SESIS Login: Special Education Information System Portal

SESIS Login: Welcome to the SESIS login guide. This SESIS i.e; Special Education Student Information System may be a secure, web system for college kids with special needs. It absolutely was created to follow whether the services of Individualized education schemes are being received by the special-needs students.

SESIS, education student data system. A web application that assists teaching staff in managing and educating disabled as well as special students. A program designed for college students with special learning disabilities or impairments.

Developed by the big apple City department of education. SESIS is an online-based education system that supports users in completing education processes.

It helps within the communication between all individuals involved within the system. The system is from the colleges, teaching staff, students, psychologists, and other related service providers enlisted within the program.

Education in a very world like ours is near mandatory for the fundamental survival of anyone. That’s why SESIS, the way to effectively design and manage classes for college kids with one learning disorder or the opposite.

The Department of Education implemented the SESIS or education Student system in 2011 to rectify the powerlessness of the kid Assistance Program (CAP) to trace and document the real delivery of services. This text will guide you thru the method of signing into SESIS web entrance by means of a computer or mobile device.

What is SESIS?

The SESIS Login is a Regional education Technical Assistance Support Center network that was created by the NYSED, Office of education, to produce directed technical assistance and professional development to high school districts . It is to boost instructional practices and outcomes of students with disabilities.

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How To SESIS Login?

All DOE schools can use their account to sign up on SESIS Login.

When you check in, you must not change the pre-populated “School/District ID” field. To sign up on your account, please follow these instructions:

  1. Firstly, Open your browser and attend >>
  2. Then You should see a login form on this page that appears like this:
  3. Now enter your User IS and your Password in these fields and click on the “Sign in” button.
  4. Then enter your User ID as follows: CENTRAL\user ID
  5. At last, You should have access to your account.

How To Login SESIS Portal Via Computer

Users can now follow these below given steps to login from their computers to access sesis login portal:

  1. Firstly, Open the net browser on your computer and visit the SESIS login entrance (or clickable LINK).
  2. Then Discover the SESIS login section within the page that appears on the screen.
  3. Now, There are three empty fields on the login structure. (i.e. School/District ID, User ID, and Password).
  4. Next, Enter your School/District ID within the primary field.
  5. Then, you must put SESIS user ID in the marked field >> the “central\user ID.” G.: central/leap7.
  6. Now, Type in your SESIS secret key in the Password field and note that the key phrase is case sensitive.
  7. At the end, click the catch marked >>Sign In<< to access SESIS.

How To SESIS Mobile Login

Users, attempting to login from mobile devices, follow these following given steps:

  1. Firstly, Open the web browser on your mobile device.
  2. And then visit
  3. Now, discover the login structure On the SESIS homepage.
  4. Next, Enter SESIS user ID in the field labeled of >> “central\user ID.” G.: central/leap7.
  5. Now Enter your secret key into the key phrase box.
  6. At last, Click the “Sign In” catch to urge to your SESIS account.

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How To Sign up For an SESIS Login Account

Here is the method for SESIS New Registration / SESIS join up Create New Account.

  1. Firstly visit to the SESIS website and them click on sign on.
  2. Now Enter your name, signal or email, and date of birth.
  3. Then select Next.
  4. Next You will receive the verification code from a text message or email.
  5. Then also select Next.
  6. At end, you have got logged into your SESIS ID, and you’ll be able to use all of its features.

How To Reset Forgotten SESIS Login Password

  1. Firstly, click on “Forgot password?” From the SESIS login page.
  2. Then Enter the e-mail that was accustomed create your SESIS account.
  3. Now Click on Reset password.
  4. Then You’re sent an email with a link to reset your password.
  5. So, click Reset password within the email.
  6. Now, Enter your new password in Confirm password field there.
  7. Then Click Reset password.
  8. At the end, Go back to your SESIS login page and log in along with your new password.

Features Of SESIS Login

  • An online classroom.
  • An internal communication system which helps you to conveys information and data about students.
  • Integration with email service providers like Outlook then on. SESIS allows you to forward messages to email accounts which are made possible once you activate the message forwarding option on SEIS’s platform.
  • It additionally provides staffs or related services providers access to student Information.
  • Report tools.

With SESIS tools, managing and organizing classes are get much easier. To find out more about how SESIS operates visit the the big apple City department of education webpage.

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How To Fix SESIS Issues/Troubleshoots

Users with a lost password won’t be able to sign in to the accounts. On the off chance that you just forgot secret word i.e. password. You must use the SESIS password reset apparatus to recover password.

Step1: Firstly visit to the SESIS homepage. And click on the connection marked “To reset your secret key click here.” it’s directly below the “Sign In” catch

Step2: Then, You will see the Password and Profile Management page on the screen there. It is with a sign-in structure with two spaces fields; User ID and Password

Step3: Now Enter your User ID within the primary text field and keep the Password field.

Step4: Next, click or tap the Forgot Password connect just under the check in.

Step5: And In the point where that just don’t like to be an employee. Then use this secret phrase reset page to alter SESIS user login password.

Step6: Now Affirm that the info displayed on the following page matches your DOE account details.

Step7: And, On the off chance that the information is correct, hit the connection “Click here.”

Step8: Then You will receive a secret key reset connect by means of email from SESIS there.

Step9: For other NYC SESIS login issues, you’ll call 718-935-5100, otherwise you can open a ticket. At the underside of the screen, click where it says “please click here to get assistance”.

Thus, you’ll easily solve any SESIS user login problems you would possibly encounter. If you’re trying to find more information on the education Student data system, SESIS also provides a link for that.


Q1) What does Sesis stand for?

The education Student data system (SESIS) may be a web-based application. It assists school staff and related service providers in managing the education process for college students entering kindergarten through age 21.

Q2) Where to login into SESIS email account?

You can login to your SESIS email account right on their website ( Just click that link to go to the page, enter your email address and password. And then you may be logged in.

Q3) What is the email contact info for SESIS?

You can contact SESIS via the contact form on (their website If you would like more assistance, please call their number, which is additionally listed on their contact us page.

Q3) To whom should contact when need helping login into SESIS email account?

If you’re having issues logging into your SESIS email account. Then please contact their customer service department, via their website at

Q4) Can I able to login to my SESIS email account on phone or tablet?

Yes, you’ll be able to login to your SESIS email account via any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Their website is mobile optimized / responsive, so it’ll look good regardless of which device you access it from.

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