SBI HRMS Login And Download Salary/Pension

SBI HRMS Login Portal: You can login as staff and pensioners in SBI HRMS Login Portal and able to Check Balance, Salary Slip, leave, and Pension Status.

Every company needs a system which will help the workers keep track of their payment or pension and inform them about possible opportunities and other benefits from the corporate.

The SBI HRMS is one among the best but best systems for the workers to stay track of their salary or pension.

It also allows access to another SBI portals and benefits. except for doing all this what you would like to Register and Activate your SBI HRMS account to induce a User ID and password. It must be need that one just an employee in banking concern of India. So If you want to induce details related to the way to register and activate SBI HRMS account and it obtain User ID and password.

SBI HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System. it’s a web Portal with flexible features for the workers or Staff and pensioners. and also the official address of this portal is

What is SBI HRMS?

SBI HRMS Login Portal could be a system utilized by the State bank of India employees and retired State bank of India employees. SBI HRMS or Human Resources Management System is an Infrastructure that helps the workers of State bank of India to induce the total good thing about working with the depository financial institution of India.

Also the HRMS SBI has eased the bank follow abreast of every employee details on salary. The system applies to all or any private and public organizations, thus uniting employees of a selected firm.

Name of the BankState Bank of India
Portal NameHuman Resource Management System
Popular asHRMS Portal or SBI HRMS Portal
SBI Office AddressMumbai, Maharashtra
SBI HRMS Online Portal UsesHRMS SBI IRJ Portal  
HRMS Salary Slip

If you’re an employee or a retired SBI employee, you’ll be able to check your salary or pension slip with SBI HRMS. It permits to use some portals such as SAP Portal, SBI HRMS IRJ Portal, SBI EMS Portal, State bank of India Coin Portal, State bank of India Salary Slip services.

SBI has launched a web portal for its employee or Staff and pensioners named SBI HRMS or HRMS SBI. SBI HRMS Portal use to manage its Employees Pensions, Holiday Calendar, PF, Salary Slips, Salary Details and many more after their Retirement. Additionally, with the assistance of the SBI HRMS Portal, the staff can even apply for his or her Gratuity Nomination and Provident Fund.

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Features of SBI HRMS

The following are the some of features of SBI HRMS:

  • SBI Account Balance
  • Pension Slip of Employee
  • Account Statement of SBI Account
  • Leave reimbursement
  • Pension plan Applicable to every Employee
  • SBI Holiday Calendar
  • Salary Slip of Employee
  • Appraisals and Promotion details
  • Leave Apply
  • Transaction History of the SBI Account
  • Loan Status of Account

Benefits of SBI HRMS Portal

The following are the some of Benefits of SBI HRMS:

  • Generate payslip of salary
  • Leave Apply
  • To track loan status
  • Generate online complaint and view online complaint status
  • Check account balance
  • View schedules of SBI holiday dates
  • Generate account statement and view transactions history
  • Set provides fund nomination
  • Apply four-in-one
  • View pension plan
  • Leave reimbursement

How To Login To SBI HRMS

Users accessing the HRMS portal wants valid and correct documents and login details such as user id and password. Follow the below given steps to login to SBI HRMS portal:

  1. Firstly Visit the official website portal (Link >>>
  2. Then, click the login button on the page on the homepage.
  3. Now a new page will open
  4. And then click on the yes/bullet buttons to answer the question provided.
  5. Next answer the all question concerning the anti-money laundering, though one can change the answer or question
  6. Then click on the continue button.
  7. At last, enter your user id and password offered by your employer.

How To Download SBI Employee Salary/Pension Slip

The following steps are use to Download SBI employee salary slip at site:

  1. Firstly visit to the official HRMS website portal >>>
  2. Then, enter your user id and password to log in on the homepage.
  3. Now, click on the option my salary slip.
  4. Then the option will direct you to a new page.
  5. Next enters the moth, the year you wish to generate the salary slip.
  6. Now click on the submit button
  7. Then the page will ask for confirmation by providing a yes or no answers.
  8. Next the portal will then display the salary slip
  9. At last, you can download and print it for reference.

How to apply for leave in the SBI HRMS Login portal

The following given steps are used to apply for leave in the SBI HRMS portal:

  1. Firstly navigate to the SBI HRMS website portal >>>
  2. Then on the menu, select the tab SBI HRMS leave request
  3. Now the option will direct you to the leading leave page application site. 
  4. Next select the type of leave example, sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, privileged leave.
  5. Now click on the type of leave.
  6. And then proceed to the start and end date of your leave.
  7. Now continue to enter the city. And give a brief explanation about the leave.
  8. At last, the system will check. And verify the info and give a confirmation message(SMS) to your registered email address.

How To Use SBI EMS Interface

  • The employee has to change the password once in every 90 days. this is often to know you sure that the user is active else the login will freeze.
  • In the case of need, the user can send the assistance request on This was the problems with relation to accessibility is over within a brief period of your time.
  • People can able to use the EMS on multiple platforms be it PC or mobile devices. However, one thing to notice is that if the user changes the DNS settings. in this case, the user e-mail is in restriction. Moreover, the user will fail to login.

Procedure to Check Transaction History 

The following is the procedure to view the transaction history of the salary or pension pay slips:

  • For this, the web users should Login on the this Portal and click on on the Pension/Pay slips option within the dashboard.
  • The pensioners can even view the transaction history concerning the year and months they require to look at their pay slips.
  • After that, online applicants can observe the yearly and monthly pay slips, as shown within the dashboard.

How To Reset The SBI HRMS Password

Follow the below given steps to Reset The SBI HRMS Password:

  1. Firstly Open HRMS Portal at link >>>
  2. Now click on the login button there to proceed.
  3. Then you need to answer the security question which appears on your screen.
  4. Now answering a security question click to continue button.
  5. Next enter the desired user id and password in the provided fields.
  6. Then the employee can also enter details via virtual keyword for security purposes.
  7. Next After entering details click to the login button.
  8. And now you can able to view your salary slip, loan status whatever you want to see.
  9. When you have checked all the details go to Reset password Window to reset Password.
  10. And also enter Old Password and then create NEW PASSWORD
  11. At last click on SAVE PASSWORD Button.

Quick Links

SBI HRMS Portal Online >>>


Q1) How should I get SBI pension slip?

Get SBI pension slip by Login to your account on SBI HRMS. And then there you can find the pension and salary slips section on which you can get your pension slip easily and quickly.

Q2) What are the objectives to launch of the its Portal?

The main and important objective of launching the SBI HRMS Login portal is for the staff or pensioners to view their salary and pension slips online.

Q3) What are the Services List of its Portal?

The following given are some of the SBI HRMS portal services list to the employees:

  • SAP (System Analysis & Programming): It Provides the information for Capital management, succession planning, performance appraisals, competency assessment, career development, virtual classrooms, property management and many more.
  • IRJ: Able to access multiple activities such as check payslips, promotional schemes, recruitment programs, and many more.
  • SBI Coin: It provides details about the pension slips, retirement plan, and pension plans

Q4) Who can Access to State Bank of India HRMS Portal?

  • The staff of allied post.
  • Controllers.
  • Present employees and Retired employees of SBI.

After the Merger of the various Partner banks of the state bank into the State bank of India, employees of these associated banks can also be to access SBI HRMS Login Portal. The following given is the list of associated banks of SBI:

  • Kerala State Bank of Travancore (SBT)
  • State Bank of Patiala
  • State Bank of Karnataka (SBK)
  • Rajasthan State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ)
  • Telangana region State bank of Hyderabad (SBH)
  • Bhartiya Mahila Bank
  • Karnataka State Bank of Mysore (SBM)

Q5) How do I give a pensioner a life certificate online?

You can give a pensioner a life certificate digitally through the Jeevan Pramaan portal (Link >>

Q6) What are the services offered in SBI HRMS?

  • It is now possible for the staff to test their next salary dates and therefore the past salary slips. Unlike many private companies, the salary dates of employee are fixed.
  • Also You can use this portal whether or not you’re a retired employee of SBI. you’ll be able to use this for collecting PF slips.
  • Additionally, If you’ve got applied for the loan under the worker scheme, it’s possible now to test the status of your loan using this portal.
  • This is the simplest feature and can facilitate your to intent on plan your holidays. there’s an inventory of holidays also added under the portal.

Q7) Can I access from multiple mobile phones or only one mobile phone?

State Bank Anywhere is accessible from any transportable with Android (OS 2.3+) and/or IPhone (IOS 4.1+) and/or Blackberry (OS 10 and above), having internet connectivity.

Q8) What are the charges for availing this service?

Like our internet banking Online SBI, the mobile version is additionally freed from any charges. However, the net usage charges payable to the Telecom Service provider will apply. Please contact your telecom operator for the web usage charges.


This Portal is one of the best systems that was created for their employees to manage essential things related to the company. SBI (State Bank Of India) has done a fantastic job of helping their employees, workers as well as its customers. That is one of the big reasons that why SBI is at the top of the banking sector.

If you have any queries related to this article, then don’t hesitate to ask us in comment section below…

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