What Is Thumb Drive And How Does It Work

Thumb drive is also called flash drive, pen drive or USB drive, it is a data storage device, it is easily connected in any of your system and you can also remove it easily, thumb drive optical disc Its weight is less than 30 grams and it became available in the market in the year 2000, let us know what is a pen drive and how it works.

The storage of USB drives was very less in the beginning, but over time its storage has been increased and the prices have been reduced so that everyone can easily buy it, if we talk about storage, then in the year 2018 there is a 2 terabytes USB market. In these drives, you can easily move any of your important information from one place to another. USB drives are usually used to store any data, to back up any data or otherwise. It is done to transfer any data from one system to another, if you compare them with CD (Compact Disc), then their size is very small but their speed and capacity are very high.

How Does Thumb Drive Work

Thumb drive stores any data through flash memory, Flash memory uses EEPROM to store or retrieve any data, the full name of EEPROM is Electrically Erasable Program Read Only Memory. It is actually similar to the non-unpredictable memory of a PC that works like a microcontroller in any card, by compacting the speed and information of the thumb pass through the EEPROM, the thumb drive is fitted in a little space non-unstable This implies that they needn’t bother with any battery reinforcement.

You can easily store and transfer any data from any system in them. Any computer user can utilize the thumb drive effectively, as it doesn’t need any different port, you can go through USB port. You will be able to plug a pen drive or thumb drive with your system. The USB port may be behind your system or it may be ahead.

As soon as your system distinguishes your introduced drive, you can see it in MY COMPUTER in your framework, for this you needn’t bother with some other programming or any document system. This thumb drive is a Plug and Play gadget. You can easily open it by double clicking on the thumb drive and if you want to transfer any data from your system, then you can do it easily, in this your data is completely safe.

How Eject Thumb Drive

If you want to remove a thumb drive from your system, then you should never remove it immediately, for this you will first have to go to your file manager, there you will see your USB, right snap on it and discharge then you will get your USB Can be eliminated without any problem.

On the off chance that you eliminate your USB drive totally, there is a danger of your information being ruined or the information put away by you might be lost or your drive may be corrupted, so for this you will never have to remove the drive immediately should not be removed so that your data is not at risk

History of Thumb Drive

The thumb drive acts as a flash memory and was invented by Fujio Masuoka in 1980, Fujio Masuoka was a Japanese Engineer who worked at Toshiba and Tohoku University, then became Chief Technical Officer at Unisantis Electronics. , Considered the inventor of flash memory, was awarded several awards for his work such as IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award etc.

On 5 April 1999, Amir Ban, Dov Moran and Oran Ogdan claimed to have invented USB, who worked in an Israeli company, after which the Israeli company filed an application to patent it, and in 2000, this company was given the USB Got permission to make and in this way he is also considered to be the inventor of thumb drive.

In 1999 Shimon Shmueli also stated that USB has been invented by him, Shimon Shmueli used to work in IBM company and USB drives were sold in the market by TREK 2000 INTERNATIONAL, the company is from Singapore, till date. There has been a lot of speculation as to who invented the thumb drive for the first time.

USB drive is also called thumb drive because its size is very small, thumb drive is only a few inches big at most, such a small drive can store a maximum of 256 MW of data inside itself or something. The model can store up to several gigabytes of data inside itself

How to Protect Thumb Drive With Password Protection

Today numerous individuals use USB drives to send any data starting with one spot then onto the next on the grounds that it doesn’t just store your information however through it you can share any data to other people.

When you are sending any data to someone, the security of USB is also very important because if your USB has gone into any wrong hands, then it can also misuse your data, if you secure flash drive of you.

For this, first you have to insert the thumb drive in the USB port of your system, then you have to go to My Computer and right click on the USB drive, after that you turn on BitLocker and enter your password, confirm it again with this your drive It will be completely secure and you can easily share any of your information with it.

BitLocker is a technology that is used to protect your data. When your system is protected by BitLocker, there is no risk of harm to your system if someone wants to access your system without your permission. then he has to enter the password created by you first, if he does not know that password then he cannot access your system

Advantages of Thumb Drive

  • They are more compact and portable than CDs and DVDs.
  • They have much higher storage capacity than CDs.
  • Their transfer speed is very high, today the speed is almost up to seconds at 4.8 GB in the new USB 3.0.
  • It can easily be found in most systems
  • They are very less prone to damage, so that you can easily store any of your personal information in it.

Disadvantages of Thumb Drive

  • It is more expensive than CD and DVD
  • It can be easily lost due to its small size.
  • Through these, there is a risk of virus, malware etc. in your system which can corrupt your files.

Thumb Drive Vs External Hard Drive

Flash drives are also called thumb drives and pen drives which are very small in size and their capacity is very high, they do not need any physical drive, they use only flash memory for storage,

You can also call external hard drives as mobile hard drives and their capacity is very high and with them you can easily transfer any information from one system to another, if you talk about the capabilities of both of these drives, then the capacity of both the drives It is very much, if you search these on Amazon then you will be able to get easily USB drive up to 2 terabytes.

On the other hand, you can easily get external hard drives up to 4 Terabytes, the biggest reason for the difference in their capacities is because of the chips because if you look, you will get 2 chips in the flash drive and if you look in the hard drive then you will get 32. Can get to chip

The biggest difference between thumb drive and external hard drive is their size. The size of thumb drive is very small so that you can easily take it anywhere and if you talk about external hard drive then its size is bigger than thumb drive. It is so you can only with significant effort move it starting with one spot then onto the next, assuming you talk about their capacity, you can say that the capacity limit of the external hard drive is more than the pen drive, so you can have more than the pen drive in it. can store data.

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