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Roja Directa: For several years now, free streaming services have had to fight a legal battle with various entertainment companies for infringing on the copyrights of the content they share.

But if you thought that this problem only occurred with movies and series, you are wrong! The transmission of sports is also claimed by copyright, and that is how portals such as Roja Directa have had to close while they solve their legal problems. However, so that you do not miss out on enjoying football matches and your favorite sports, today we mention 10 alternatives to Roja Directa .

We started with a well-known website in the world of football fans. Pirlo TV has always stood out for being a great alternative to direct red as they share the same interface and operation.

It is the best option you can take if you want to watch your football matches online without interruptions, and although it has advertising, it is not intrusive like on other pages and platforms. You will quickly find live TV from the best sports channels and you will not miss any event since it is updated daily. is an English portal that not only offers sports but you can also find television services from various parts of the world. In the sports section, there is not only football, you have at your disposal a selection of 20 sports! Among all, the most prominent are: baseball, basketball, rugby, boxing, cycling, golf and much more.

The platform allows you to enjoy the games in a “live” format, implying that they do not keep the content for long. However, it is quite complete in terms of the sports modalities it offers.

As for its interface, it is not even remotely comparable with others on this list like, for example. It is not very intuitive nor will you find great customization in it but it is one of the good alternatives to Roja Directa.

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We return to Spanish with This platform is managed in a forum format, with many categories available. In addition to being able to stream various sports such as soccer, formula 1 and basketball, this website shows the highlights of the most important matches of each specific sport.

Although the Spanish leagues stand out in soccer, they also offer matches from many Latin American leagues and from other parts of the world. There are not many complaints about it, its interface is pleasant, easy to understand, and in general, it is a portal that is always updated with the latest games of the season. One of the best options you can find to enjoy open matches.

One of the first platforms born after Roja Directa’s growing struggle to stay afloat. Although many variants of “Red Card” are handled, today it is that is online.

For many, this is the direct successor to Roja Directa. And it is that this opinion is not for less, only to enter and realize that the interface is practically (not to say exactly) the same; the design, colors and organization remain intact. So much so, that it is questioned whether this page is from the same developers or not.

Like Roja Directa, we can watch free online matches without downloading, offering several links from the same match, which redirect to the transmission without problems. A great advantage that characterizes it, by offering multiple options to choose from. And while there isn’t as much variety as we might expect, the biggest matches are always available.


It is a portal focused mainly on the world of soccer, however it also has other events of different disciplines. is one of the alternatives to direct red to watch soccer matches in streaming , it is in a Spanish language and shows us a new list updated every day of the best matches and broadcasts.

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We continue with another website in English as one of the alternatives to Roja Directa, but as much or more complete than Many sports are part of (baseball, tennis, hockey, wrestling, etc.), but like other portals, soccer is given special importance here.

The little publicity makes it an ideal website to navigate, at the same time that it perfectly details everything concerning the broadcast games, such as time and description. In addition, it shares the format that we like so much about Roja Directa, offering several links of each match to watch them for free, online and in HD quality. is ideal to watch your favorite soccer matches without major inconveniences. On this platform, all soccer leagues both in America and Europe and other parts of the world have a space, ranging from local competitions to those of greater relevance.

In the same way, it has an interface with a forum-like format to find everything you need easily and quickly, being friendly and intuitive with the user due to the little advertising it handles. Also, if you are interested in more than just football, offers you a wide catalog of sports to choose from and find out when their matches will be broadcast. You can get almost any sport that is broadcast live.

As its name implies, here you will find football matches to watch online and for free. On weekends it is updated with the broadcast of the matches in HD of each and every one of the best leagues in the world.

Although it is possible to easily find the matches within itself thanks to an intuitive interface, other websites are also recommended so that you have a better chance of getting the match (or sport) of your interest. Without a doubt, one of the best options you can find, not only as one of the alternatives to Roja Directa, but also to enjoy football as a true fan.

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The websites in English are the ones that almost always offer a broader content in terms of the amount of sports that we can find. is one of them. Major and prominent sports, in addition to soccer and football, are basketball, rugby, hockey, boxing, tennis, and motor sports.

Although the interface is not entirely pleasant to look at, the little intrusive advertising that appears to us is appreciated.

A free and online sports platform where the transmission of football matches of all categories predominates. On the home page it is very easy to use by finding everything listed chronologically, regardless of the sport or level of the league / match in question. However, if it is more convenient for you, you can also filter it by a particular sport.

It is in English, and although there is no way to get lost in it, it offers users the option to change the language of the match commentators. As for sports, these range from the most common to less popular ones such as handball and volleyball.

We finalize the alternatives to Roja Directa with a portal with a very peculiar name that we might think is fake or a joke. However, despite this, once we enter we can notice the great similarities that it shares with Roja Directa. What sets it apart is a mix of bold colors contrasted with a black background.

Like the famous sports site, is free, no registration is required and is dedicated almost exclusively to the transmission of football matches, highlighting those of the Spanish league. The links are presented in the same way as in Red Card, honoring the style of Direct Red. The matches that are held at the moment are listed with several alternatives to watch live through large television channels.

In addition to soccer, La also broadcasts several other sports disciplines such as basketball, cycling, Formula 1 racing, and tennis.

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