PhotoSi: Print your photos online with the best quality and at the best price

PhotoSi: With hundreds of photos in the cloud, we all need a service from time to time to rescue them from there. Whether to complete an album or frame, PhotoSi is the solution you were looking for. Basically it is an online photography service, which allows you to create and order photographic copies, photo albums , calendars, tickets, photo gifts, personalized gadgets …

All from the comfort of your home. Let’s see how it works exactly, what services it offers and, above all, how much it can cost to do some kind of order.

How does PhotoSi work?

If you enter their website, you will see that PhotoSi has different services at your fingertips. From the possibility of creating your own digital album, to developing photos, pictures with frames, canvases, or calendars with photos, as well as photo puzzles or magnets.

You can access each of them from the main menu of the web, or by scrolling down on the main page, where you will see all the services in more detail. A mobile application for iOS or Android is also available, necessary to carry out some specific orders, or to carry them out more quickly from the palm of your hand.

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How to create your digital album with PhotoSi

Creating your own digital album or photo album is very easy with PhotoSi. Once inside the web, inside Digital Album, you will have the option to choose digital albums or photo albums . The difference is that the first one has a rigid cover and photographic paper. It is perfect as a gift to a family member or friend.

To create it, you just have to click on “Create now”, choose the size of the photo, type of paper or if you want it to go in a gift box.

The price of the photo album is 29 euros, although this can be increased depending on whether you choose the gift box (4.90 euros more), or if you choose glossy paper (4.80 euros more). These prices are for 24 pages, although you can reach 120 pages by paying 0.75 euros more from page 25.

Once you have selected all the fields, you will go to a new page to begin the image selection process. You can do your manual layout, or ask for a layout proposal. Whichever you choose is quite simple to carry out.

As you can see, it is a very intuitive process, in which you must follow a series of steps, such as selecting your photos in the cloud or PC, adjusting the design, creating frames or backgrounds, in all or in some of the pages of the album.

Example of creating albums with Photosi

And if you want to order specific prints or make a mug with your dog’s photo, the process is very similar. You just have to go to the corresponding tab, either on the web or in the application, and follow the steps that are indicated.

Let’s talk about prices: The prints are priced from 0.12 cents. Again, which uploads more will depend on the type of paper or size of the photo. The decorations (frames or panels and canvases) cost from 12.90 euros. Gadgets from 14.90. Calendars with photos from 9.90 euros. The photo puzzles and magnets from 14.90 euros and the cushions from 29.90 euros.

With Photo Si you can also order gifts with a photo (for birthdays, Christmas, anniversary, baptism…), as well as request that your wedding photos have an even more special meaning.

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Promotions and shipments

Head over to the PhotoSi promotions section to benefit from discounts and gifts. For example, now you have a 30% discount if you place a minimum order of 20 euros. To benefit from this, you just have to copy the code that appears when making the payment of your order.

The best thing is that you will not have to go anywhere to collect anything, since the company sends your order to your home or to the address you indicate. Of course, you will have to pay 4.90 euros. You can pay through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Always with secure and certified payment.

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