G+D Presents security chips for the connected car

G+D Presents security chips for the connected car – The connected car continues to advance and proof of this is the latest launch of the global security technology group Giesecke + Devrient (G + D) has launched for the automotive industry a new range of security chips . The new chips, dubbed Sm @ rtSIM ® CX Luna1.3M , offer a multifunction platform for eSIM applications, IoT and automotive digital key solutions . Here its details.

The new chips are based on Infineon’s next-generation SLI37 automotive safety controller, which meets the technical specifications of the automotive industry and is specifically designed to meet the environmental challenges facing the industry. of the car.

Thanks to a faster CPU and larger memory, the new chips enable various innovative applications for the connected car, such as high-performance, high-security mobile connections via eSIM

technology. They support standalone 5G networks and cover all M2M and consumer eSIM cases.

According to Carsten Ahrens, CEO of G + D Mobile Security, “Our new product Sm @ rtSIM ® CX Luna1.3M combines the experience of two market leaders: Infineon and G + D”. “The result”, adds Carsten, “is a secure, high-performance multifunction platform for 5G mobile communications and digital key solutions that is specifically tailored to the requirements of the automotive industry.”

It should be noted that car manufacturers have a special DSDA (Dual SIM Dual Active) add-on that allows vehicles to be equipped with two eSIM modules : one to use the driver’s personal subscription to infotainment services and the other for the services provided. by the manufacturer. In this sense, the DSDA complement includes the management of both chips remotely through G + D’s central AirOn eSIM management platform, which simplifies logistics processes. As an example, manufacturers have the option of uploading the correct network profiles “over the air” once the cars have been delivered to their destination regions, and it is also easier for them to comply with local legal requirements. (security chips for the connected car)

Along with eSIM applications, the new G + D chips can also be used in digital car key solutions. In this case, the new series acts as an integrated secure eSE element: a special chip to store the encryption keys for secure communications between the vehicle, mobile devices and a dedicated back-end. The chip therefore enables easy-to-use solutions for unlocking and starting the vehicle, while protecting communication against cyberattacks. (security chips for the connected car)

According to Benoit Rousseau, Infineon’s Vice President and Head of IoT Security, “With our new generation of security controllers, we are setting new standards of security, performance and quality for eSIM and the secure elements . ” “We are very pleased that G + D is relying on the SLI37 family for its new platform and demonstrating the kind of innovations made possible by it.” (security chips for the connected car)

The automotive industry is undergoing a major change. One of the key drivers of this transformation is the connected car. More and more vehicles are connecting to mobile networks to access emergency services systems and enable extended functions such as different telematics services. At the same time, the driver’s need for mobile connectivity for infotainment applications has increased and, in addition, there are additional challenges associated with the development of autonomous driving as this technology implies a high demand for bank width in network connections.

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