Smart Cameras and Alarms: This is what technology brings to the service of smart security

Smart Cameras and Alarms: This is what technology brings to the service of security – Protecting your home is easier thanks to technology. To the video surveillance cameras are added comprehensive security systems, such as smart alarms, which facilitate the control of our home from the mobile. Smart home devices are increasingly present in our society. Indeed, it is assessed that there are at present in excess of 5,000,000 IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets associated each day in homes all throughout the world – likewise in Spain-, becoming one of the most revolutionary technologies in the sector. .

Thanks to the current range of products, many Spaniards are today able to control all kinds of domestic services from the palm of their hand, through any smartphone or tablet. A trend that is expected to increase in the coming years, promoting that our homes are increasingly intelligent. So much so, that it is estimated that the level of penetration of smart devices in homes will progressively increase until consolidating in a short time as elements of daily use, thus also increasing the presence of Smart Homes (or smart homes, in English) in the neighborhoods in our country. Vivint price

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According to the Smart Home Consumer Survey report prepared by the consulting firm Context, about 40% of Spaniards would be interested in living in a smart home. Likewise, the document points out that the functionality that interests them the most and that is advancing more strongly in the market is security, with 22.6% of them determined to invest soon in intelligent security systems.

Advantages of smart security

And, today, Smart Homes not only allow you to manage your home in a more comfortable and simple way, but also make it more difficult for thieves who want to break into our properties. Well, among other particularities, smart home security systems offer users the possibility of:

Always be at home, whenever and wherever

It is proven that the best protection against intrusion is still personal presence. Therefore, it is vital to try to give the impression that someone is home, even when they are not. The new savvy gadgets are of incredible assistance in accomplishing this impact: they permit, for instance, to control the on and/or off of home lights from a distance or even program them to turn on when someone approaches, thanks to detectors of movement.

Likewise, there are many other smart devices that, thanks to their Wi-Fi connection, allow Smart Homes to continue working independently, even if their owners are on vacation on the other side of the world.

Control everything that happens at the door of the home

Until now, conventional bells were used to warn that someone was knocking on the door, useful only if one was at home. However, companies like Ring have gone a step further, offering smart video door entry systems with built-in speakers and microphones so that the owner can see, hear and speak to anyone knocking on the door or on their property, no matter if the tenant is in the house.

Smart Cameras and Alarms: This is what technology brings to the service of smart security

Through the smartphone , these innovative doorbells send alerts in real time of what is happening in front of the house, offering live video broadcasts. Likewise, this usefulness is additionally extremely valuable while getting, for instance, bundles of buys made on the web, since it permits you to organize the conveyance straightforwardly with the conveyance person over the phone when you ring the bell.

Protect not only the house, but also the entire neighborhood

By utilizing associated security gadgets, outfitted with proactive obstacles like lights and alarms, mortgage holders can drive away possible interlopers, yet in addition draw the consideration of neighbors so they can alert local authorities. There is data that confirms that the use of smart security systems in a neighborhood contributes to reducing the crime rate in the area. This was the case, for example, in Wilshire Park, a residential neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles, which saw a 55% decrease in burglaries after Ring smart video doorphones were installed in just 10% of homes.

Provide more security for minors and elderly people

Minors and older people are more vulnerable to an attempted robbery, scam or unexpected visit. Many criminals take advantage of the defenselessness of these family members to try to sneak into the houses when they are alone in them. The new video radios with two-way sound frameworks permit the old to answer the entryway from the solace of their parlor, disposing of the need to race to open it and being able to previously identify the caller.

Similarly, in the event that minors are left at home or under the watchful eye of somebody, the proprietor can talk with guests, regardless of whether they are not at home, controlling the entry and exit of their home from their telephone.

Save : No monthly fees

The new smart security systems are a cheaper option compared to conventional alarm systems. Beyond the fact that you can easily install them yourself at home without the need to resort to a professional, they do not require you to maintain a monthly fee like an alarm company. And while it is true that these new providers offer the option of contracting additional services, the monthly cost is still more affordable.

To put it plainly, the brilliant security frameworks that we can find available today are a decent choice for those clients who wish to have an extra layer of safety in their home, either as an alternative or as a complement to their current alarm system.

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