Saturday, October 23, 2021

Telegram Takes Jab at WhatsApp and Facebook on Twitter, Fans Join In

Telegram seems to be enjoying the backlash WhatsApp received after it updated its privacy policy and terms of service earlier on. The messaging service posted the classic two Spider-Man pointing at one another meme with Facebook and WhatsApp icons in place of the two superheroes on Twitter. It then continued to require jabs at WhatsApp and Telegram users chimes in additionally. Telegram is a moment messaging application that additionally bolsters video calling and VoIP administration, making it a prompt contender to WhatsApp.

Telegram, through its official account, took to Twitter to share a meme making fun of Facebook and WhatsApp. It replaced the heads of the two Spider-Man in the popular Hollywood movie character Spider-Man pointing at one another meme along with company logos. This came after WhatsApp updated its new privacy policy service earlier in the week which made data sharing with Facebook mandatorily. WhatsApp users are going to be required to either accept the updated privacy policy as well as terms of service or lose their access to the WhatsApp from February 8, 2021…

Earlier, WhatsApp users were given the choice to decide on not to have their WhatsApp account information shared with Facebook.

Telegram posted multiple tweets taking Jabs at WhatsApp and users of the service also shared a number of their memes. A Twitter user shared that the one and only thing stopping them from migrating to Telegram was their rich sticker database, to which Telegram responded “Sorry, any sentence that has “rich stickers” and doesn’t include “Telegram” seems to create no sense…”

Another Twitter user replied on the popular Hollywood movie character Spider-Man meme and said, “Don’t forget to incorporate Instagram too.” It then replied, “Instagram Spiderman is trying to present pictures to J. Jonah Jameson.”

Furthermore, the now-world’s richest person and founder of Tesla Elon Musk also took this chance to require a jab at Facebook. Musk shared a tweet a couple days ago suggesting that what started with an internet site to rate women on campus has result in the siege of The Capitol. Musk also tweeted “Use Signal” that drove plenty of individuals to the messaging service, to the purpose where it had been causing delays with registering new users.

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