Photocall TV: How to watch TV and football channels live and free on the Internet

Photocall TV: If you have heard of Photocall TV, keep reading because we explain how to take advantage of this website to watch live TV channels on the Internet, including options with live football matches . And it is that to think that currently television programs can only be seen from a television and through cable. Open signal or satellite is to underestimate the power of the Internet.

In addition to the streaming services known to the vast majority as Netflix , the reality is that you can also watch TV channels on the Internet for free . There are solutions like FuboTV that allow us a great variety of content, and others like Amazon Prime Video Channels .

Believe it or not, there are a variety of websites that specialize in letting you watch all Internet TV channels for free . Some are legal, and others not so much; but the good news is that there are more that you can watch without any problem along with their programming. Just as if you had those channels with your subscription television service and watching them from your television, only from your computer and / or mobile, Whatever is easier for you.

What you need to start watching all the free Internet TV channels is the equipment (computer or mobile), a good Internet connection. Access the web from where you want to enjoy your favorite program. Many of these sites, in addition to being free, have a simple interface and do not require downloads or registration on your part. Just enter, choose what you want to see and that’s it.

Watch free internet TV channels

Photocall tv is a website to watch all Internet TV channels for free, or at least a considerable amount, easy to use and from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

You can choose from 1,260 channels to choose from (including radio stations as well), which are usually transmitted by cable or satellite, without even having to download or register. Those 1260 channels are divided into several categories, which you can see at the top left of the page, as follows:

  • 248 Spanish channels
  • 391 international channels
  • 373 channels in the category “Others”
  • 234 radio stations

Another of the present categories is that of “Guide”, which contains 14 links to other pages where you can see the programming grid of some of these channels. You also have the option of “Info” and the search box.

If you are traditional and you have not even dared to use Netflix, we tell you that it is not too much for you to know about another way of watching television. Especially in this changing world that forces us to adapt, sometimes in a dizzying way, to the new ones technologies.

Now that you know more or less that these web pages exist to watch all the free Internet TV channels , it is time for us to talk to you about some of them, to see if you dare or at some point you have the need to do so.

The programs on these channels can be seen live and in real time, as well as in Full HD 1080 quality, however, the quality may vary.

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How Photocall TV works

As we told you, the interface of these websites is quite simple, and that of Photcalltv is no exception. You enter the page and you will see the logos of the grouped television channels on the screen. That group of channels are the national ones. Suppose you want to watch one of those channels. The first thing you should do is click on one of those logos and there you will see the channel options to see the program that is happening at that moment.

While you are watching the program live from Photocalltv, you will see that at the bottom there is a playback bar from where you can control some details, such as image quality, forward or backward.

Photocall tv is not the only option that exists to see all TV channels on the Internet for free , but it offers a variety of channels for all tastes that makes it an excellent option to watch television programs from your computer or mobile phone.

There are more than 1000 DTT channels. So many times you will find a signal from an international channel that transmits your favorite program or game. It is just a matter of investing time in the navigation of the page, as well as verifying its programming

Photocall TV and Football

Certain services have returned to a partial normality, and among them, the broadcasts of football matches after a 2020 that forever altered our lifestyle. Confinement changed, or rather, intensified our way of enjoying television and streaming services, with a powerful tool such as Photocall TV football.

Television through the network is nothing new with the implementation of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) lists, a system that many channels have chosen to bring programming to smart devices and that has even led to the birth of television stations that work exclusively on-line.

The popularity of content generated by large companies is no secret to anyone, however, not everyone is willing to subscribe to a service when in Photocall we find more than 1000 television channels from around the world, as well as radio stations. With a couple of clicks we will have access to 246 national channels of open broadcast in Spain, 402 international channels and 388 cable channels / other thematic type of news, sports, music, cinema, children, comedy and adults.

For some time, football has not been free and for those who want to enjoy LaLiga, the Champions League and other matches, they must contract with operators an exclusive football package in which a number of games are offered during the regular season and exclusivity in the final stages.

At this point, many glances point to Photocall TV football , since last season you could enjoy a good batch of games through various platforms, but for this year the availability of football is exclusive to Movistar and Orange, as well as the Champions League. and the Europa League. The Copa del Rey can be viewed through DAZN and Movistar +, following the recently acquired agreement between both platforms.

Soccer on Photocall TV

While it is true that the phenomenon of streaming has promoted the creation of pages with content and transmission of football online, it is also true that some of these alternatives have been closed or blocked over time for judicial reasons. Which is why it is time to take advantage of the benefits of IPTV and the Photocall TV soccer system to hunt down the games of the king of sports.

There are platforms that also offer channels to watch LaLiga matches within their package, although it all depends on the budget of the interested party. Many of these companies have the option of providing a free trial service for a week or a month.

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Gol TV

Since 2016 this open signal channel has broadcast sports content in SD and HD in Spain, and as expected, it is one of the strengths of Photocall TV football. For this season, Gol TV’s DTT service offers one LaLiga Santander match per day and two LaLiga SmartBank matches, a strategy that it has been carrying out since last year to guarantee free of charge.

One way to watch sports for free and bequeath, although a great drawback of Gol TV is that it does not guarantee the transmission of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atlético, Seville and teams that are in European competitions.

Telecinco and Cuatro

The Mediaset España group has a lot of television experience and has been presenting several games through the agreement with MiTele Plus , however, the new broadcasting rules have changed the landscape.

For the Copa del Rey games, two matches will be broadcast in each round up to the semi-finals, and then the grand final in a total of 15 matches.


The North American sports giant has just made history by becoming the new home, in both English and Spanish languages, of LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank in the United States for the next eight seasons. The agreement with an approximate value of 1400 million dollars stipulates the 380 LaLiga matches of each season in direct transmission through its ESPN + streaming platform, in addition to some selected matches that will broadcast through the channels of the ESPN conglomerate.

The historic agreement also includes the games of the second division of La Liga, an issue that the North American chain has already been doing in other Spanish national competitions, such as the Copa del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup. An addition to ESPN + live broadcasts is supplemental programming: pre-game, preview and review of each season, highlights, “El Clásico” specials, “LaLiga Highlights Show” and current affairs programs.

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Using the VPN

It is not always easy to use Photocall TV football, on certain occasions we must resort to a VPN network so as not to lose contact with your favorite pages and creative content. Every day more of us use entertainment material, so it is worth guaranteeing access, security and, sometimes, anonymity so that the freedom of information is not lost.

In a connected world, you will block or censor does not make sense and that is where the VPN application has become popular because it guarantees a secure access tunnel to services that sometimes block for economic or political reasons. It is possible that an application or web page only lets us access if we are browsing from a specific country, if we connect to a VPN, we can simulate that we are entering from another location and problem solved.

Watch football for free on Photocall TV

  • It is certainly not possible to generalize when we talk about the extensive use of free soccer web pages , but it is always important to take into consideration some recommendations so as not to make any false illusions and to be able to enjoy the games through Photocall TV soccer website in the best way.
  • Prepare in advance. You don’t have to leave things to the last minute, so check the match schedules because in many cases they will depend on the time zone of each country or the country where the signal comes from.
  • Check the connection of the selected platform or channel to see if it displaye smoothly, in this way take possible technical corrections.
  • Don’t download everything they offer you. In general, Photocall TV football is a television channel platform that does not require downloading additional material or registering. Beware of downloads on P2P Tv sites.

The function of is to group the different television signals that the different channels transmit through their official web pages. So do not worry about broadcasting rights because most of the links lead us to the same online broadcast of the selected channel.

The budget is essential in these times. So entertainment and health must go hand in hand in a simple and accessible way to your pocket. The alternatives to watch TV online are always welcome. In the midst of the various pay-per-subscription companies. Streaming alternatives always come to the fore and what better way than to do it with everything that television can offer.

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