Second-hand technology offering resists in the face of the semiconductor crisis

Second-hand technology offering resists in the face of the semiconductor crisis: In September, interest in second-hand technology products soared 103% compared to last year. The cause seems to be in the semiconductor crisis that is causing shortages of technological products such as consoles, computers or smartphones. This is explained by Milanuncios

, a platform specialized in the purchase and sale of second-hand, who have carried out an analysis of the second-hand technology market in the last year, a sustainable and economical alternative to acquire products such as smartphones, laptops or tablets compared to the market uncertainty.

During this year 2021, the production of technology has been marked by the semiconductor crisis, a brake on the production of microchips that has generated stock problems and shortages in practically all technology industries.

In the categories of telephony and game consoles is where the most demanded products are found. Telephony and IT maintain their stable offer with more than 560,000 ads in the last year . Throughout the year, the iPhone has led searches, specifically models 11 and 12, followed by the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Is the solution to buy second-hand technology?

Faced with the crisis that plagues technological producers, second-hand technology has maintained stable growth. In the last twelve months Milanuncios has registered a total of 660,741 ads related to technology, which represents an increase of 10.9% compared to the same period last year. According to the analysis, an average of more than 1,800 ads have been published per day between telephony, computers and video consoles, a market that has moved more than 136 million euros in the last twelve months.

A large part of these announcements were related to telephony and computers. 54% of the offer, almost 346,000 ads, corresponds to telephony and another 219,000 to computing, including computers, laptops, tablets and eBooks, but also motherboards, hard drives and RAM memories. The iPhone stands out as the most offered and most demanded product in technology with more than 80,000 ads and 389,000 searches.

“It is possible that, with the forecasts of the current technology producers, we will increasingly see the effects of the shortage of microchips”, commented Íñigo Vallejo, PR & Content Manager of Milanuncios. “This is the opportunity we have to finish convincing ourselves of the value that second-hand technology, which does not require new manufacturing, can offer to consumers at an individual level and to society at an environmental level”

However, within the computing family, the supply of processors follows the same trend as the global market . With a total of 3,551 ads, it has registered a reduction of its bid of 67.6% since October 2020 , when it registered its maximum bid.

In the same way, the offer of video consoles continues the same trend on the platform, which is the one with the lowest volume of supply with more than 95,000 ads, a reduction in supply of 37.6% since December 2020. Meanwhile, its demand is on the rise, especially for products such as the Nintendo Switch, the Playstation 4 or the Playstation 5, which are among the most sought after on the platform.

Tips for buying and selling second-hand tech devices

If you are thinking of giving a new life to your old devices, the experts at Milanuncios show you some tips that you should take into account both when selling and when buying a second-hand device.

If you are going to sell a second-hand product:

  • Reset to factory settings. It is important that the device software has been restored to factory settings. This will avoid problems such as not being able to boot the new device without old passwords. In the same way, it should be checked that no memory card or even SIM card has been inserted into the device.
  • Good condition and with all accessories. Presenting a terminal in good condition, as clean as possible and even with the box and all the original accessories make your device more attractive for sale and is something that buyers value very positively. When you are going to publish an ad try to be as descriptive as possible, include all the information and be honest with the status of the device, this will also give the buyer security. In addition, product ads that have more images and are viewed with higher quality, generate a greater sense of trust and will get you to receive more offers.
  • Choose the best moment. If you are going to place an ad on Milanuncios , just before a new version of the device comes out is usually the ideal time. Although it will be easier to sell the more modern the version, searches for all models increase with the presentation. It is also advisable to avoid coinciding with sales times or dates such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. According to Milanuncios analysis, the summer months are the ones with the fewest searches and it is with the arrival of September and the return to school when the demand skyrockets.

If you are going to buy a second-hand device:

  • Buy with guarantee. On second-hand devices, the manufacturer’s warranty will continue regardless of who owns the device. Therefore, when buying a device, make sure that the buyer provides you with all the necessary documents, such as the warranty or the original purchase receipt.
  • Use Milanuncios communication channels. Once you receive your product, do all these checks to make sure that what you have received is in line with what was offered. If you have made all the procedures within the communication channels of the platform and something does not conform to what is offered, you will be in time to make the necessary claims. In addition, the official channels such as the application’s chat are safe and will protect you from any situation.

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