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Download Toca Life World APK – latest version – for Android. Enjoy with this amazing story maker and create your own characters and adventures!

Do you know what is wrong in this world we live in? That you haven’t done it, that’s what’s wrong. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to control the lives of different people and have them experience the adventures you want them to have? Imagine it! You could create and undo couples, form families, make groups of friends and take them to have a smoothie at your favorite cafeteria or maybe go skating at an ice rink … If we really lived in an open world, everything would be possible and you could do all this and much more.

Well here is your answer then! Toca Life World online is exactly the game you need to make your dreams come true, and you have it at your disposal on Android completely free.

What is Toca Life World?

Play Life World Free is what is called a story maker. This is a game where you will be able to control hundreds of characters in a world with more than fifty different locations, each one more beautiful than the last. Choose the characters you like the most and intertwine their lives as you feel like it in this story maker where your imagination is the only limit. As soon as you’ve been playing for several hours, you’ll find that you have a veritable miniature world in your pocket full of lovable characters that you will worry about and think about at all times.

Combine the Sims with a tamagotchi and raise it to the nth power. Up to that point this game is interesting and fun! You won’t want to take your eyes off your smartphone screen, because …Why would you want to do that? Your characters are totally adorable and your stories are too interesting! …

Dozens of locations to play

Don’t worry, you won’t get bored with this game! The basic version has eight locations, which you can expand to more than fifty if you download and install the full version. Also, the developers enable new locations continually! Cafes, discos, cinemas, parks, squares, a school …

All the adorable places you can imagine are in this game, so your characters can enjoy extraordinary stories! Each place is fully interactive, so your characters will be able to check out a book from the library or have a frappuccino at a nice table by the window of their favorite coffee shop. You won’t get tired of watching them do fun things!

Hundreds of characters to entangle in your stories

And you will not lack characters with which to intertwine your stories! You have 39 characters in the basic version of the game, and more than three hundred in the full version. Yes, you read that right! More than three hundred different characters, each with their own style and peculiarities, are ready for you to form your favorite stories with the ones you like the most.

Do you want your rock girl to start dating the shyest guy in the class? Do you want the cheerleader leader to be best friends with the best student in school? You will be able to do all that and much more in Toca Life World in Spanish, because you have so many different characters that you will never lack for anything to weave your adventures. And what’s more, the developers keep adding new characters from time to time!

More than 125 pets!

But the perfect world couldn’t exist without pets, and we won’t make an exception with Toca Life World. Playing this game for free will make you enjoy more than 125 different pets, all of them adorable, which your characters will be able to feed, care for, accompany and play with. Puppies, cats, hamsters, birds … all the adorable pets that come to mind you will find here! It is a video game that has thought of everything so that your world and your stories are enchanting and so that you can enjoy every minute of the game, wherever you are.

Plus, even if you get to know those 125 pets, you don’t have to worry about a thing. More on the way! That’s right, happiness in this game never ends, because its developers continually add new features that will enchant you and will keep you for hours and hours in front of your screen with a smile on your mouth.

Download Toca Life World APK Mod Latest Version 2022

Click the link below to download Toca Life World APK all unlocked and start playing with all the locations, characters and pets from the beginning. Enjoy everything this game has to offer and start writing your story now!

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