Pokemon Home: How to use on mobile and connect with Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Home is a platform that seeks the integration of the different games in this franchise and, in this way, provides the player with a complete experience. Although the game has always been based on capturing and training Pokemon to become the best teacher, only so far has a space been included that allows you to save and transfer Pokemon between players and also from one platform to another.

There are several games and platforms that are compatible with Pokemon Home, with which you can take advantage of this new storage and transfer functionality. However, there are certain limitations to moving these creatures between games, which must be known so as not to make inconvenient movements. Additionally, precautions must be taken during account setup to avoid future inconvenience.

What is Pokemon Home

It is a free mobile application, with some Premium features and a similar operation to that of a cloud service for Pokemon. The trainer can save creatures captured in different supported games here. Currently, the games with which Pokemon Home can be used are the following:

  • Pokemon Sword.
  • Pokemon Shield.
  • Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee !.
  • Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu !.
  • Pokemon GO.

What is it for

The main feature of Pokemon Home is the storage of these creatures. However, its most important function is the transfer of Pokemon, which can be done from one player to another and between platforms. This means that Pokemon can exchange between the different games, for example: a Charmander from “Pokemon Shield” can move to “Pokemon Sword” using this application.

Pokemon Home

Another feature of Pokemon Home is that it offers mysterious gifts including food, Pokeballs, and even Pokemon. A function w as also added to observe the World Ranking of Pokemon Trainers and thus find out about the results of the last combat events carried out.

Note : as with other games or applications, Premium players enjoy some advantages in the service, among them the 6000 spaces for Pokemon storage that are available and the possibility of transferring creatures from the Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Bank.

How to install on mobile and get started

This is a storage service compatible with mobile devices, Nintendo Switch and also with the Nintendo 3DS Bank. To enjoy this application, you just have to install it on the computer you want to use and also the basic configuration. In addition, you must create the profile in the application and link the accounts before enjoying the features of this platform, with or without a payment plan.

Download for iOS and Android

This application is available in the official store of the Android and iOS Operating System. Once installed, the necessary permissions must be granted and basic data such as country, language, date of birth, among others, must be configured. It is possible to subscribe to the Premium service later by going to “Pokemon Home> Menu> Options> Account> View plan> Subscription management”.

Pokémon HOME
  • Pokemon HOME
  • Developer: The Pokemon Company
  • Price: Free 

First steps

Pokemon Home

It is important to consider that it is mandatory to link the Nintendo account from the first time Pokemon Home is configured, both from the mobile application and from the console. This process is very intuitive and the most important thing is to use the same account on all devices. After synchronization, the first basic steps in the game are carried out, a brief description of them follows:

First of all, the Great Oak is known, who will guide the player through the creation of his user profile. You simply have to choose a name and an avatar to represent you.
After creating the profile, the Great Oak will gift the trainer with a partner Pokemon to start the journey. It will only be possible to choose one of the three classic Pokemon in history, which are Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander.

Note : in case the account is not available to link the mobile device to Nintendo, you can log in as a guest and create the profile later to view the application features, although the most important functions will not be enjoyed.

Start to play

Once the profile has been created, you can enjoy Pokemon Home and all its features. The menu is made up of three sections, which can be seen at the top and from which different actions are carried out, these are:

  • Pokemon : In this space you can view all the Pokemon stored in the player’s account or the Pokemon Home box, either by transfer by other players or by the same player from other games. Additionally, Pokemon can be managed, marking them as favorites, making transfers from other platforms or even releasing them.
  • Exchange : from this section it is possible to exchange Pokemon with other players. The four different forms of exchange available on the platform are available and can be between friends, with the prodigious box, in a group or in GTS mode.
  • Personal corner : it is located in the central section and you can see all the data related directly to the account, such as achievements, notifications, the list of friends, among others.

How to catch and save Pokemon

Pokemon are captured from other compatible games and saved in Pokemon Home to be later transferred to another platform of the player’s choice. This process can be done from the mobile application or through the Nintendo console. For this, it is necessary to have certain considerations :

  • It is essential to have previously linked the accounts, during the creation of the Pokemon Home account.
  • The space for free trainers is limited compared to the Premium version. 30 Pokemon can be stored for free, while with the paid plan this number extends to 6000.
  • Only 3DS Pokemon can be moved using Switch.
  • You can only move Pokemon from Pokemon GO using the mobile app.
  • To transfer Pokemon from Nintendo 3DS, subscription to the paid service is required.
  • If you try to move an unsupported Pokemon, an incompatibility symbol will appear.
  • It can move the Pokemon from the Pokemon game to the Home and from the latter to the game chosen, no ways to transfer directly from a platform that is used to each other.
  • The Pokemon of Let’s Go, Picachu! or Eeve! they cannot be returned to the original game if they move to the Shield or Sword games.

From Pokemon GO

Pokemon Home

To transfer creatures using the mobile application, you just have to enter the ” Pokemon ” section, click on the horizontal lines at the bottom of the menu to enter the ” Options ” section and select ” Receive Pokemon “. Subsequently, you have to follow the instructions displayed on the screen and choose the creatures that you want to transfer from Pokemon GO.

From Nintendo Switch

From Nintendo Switch

The first thing to do is enter the Pokemon Home application, which must be downloaded from the console store. On the home screen, select the menu indicated by the word “ Pokemon ” and proceed to choose a compatible game to transfer. Once in this location, you can see the Pokemon Home box and the one of the chosen game, these would be the ones on the left and right respectively.

Simply select the Pokemon from the platform it is on and click on the ” Move ” option to place it in the Pokemon Home box. It is important to know that the Pokemon in the Sword and Shield games can move freely between them. The same goes for Let’s Go, Picachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee !, but if it is transported from the latter to Pokemon Sword or Shield, it will not be possible to return it to the original game.

From Nintendo 3DS

From Nintendo 3DS

For the transfer of captured creatures found in the Pokemon Bank of a Nintendo 3DS account, the Pokemon Home version of Nintendo Switch must be used. In addition, it is necessary to distinguish if the console is available or if the owner of the account no longer uses this console.

  • If you have the Nintendo 3DS you can use it to generate a transfer code.
  • If the Nintendo 3DS has been damaged or for some other reason is not available, the ID is checked and if the account is linked all Pokemon will be transferred.

Note : to be able to perform this procedure it is necessary to have a Premium plan and once the Pokemon have been moved it will not be possible to return them to the Pokemon Bank.

How to link with Nintendo Switch account

The process to link Pokemon Home on the mobile to the Nintendo account is simple, it is possible to divide the steps according to what must be done on the Nintendo console and what is required on the phone or Tablet.

On the Nintendo Switch console

Download the application from the store and open it, follow the basic configuration steps and accept the conditions of use, as well as the privacy policy. The system will ask if you want to use Pokemon Home on a mobile device, you just have to answer “ Yes ”. Then, it will proceed to ask if the Nintendo account has been linked to the mobile version, answer Yes or No as the case may be.

On a mobile device

Download the app from the store that corresponds to the OS, perform the basic configuration steps and accept the privacy policy and conditions of use. Press ” Link account ” and press ” Yes ” to create a new account or link an old account. If the account is not linked there may be problems in the future for the transfer of Pokemon, only those that are in the linked profile can be transferred.

This storage service is a great option for players to move Pokemon they had on older platforms like Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Bank to newer games and trade with other expert trainers.

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