How to perform the impale enchantment in Minecraft

How to perform the impale enchantment in Minecraft: The Impale Charm is one of the best in the game, as one of the most longed-for features by players is the ability to upgrade weapons and cause greater damage to enemies. Among the most troublesome beasts to overcome are the amphibian ones and it is unequivocally these that will be impacted by the impalement spell, which must be applied to a trident in good condition.

Using the impale enchantment is somewhat complicated and the hardest part is finding the book with the spell, although it is possible to facilitate it using certain tricks, as it can also be crafted. In addition, it is necessary to repair the trident obtained from the “Drowned”, since it must be in good condition before applying the enchantment. However, this charm is very useful to improve the player’s weapons.

What this charm is about and how it works

It is an enchantment compatible only with the Trident, this means that it can only be used on this weapon. Impalement offers an increase in the damage it deals to enemies, but this damage only affects aquatic beings or those that are generated in the ocean. Although, in the “Bedrock” version of Minecraft this enchantment does affect enemies and other players who are in the rain or water.

This alchemical spell, in addition to being limited to a single object, has another characteristic and that is that it can be raised to category V (level 5), thereby increasing the damage inflicted on ocean monsters. Finally, the impaling spell does not put any penalty on the trident, so it does not prevent adding other enchantments to make it more powerful and increase its lifespan.

What is needed to do it

To enchant the trident with the impale spell, it will be necessary to have some objects, the list of basic requirements is as follows:

  • A trident (must be repaired).
  • The spell of impaling.
  • An anvil to perform the procedure.
  • Experience, as enchanting the tool will cost a few points.
  • A table of enchantments.
  • Several libraries so that there is a better chance of success when enchanting (Only if you want to create the enchantment).

Craftable items

Of all that is required to perform the impale enchantment, it is necessary to craft the anvil, the bookcases and the enchantment table. The last two will only be necessary if you want to make the enchanted book, in which case an additional book would also be required.

  • Anvil : in the upper row three iron blocks should be placed, in the next row an iron ingot (in the central cell). Finally, three iron ingots in the bottom row.
  • Charms Table : On a making table, place three obsidian blocks in the base column, and one in the focal point of the center line, with a precious stone on each side. Finally, you have to put a book in the middle box of the top row.
  • Bookcases : each bookcase is crafted with three books, while each book requires a leather unit and three sheets of paper. For its part, paper is made from sugar cane on the manufacturing table.

Get a trident

How to perform the impale enchantment in Minecraft

How to get the trident to perform the impale enchantment in Minecraft.
Tridents are special items that cannot be crafted and can only be obtained from the Drowned, which are naturally generated enemies in the ocean. There is a 15% chance that they will appear with a pitchfork in their hands and the probability that they will be dropped is 3.7%. This percentage increases to 4 or 4.7% if the enchantment of “Loot” is present.

Even though only naturally spawned drowns will spawn with a pitchfork, zombie-turned ones can drop it as well, with the same percentage chance. On the other hand, this is a thrown weapon that cannot be snatched from the mob when attacking, although it can from a player. In addition, this action performed by the mob does not influence the chances of obtaining the trident.


How to perform the impale enchantment in Minecraft

Generally, these items are heavily damaged and must be repaired in order to enchant them. This upkeep interaction requires a blacksmith’s iron, another pitchfork, and forfeiting experience focuses to finish the cycle (impale enchantment in Minecraft). A large amount of EXP is required as the repair cost is very high. The following are the steps to be carried out:

  • Open the anvil menu and place the 2 damaged pitchforks.
  • Then, remove the trident that is in the third box on the right side. Before removing it, you can also change the name of the object in the upper text bar.

Note : It is not essential to repair the pitchfork completely, but it is recommended. To do this, it will be necessary to collect several damaged pitchforks and accumulate a large amount of experience. It is also suggested to enchant the trident with the spells “Unbreakable” and “Repair”, which do not get in the way of impaling and will give it an infinite lifespan.

Get the impale enchantment

There are different ways to obtain the impale enchantment, one of the most common is by making transactions with the villagers in the villages, but it will be a matter of luck to find this particular spell. Another chance is that the spear is as of now captivated with this thing, albeit this has an extremely low likelihood.

Finally, if you have previously obtained one of these spells, you can take note of the first and last symbols of the spell (impale enchantment in Minecraft). Likewise, users are able to obtain these runes by playing in creative mode, for this they must place this mode and proceed to enchant the trident. With these signs it will be possible to replicate the charm on future occasions, more easily and quickly.

Enchant the trident

Enchanting the trident requires an anvil and the book with the enchantment, as well as the accumulated experience necessary for the procedure. It is advisable to have several weapons and notebooks of the same spell, since it is possible that it will fail sometimes. Once you have everything required, perform the following steps:

  • Place the repaired trident in the first box on the left, in the anvil menu.
  • Add the Impale enchantment to the second frame.
  • To finish, remove the trident that will appear in the third box on the right side of the menu and place it in inventory.

The impale enchantment is a complex spell to cast, but very useful, as it helps to significantly increase the damage of the trident (impale enchantment in Minecraft). Even, depending on the degree to which the weapon has been improved, it is possible to eliminate mobs with a single hit and in the Bedrock version it also damages other enemies in the rain.

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