PC Gamer: Guide to buy or build a gamer computer, recommendations and tips

PC Gamer: To buy or build a PC Gamer you have to consider several factors, starting with what are the essential components and how to choose them. Also, it can be difficult to make a decision about buying a PC built or piece-by-piece, so this text is intended to provide a brief guide to tips and advice. Likewise, this knowledge is essential to acquire the parts or equipment that is needed.

Consoles may have a huge advantage in the video game market, but gamer computers are increasing in popularity by the day. This is due to the fact that technological improvements and the current composition of these computers allow better performance for games, offering a high quality experience. Also influencing the arrival of exclusive PC games such as League of Legends or CS: GO.

Important components

As it is not a common or office equipment, it is important to know which parts are indicated and most essential that should be taken into consideration to build a PC focused on Gaming. The various components required are listed below:

  • Motherboard : also known as ” Motherboard ” or ” Motherboard “, it is one of the most important pieces, since it is the internal body of the PC and it connects with all the other pieces. It is essential to choose a model that allows future updates of the other components. ()
  • Graphics card : the ” Graphics Processing Unit ” or ” GPU ” by its initials, is in charge of processing the computer information and showing it to the user through the screen. The higher the quality of the card, the better graphics and more FPS will be obtained when playing games.
  • Processor : this element is the heart of the computer and, together with the graphics card, they are the main parts of the PC. In this module, all the analysis and data processing necessary to execute the actions of the programs in the system are carried out. Some inexpensive options that can be opted for are the Intel generation i5 or their similar from Rizen, this would be the minimum.
  • RAM memory : it is the main storage unit for temporary data, here you will find the information of the programs that are in operation when the equipment is turned on. The larger the size of the RAM, the greater the number of programs that can be open and in optimal operation.
  • Hard or solid disk : the HDD or SSD are the internal storage of the PC and its function is to save both the Operating System, as well as all the programs and games that are downloaded to the computer. In this case, SSDs have better performance compared to HDDs, allowing programs and games to be opened more quickly.
  • Power supply : also called “ Power supplies ” or “ PSU ” for its acronym in English (Power supply unit), they have the main function of transforming the energy and distributing it correctly among all the components to allow the correct operation of the equipment. It is advisable to purchase a certified source for a better distribution of electricity.
  • Refrigeration : it is the system that serves to maintain the appropriate level of temperature in the PC. Generally, these machines generate a great deal of heat when in operation and can be damaged by overheating. For this reason, a good heat dissipation system is necessary.

Each element is important to provide a better experience and must be balanced to avoid breakdowns. An excellent example is refrigeration, since if it is too weak for the heat produced by the rest of the parts, it will not be possible to protect the equipment from overheating.

Preconfigured or customized

A wide variety of preconfigured models can be found in brick-and- mortar stores and online. However, the problem with these teams is that they tend to focus on the aspect rather than the inner workings. Generally, they do not have the right components, resulting in attractive equipment whose parts must be updated in the medium term. Still, this is the easiest and fastest way to purchase.

On the other hand, opting for the PC custom can manually choose the components that make up the team. This, in addition to giving it a personal touch, is what allows the user to choose quality pieces. Thanks to this, you can get an excellent Gamer computer that will probably remain in optimal condition for a longer period of time, without the need for hardware updates.

What about Gamer laptops

Laptops have come to have a reputation for being less powerful compared to computers. This has changed today, thanks to the fact that different brands are developing models aimed at the Gamer public. Such is the case of the Asus company and its ” Asus ROG ” series which specializes in parts, accessories, phones and much more, aimed at Gaming and where laptops are also included. ( PC Gamer )

Before purchasing one of these portable drives, the pros and cons should be considered. The main attraction is that it has the ease of transport, which allows the user to play practically anywhere. On the part of the customization and updating of its components, laptops are at a disadvantage, since there are few parts that can be modified and if it is damaged, the repair will be less feasible.

Websites to compare components

On the web there are tools that will help you assemble your PC, these sites have the ability to buy different components, practically all the models and brands on the market or at least the best known and most used.

These will help you decide which component to buy and even simulate computer performance, some of the best sites to compare PC components are:

Other factors to consider

Before building or buying a PC Gamer, it is necessary to know the use that you want to give it, since this is a determining factor in terms of budget and equipment selection. For example, it is possible to get equipment to play Minecraft with which you cannot have an optimal experience with Kingdom Hearts III. For this reason, it is important to have an idea of what the required capacity is.

In this sense, it is advisable to investigate the power necessary to use a certain game or program through online reviews, the same goes for knowing the best brands and models. In addition, it is important to mention that there are stores that customize the equipment with individual components, combining the benefits of assembling the PC with the convenience of acquiring it ready to use.

Putting together a Gamer PC can be tricky, but it is convenient in the long run, as it allows you to choose quality components that fit the needs of the user. In case of not knowing how to choose the components and assemble the PC, you can always turn to a professional who knows the subject.

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