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Windows PC: In today’s post, I want to show you 12 applications that can make your life a lot easier. And just to avoid any misunderstanding. This is made possible by the support of my awesome and cool teachers as well as mentors.

1. FancyZones (PowerToys)

FancyZones (PowerToys) (Windows PC)

Get started with FancyZones, which is part of Microsoft’s collection of free power toys. Snap Assist feature in Windows 10 allows you to more efficiently configure space on your desktop. But when you have an Ultra Wide Monitor or a Monitor in portrait mode, then Snap Assist is not helpful. FancyZones lets you create custom reasons for each of your connected monitors to snap requests. 

So, when I press and hold the Shift key on my keyboard, I can apply any request to one of the areas I created in FancyZones. This allows me to make better use of the available space on the monitor in Ultra Wide Monitor as well as portrait mode. And if you like, you can even move the fancy zones applications to their last known zone so that they always open in the same place.

2.  Stardock Fences

Stardock Fences (Windows PC)

If you want to clean your desktop clean and organized, you should also take a look at the fence from StarDock. With Fence, you can create areas in group shortcuts, files, and folders on your desktop. You can also create a folder called Folder Portal that allows you to directly access the contents of a folder from your desktop, which I like to use in my Downloads folder (Windows PC). 

What’s new is that these enclosures can have a scroll bar, so they can contain a lot more items. You can also set them to fall off automatically. And you can hide all the enclosures with the double click of your left mouse button. So if you like a clean desktop then you should really take a look at the fence…

3. TeraCopy

TerraCopy (Windows PC)

How to clear files and store data on your PC can quickly turn into a very annoying task as Windows Explorer will perform all operations one at a time – instead of one. A typical hard performance can have a big impact. Disk TeraCopy fixes this problem by choosing to either execute a copy and move operations one at a time (Windows PC). 

I’ve been using TeraCopy for a long time and this is one of the first applications I install when I do a clean setup as it makes it much easier to handle files and folders. There is a residual, Pro version available, but unless you want to run TeraCopy on Windows Server or need any additional Pro features, the free version works just fine for you.

4. Netlimiter

Netlimiter (Windows PC)

Netlimiter is an incredibly powerful and feature-rich software that lets you control network traffic on your computer. Unlike another, a similar application that you see that gets a lot of boost on YouTube NetLimiter, it doesn’t just use the Windows firewall, instead, it has its own firewall engine, Is one of the favorite features (Windows PC). 

When I want full control over which applications and services have Internet access, then I have to click on the Internet, and then ask for inbound as well as outbound blockers.

Now Netlighter will notify me when an application or service tries to contact the Internet, I can then either permanently or temporarily choose to allow or deny the access to the Internet. I can also use the built-in bandwidth limitation for uploading individually and downloading per application limits, or I can set a global range of contacts on the Internet as well as local networks. 

NetLimmer shows you how all your IP addresses connect to an application, as well as how much bandwidth they use, which you want to know which game server’s associated IP address is associated with Have You’ll also find a preference feature in NetLimmer, but if you plan to use it to solve problems caused by buffer blot, you’ll know that this will help you.

It Will is not of much help unless your network’s only device uses a PC. Internet, when you’re playing The proper solution to troubleshoot problems with congestion or buffer Bluetooth, is if you want to know more about it, use a router that supports smart queue management.

5. DisplayDriverUninstaller

DisplayDriverUninstaller (Windows PC)

When you install a new GPU driver or get a new graphics card, then it may be that the old driver causes problems. If you find yourself in a situation where you suspect that an older driver causes trouble and that the driver’s installation is not enough to relieve the problem, you will need a free DDU or display (Windows PC).

The driver should take a look at the installer which will expire. All traces of your old GPU driver. I use this software a lot when I test different graphics cards or driver versions, and this has helped me a lot in the past when I ran into an issue that was leftover due to an older driver or When I was switching between AMD and Nvidia. GPU

6. Voicemeeter & digital audio cables

Voicemeeter & digital audio cables (Windows PC)

In the past few years, Microsoft has significantly improved the audio options in Windows 10 as you can now change the default input and output audio devices per application.

So if you use Nvidia’s ShadowPlay for example to capture your gameplay, you may have encountered the issue that audio from Spotify or audio is also part of the recording. With VoiceParameter, digital audio cables, and Windows 10 sound options you cannot make sure your shadowplay gameplay contains only the audio of the game you are recording, but you do not have access to Game Audio, Discard, Spotify. You can also get a separate audio track. , Your microphone, etc (Windows PC).

When you use OBS to record or stream your gameplay. Combined with the Windows 10 sound options, Voice Meter easily lets you have full control over the audio on your computer. If you want to know more about the setup process. Then comment below.

7. Notepad++

Notepad++ (Windows PC)

If you use your computer to play a game then you will need to edit a file to some extent. Either to access a feature or to set something that does not appear in the game’s options menu or to customize something in a game like mini-craft …

There are several reasons why you may need to edit the config file. Most of you probably used notepad for that, and that’s okay. But if you need to edit the same configuration files regularly, then you just want to open the editor and keep that file waiting for you in a tab, which is ready to edit. 
That’s the main reason I’ve been using Notepad ++ for many, many years. I know it can do a lot more, but what I love about it is that it makes it so much easier to have quick access to edit files regularly (Windows PC).

VisualStudio Code that is much more powerful than I have been using it for a while now and I like it a lot, but if you just want a notepad with tabs and don’t need any more advanced features, The pad ++ trick will work just fine.

8. Windows photos viewer

Windows photos viewer (Windows PC)

I don’t know how you feel about it, but I hate these photos app in Windows 10. But even though the old Photo Viewer is still present in Windows 10, you will need to edit the Windows registry to let Windows know again that this application can be used to view images.

Fortunately, there is a tutorial on that explains how to re-enable old photo viewers, and they also provide a registry file if you do not want to manually edit it. So in the event that you likewise scorn the new Photos application in Windows 10, at that point investigate.

9. Link Shell Extension

LinkShellExtension (Windows PC)

Even though SSDs have gotten a lot cheaper over the past few years, you still won’t be able to fit all your favorite games onto a single SSD because of how many new games there are. So, all you can do is get a large, relatively inexpensive hard disk, and install all your games and launchers there.

Then for the games, you want to use an SSD display, you simply move the entire installation folder of this game to this SSD and then link-shell extension application to easily create a junction in the real place (Windows PC). Use the cache, let the launcher and windows believe that the game is still in its original location when you actually move it to your SSD. 

It lets you move games quickly and easily, as well as any application or folder on your PC without breaking anything or reinstalling that application or changing the installation folder inside the launcher. Without having to move somewhere else.

10. Avidemux


Even with highly efficient codecs like h.264 or h.265, the folder in which all your gameplay occupies can grow very fast. In most cases, you just want to keep a small part of your recording, where something interesting happens. But video cutting is usually very annoying because most video editing applications re-encode a video that takes a long time and can also reduce the video’s image quality. The free Avidemux makes this process very fast and cumbersome as it allows you to cut video without encoding.

You simply open the gameplay capture that you want to crop, select the area that you want to keep and export the video. That way you can quickly and easily free up enough space on your hard disk.

11. Sharex


ShareX is a powerful, yet free screen capture tool that can dramatically accelerate your workflow. You can easily create the area from which you want to take a screenshot, you can do some image editing and, the feature I like the most is the ShareX capture image upload and you have to Can provide a link to the image.

So, if you want to take screenshots, you must see ShareX. Unless you think about using it to create screenshots of sports running in special full-screen mode, this will result in black image in most cases because ShareX cannot do complicated hooking up when playing a game. Requires capturing a screenshot when playing in a special game. Full-screen mode. Therefore, you still have to rely on other applications to capture gameplay.

12. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner

And last, but not least, MSI offset burner, and RTSS which is included in the installer of MSI afterburner. As you know from my recent videos, RTSS is a great frame rate Lemmer that provides stable frame times while not causing massive input lag time. But when paired with MSI’s Afterburner, it allows you to monitor many aspects of your computer in real-time.

Like CPU load per core, CPU temperature, GPU load, frame rate, frame time, voltage, there’s more than you can monitor – and you can customize completely That the information should be presented to you. So if you want to troubleshoot issues like frame packing, find out if you have CPU or GPU binding, or if you want to improve and adjust settings in a game to make it smoother and Be more responsible, or if you want to do some overclocking, then you really need to take a look at MSI’s After Burner.

Now, I know there are many other useful applications that I haven’t featured in today’s video, many are clear, like VLC, OBS, MediaPlayer Classic, or 7zip. But if you know of an application that you think you have underrated, please leave a comment as I am always interested in software that can improve your workflow. , Or provides a better or unique way to deal with a particular task or use case. And that’s all for today.

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