating the query number that you already made at the time.

As you can see, Todocoleccion is a good alternative to buy and sell antiques online

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