Tips for a Great Party

Make sure it’s accessible 

Tips for a Great Party: Parties will always work out the best when everyone can fully enjoy themselves. For events that will be attended in-person, it is important to consider accessibility when considering your venue. This is not only about making sure that those with wheelchairs can navigate easily, but also make sure that there are gender neutral bathrooms and open spaces for those with anxiety. For people who will not be arriving in cars, public transportation links will also be important.   

But accessibility is not only a concern for in-person events either. Even if you are choosing to organize an online party, you will want to consider how everyone will be enjoying the event. For example, consider how subtitles can be included. Also consider allowing people to turn off their microphones and cameras if they so desire and choose a software that is especially easy to access and use.  

Appeal to your crowd 

The event you plan doesn’t need to cater to the personal tastes of everyone in attendance. You should begin by considering the target audience you have in mind and how your event will be perceived by them specifically.  For example, if you will have a James Bond themed party, make sure you have set up the roulette table and allow everyone the chance to flash some cash.  Grab some party props from the huge range at


As you are writing the description of the event, consider exactly why everyone will be coming and what they will want from the experience. This should also be considered as you are setting up the publicity for the event and how this publicity will be advertised, whether on social media, flyers or even the press.  

Get the party started by making it interactive 

There is always a lull during that first awkward hour of the party as everyone is getting settled in and warmed up. This is a good time to engage your audience with some games and ice-breaker activities. Never force people to participate as this can easily push some people further away. Allow the extroverts in the crowd to dive in first, they surely will and soon the atmosphere will pick up by itself. Another good idea is to allow your guests to request songs as they are signing in or signing up. This way you can begin the event with a little taste of what everyone likes.  

Source great entertainment

Whether you will be inviting a live band, magic show, comedians or dancers, the entertainment you have brought will be one of the greatest selling factors for your event. It will also be the hot topic for long after your event has concluded, if you do it right. There is a wide variety of sources of entertainment to choose from, but it is always ideal to choose something that suits your theme perfectly.  

This is something to consider as you plan your event and how it will flow. One good idea would be to have a DJ on hand between shows so that there is never a dull moment. 

You should also consider the energy of each act and plan for a climax of high-energy. People will be excited and energetic as the event reaches its peak and this is not the moment for anything that doesn’t involve music. This is when the crowd will want to hit the dance floor even if they are attending a virtual event.  

Hire a strong team 

You may be a one-person operation, but you still can’t expect to do everything yourself. It is a good idea to hire a staff to help you keep things running in proper order. In an online event, you will still need someone there to moderate the comments and handle all the technical aspects of your virtual event

For in person events, there will be even more to address. You will need someone to greet guests at the door, someone to keep the bar running, others to handle the tough questions and even someone to handle any first-aid needs that could arise. The most important thing will be having a team that can suitably support the needs of your gathering no matter how large.  The last thing you want is for your guests to be waiting 25 minutes for a drink because your bar staff is shorthanded.  

Extend the experience 

One of the most important tips for a successful event will be considering the event in the long term. That’s right, a good vent will extend far beyond the single big night. Make sure you have included plenty of fun links and competitions in your event publicity. 

When the big night arrives, make sure it is being well-documented by a professional photographer and film crew. These pictures and videos will be essential for the next events you are hoping to arrange. Guests will share this valuable content across social media and this will be used to promote your work. Always make sure you ask guests for their permission before you begin taking pictures or videos. If someone is uncomfortable with being filmed make sure you take note of this and avoid having them in any pictures or videos.

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