RUPEE4CLICK: The organization says that Rupee4Click is leading a Cost Per Referral (CPR) advertising organization situated in India that offers “pay for referral links” administration. We are with top leading companies in our network for referral advertisements. Share the referral link with your friends and family and earn money. Work in your part time and earn money from online jobs like data entry jobs, survey filling jobs, captcha filling jobs etc. The company has written Rs 4 Click on its homepage that is Work From Home Job for all people.

How to make money with RUPEE4CLICK?

You will be able to earn money by clicking ads, completing captchas, referring new members and completing offers. You can earn money by completing a captcha, clicking on an advertisement, completing an offer and referring new members.

When do you get PAYMENTS from RUPEE4CLICK?

You will get paid based on NET7, which means that you are paid every time. If you are a new member of Rupee4Click, the minimum balance required to pay is member 5000. Means you minimum payout is 5000 Rs. You will not get money until you have 5000 complete. You will also get paid on NET7 basis, which means you get paid EVERY WEEK of the year.


A referral is the result of a user registration with a referral link. For example, if you refer 100 visitors to our site, you will have 100 referrals. You get 100 Rs for each referrer. This is what Rupee4Click says. A referral is the result of a user registration with an referral link. For AN instance, if you refer 1000 visitors to this Rupee4click website, you would have 1000 referrals.


Friends, you want to know whether Rupee4Click is Real or Froud (Fake), that is why you have come in this post. I am going to give you this review in this post today.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Rupee4click Review. Many of you may want to know about this website. Some questions like such as what is Rupee4click website? Is Rupee 4 click fake or real, or Rupee 4 click Legit? You may have in mind, it is good to know a site before using it at the present time. Today we will troubleshoot all your questions.

Rupee4Click is a scam site, Zee Rupee 4 is click fake, we have no doubt about it. To explain all the major red flags, rupee 4 click review is written in Hindi, which we know about this site.

We know that, Rupee 4 click is a scam, or not it is of no use. But if you know the reasons why ‘one’ site is a scam or not, you will not scam any other similar site.

To do the Resistration yourself on this website, Rupee 4 Click is asking many questions. You must verify your phone number. Verification is done to know whether their member is a real person or a bot.

This means that Rupee4Click needs information about its members. But does not want to share its information with its members through Rupee4Click. We have not received any information about its owner or any parent company.

Lack of information indicates that transparency on this website is ‘nil’. Any company that shows zero transparency is never good for anything.

They have preserved their information in WHOIS records. This feature is always found among scam websites. They hide because they know and understand that their work is illegal. who is such a website which provides information of other website. When we checked We found that the Rupee4Click Domain Name was registered. The owner’s name and contact details have not been provided.


If you want to get in touch with Rupee4Click in the future, you can contact them via email. This is a one-way contact. If you send them a message or question, there is no guarantee of getting a single answer.

It is possible to make any kind of contact with them.

If you work offline, don’t you try to find out about the person who is paying you? One has to do the same thing on the Internet. If an employer hides his identity, he does not work there, however attractive it may be.

The task of becoming an influential person and using your links to bring new people to your website is very easy. And can be done by anyone. Scamers want to offer jobs that can be done by everyone.

The actual Refer method works in the same way as described on the Rupee4Click site, but with some differences. A company like ‘Uber’ which is a cab service app. They offer their member to receive $ 5 for each referral that downloads the app.


No one knows about the owner of Rupe 4 Clique. If that website does not inform its owner and operator on its official website, then you cannot find out who is actually running the website. Fraudsters cover their personal identities and details for fear of being caught.

Owner’s information is not available on the site. This means that no one knows the person behind this site. These are the most common features of a fraud site.


Our aim is only to distance you from such a Scam Froud Fake Site. We would advise you to stay away from such a website. A lot of your time will be gone in this, in today’s time, the value of time is very high.

Hello friends how did you like it? Please comment on our article. If you have any question, you can ask the question. Thanks You For Reading ……… ..

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