The Ultimate Guide to Warwick Jungle

Warwick Jungle: When it comes to building a jungle rotation in League of Legends, players have a vast range of champions to select from. Warwick is one of the most well-known junglers, and for good reason: he is very powerful and flexible. We’ll look at Warwick’s strengths and how to leverage them to your advantage inside the jungle in this article. We’ll also give you some pointers on how to make Warwick-friendly build routes, goals, and team compositions. Let’s get this party started.

What Is Warwick Jungle?

One of Singed’s numerous experiments in Zaun resulted in Warwick. Although a monster hiding in the depths of Piltover and Zaun, it wasn’t always this way; in a previous life, he was a well-known gangster. Now, all he cares about is tracking down the kind of individuals he used to be. Warwick is a melee champi on that excels both early and late in the game. He possesses excellent sustain, ganking potential, and crowd management skills. Warwick is also an expert at clearing minion waves fast and effectively, making him an excellent jungler for any team.

How to Play as Warwick Jungle?

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When playing as Warwick jungle, there are three key things you must do: properly clear your jungle camps, gank often, and boost up your teammates. The following pointers will assist you in achieving all of these goals:

– Use Hungering Strike on large monsters or minions to quickly clear them out.

– Save Blood Scent for key moments during team fights; it can be used to track down priority targets or to track fleeing opponents.

– The key objective is to always be on the move and close enough to teammates so that you can quickly lock down enemies for your carry to take out with ease. This also helps protect allied carries and mages during team fights while giving them extra freedom of movement! It’s a win/win situation all around: Warwick keeps teammates safe, his allies dish out some serious damage in return thanks to his presence, and everyone goes home happy at the end of it all.

The Ultimate Jungler

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Warwick is a champion with a wide range of abilities who can adapt to a variety 0 of scenarios. It is also essential to select the best jg path for Warwick. He has a powerful early game and excellent ganking potential, making him an ideal jungler for any team. In the late game, his Blood Hunt ability lets him to follow down foes and collect kills, providing your squad a huge edge. With Warwick in your jungle, you can rest assured that you’ll have a strong foundation on which to develop your success.

How to Build A Jungle Route With Warwick?

When it comes to establishing your jungle route as Warwick, you have two basic options: The first choice gives Warwick players greater ganking ability, but it comes with somewhat longer cooldowns between camps, slowing clearing time. The second alternative is less gank-oriented, but it is faster and more efficient because of the lower cooldowns. You’ll have to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each path on your own to make the final selection.

What to Look For In a Team Composition?

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Both of Warwick’s build pathways complement team compositions that include powerful early-game carriers like Vayne or Fiddlesticks since they let him maximize his value during the laning phase while still staying up in farm because of their high damage output! Strong wave clear champions, such as Anivia, work well with Warwick since he can use Primal Howl to counter jungle those who threaten her tower from afar before finishing them off himself. The list continues on and on, so consider who is missing from your squad and attempt to fill in the gaps with Warwick!

Two Paths to Victory

The Hunter and The Butcher are the two basic ways to play Warwick. The Hunter priorities damage output and the strategic use of Blood Hunt, whilst The Butcher priorities tankiness and sustained damage from his auto-attacks. Both builds offer their own set of advantages that can help you win games, but it’s up to you to decide which one to use depending on the scenario. For example, if the opponent team has a lot of high-damage champions, The Butcher build will likely serve you better owing to its stronger resilience to lockdown effects; conversely, if they have a lot of low-damage champions, The Hunter build will likely serve you better.

Best Things to Do In Warwick Jungle

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The opponent jungler is nowhere to be seen on the map. Since the squad need vision around Baron and Dragon, you venture into your own jungle in search of ward coverage. You’ve already cleared your blue buff camp at least once, freeing it for smiting when there are no nearby contending foes; in this case, though, you’ll want to be cautious because they could still be lurking about waiting for an opportunity like this.

Proceed into their side of the jungle with another buddy (ideally a “tank”), but do not confront any opponents until absolutely essential! The aim here is to find out where the opponents are without letting them know you’ve arrived. The first stage is to clear the little raptor camp, which will reveal the location of the opponent jungler at the time. They’re presumably at your red buff if they take Raptors; if not, they’re probably over by Dragon. The next step is to proceed to your blue buff and search for foes there (again, taking care not to aggro them). If everything goes as planned, you should have an excellent sense of where the enemy team’s jungler is currently.

It’s critical at this stage in the game to maintain your own jungle pressure while keeping a watch on the map; if the opposing jungler moves to bot lane; it could be in your team’s best interest to invade his red buff, causing him to lose XP and money. The procedure is straightforward: simply go over there once you’ve determined that the opponent jungler has moved elsewhere (while keeping a watch on their movements) and murder them with Smite if feasible.


To sum up, the Warwick jungle in League of Legends is a formidable foe. The most important lesson from this article should be that Warwick can do a lot for your team, and you should make sure he has the resources he needs early on so he doesn’t get cut off from his power curve later on.

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