Scale Up Productivity of Your Small Scale Business With EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM: Big businesses often start with a small step when ideas convert into actions. If you have a small business and wish to take it to greater heights, you must invest in a personal secretary. It will help you manage your tasks in a planner, timely inform you about important emails, and look for free dates in your calendar. However, this convenient option is a good investment, and not everyone is prepared for it, especially at the start. 

So, what can be its best alternative? An efficient email client and organizer can do all this and more to be a perfect replacement for a personal secretary for a small business. Now you must be thinking about where to search for a comprehensive email client that can also assist you with managing calendars, tasks, contacts, notes or your crucial password information. In this case, EssentialPIM

can be your answer. 

Please read carefully to get a glimpse of its abundant valuable features. 

Email Module

EssentialPIM has the most notable email module that supports all protocols be it POP, IMAP or Exchange. It also facilitates the users with PGP encryption to provide ultimate security. 

The email module integrates seamlessly with other modules to provide greater productivity even if you have a small-scale enterprise. You can easily send emails in various formats using plain text, HTML, etc., and can switch from one form to another smoothly. If you wish to save time and prevent repeated typing of similar texts as email messages, keep them as canned responses. Other facilities like auto numbering in replies and auto-saving of messages can alter through mail settings as per the user’s preference. 

A wide variety of search fields assist you with To, From, body, etc., for easy sorting of mails. You can also group your emails in different colors as per work categories. You can also de-clutter your mail by the facility of auto-archiving the mails that are a certain number of days old.

Contacts Module

When you are dealing with contact records, storing or editing them, EssentialPIM makes it an effortless affair. It also allows you to create newsletters, envelopes, and labels. You can always find your important contacts by using the search fields like name, email, etc. Other than these, various custom fields are available to store valuable information about your contacts. Once you have entered the connections, you can easily synchronize them with Google Contacts or devices on iOS along with Android so you can access them easily.

Calendar Module

Inculcation of a calendar in your daily schedule can help you achieve your milestones timely. With it, you can keep track of your availability for upcoming events, manage all your tasks, and prepare yourself for them in advance. EssentialPIM makes your calendar available to show you days, weeks, agenda, year, etc.  

There are many valuable editable categories like work and personal, based on which you can filter your events and make your day more productive. You can access your data by taking a printout, exporting it, or synchronizing it through EssentialPIM. The calendar also makes weather forecasts available for you, so you know whether you need to carry an umbrella or not right before leaving for your meeting. 

Tasks Module

EssentialPIM provides you with an impeccable tasks module that helps you make your daily work more organized so you can keep track of each minute. You can arrange your tasks in hierarchical order to find them per their priority for completion. Additionally, you can clear the clutter of added and completed studies after the expiry of a specific period. 

You can set the time to start and end a task and schedule a reminder for its completion to manage your day well. If the functions do not complete on the same day, they float and move on automatically to the following day unless completed. 

There are different views to see your tasks as Tree, Plain, Kanban board, etc. With EssentialPIM, you can convert your tasks to appointments or notes as per your utility. It also helps you sort tasks into categories like Business, Important Personal, etc. 

Notes Module

The Notes module of EssentialPIM is almost the same as the advanced version of a text editor that can bring utility for organizing the data neatly and retrieving them when necessary. Many options are included here to give you a good editing experience These tools help you out in making your text look professional.

You can use sticky notes, so helpful information is available as a takeaway on the screen right before a meeting or presentation. You can also utilize them for setting reminders for important events. Keeping your formatting intact you can easily zoom in or out a note. If you have a few favorite notes, you can ‘Star’ them to find ready access for the same. Moreover, you can convert notes to new appointments or tasks as per your use.

Passwords Module

You can not only store passwords but generate new ones by making use of a password generation tool built into EssentialPIM. You can also manage your password entries as hierarchical groups so you can retrieve as and when you need them. Once you can save your passwords into EssentialPIM’s database, you can utilize them for auto-typing in web forms in a single click. You can also enhance the appeal of your password entries by setting individual icons for them. If you do not like them, EPIM will auto-retrieve favicons from various websites.

Final Words

You can call EssentialPIM, an email client that is responsive, innovative, and helpful in organizing your professional and personal work to give you leisure hours. From notes to tasks and emails to passwords, it also manages all your tasks and contacts. With the facility of a shared database, there is the portability of using the tool from a pen drive. If your data is modified mistakenly, you can restore it to its previous state without worry.

You can use EPIM Cloud and third-party services such as iCloud, Google, etc., to synchronize and integrate valuable data. If you avail Business edition of this helpful software, you can monitor any alterations and the time when they took place. So, take your small business higher by utilizing this software to manage your schedule productively.

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