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Panda Helper: Panda Helper is unofficial app installer that offers speedy downloads. PandaHelper is fully secure and legal to use. In this application, you can able to find thousands of apps, games, emulators, screen recorders, and many more.

Some time back, when jailbreak utilities began to tail off, a series of third-party app stores began to be released. Today, we still see new ones released regularly, but one among the most effective continues to be Panda Helper.

One of the first installers, Panda Helper, offers users a good choice of third-party content, various modified apps and games, screen recorders, streaming apps, game emulators, and even some Cydia tweaks that don’t require a jailbreak to figure. While it absolutely was originally released as a stand-in for the jailbreak, it’s now so popular, and immeasurable people are using it as another to the official app store.

There is a large kind of apps for Android, but there also are some that are harmful to your phone and devices. Pushing links through advertising and asking you to sign on to supply SMS packages made there to steal your data. After downloading them, while chaos reigns, you have got to accommodate these applications that take data without 24. are monitoring programs on Google Play and apps.

What is Panda Helper?

Panda Helper could be a versatile and feature-packed unofficial app installer. It offers speedy downloads and is 100% safe to use. Inside the shop, you discover thousands of apps, games, emulators, screen recorders, tweaks, and far more, many of which are modified with new features. And being supported on Android devices and iOS means it’s more users than most app stores.

One of the prominent feature is that the Panda Helper is monitored and updated regular basis. Not only new content being added all the time, but also the updates bring bug fixes, security improvements, and app enhancements.

Additionally, Panda Helper app features a cleanup tool available from the Manage section. Clean junk displays actual storage usage and storage capacity. When junk files are detected you’ll be able to start cleaning the system and unlock some space on the device. Removing useless files takes about 2 min.

Panda Helper App

App NamePanda Helper VIP
CategoryTweaked Apps & Games
Updated DateRecently
CompatibilityAndroid(APK), iOS & PC

Download Apk From Link Click >>>

How to Install Panda Helper App

Method 1: For iOS

Follow the below step to install Panda Helper App:

  1. Firstly, visit to using Safari browser and tap Download.
  2. Then, Tap a configuration profile and then tap Install
  3. Now Go to your home page : if the apk icon is there, the app is installed. If you see a Waiting message, tap it, and the installation will start.
  4. Then, open Settings>General>Profiles before using the apk.
  5. Next Tap the Panda Helper Profile
  6. Now tap Trust, and then close Settings
  7. At last you can use PandaHelper on your device.

Method 2: For Android

You will have to download install the APK file onto your device:

  1. Firstly, Open Settings > Security / Privacy
  2. Then, Enable Unknown Sources
  3. Now Open your device browser
  4. And visit to
  5. Next Download the APK file
  6. Then Open Downloads on your device and double-tap the file
  7. At last, When the app is installed, the icon is shown on your home screen.

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How to Use Panda Helper

Follow the below step to Use Panda Helper:

  1. Firstly Open the app from your home screen.
  2. Then Go to the bottom of the PandaHelper home screen
  3. And now tap on Apps.
  4. Next Pick an app category
  5. Then Tap on whatever app or game you want to download
  6. Now simply browse through / type your search in the search bar.
  7. Then Follow the on-screen directions to install the app.
  8. At last, the app icon is shown on your home screen when it’s complete.

How to install games from Panda Helper

With this App Store, you can install game hacks allowing you to access unlimited lives, coins, money, and more. There is an button to download standard games from Panda Helper

Follow the below step to install games from Panda Helper:

  1. Firstly, Open Panda Helper apk
  2. And then start typing in the search box for app or game you want.
  3. Now On the list, you will find all results indexed by the app.
  4. Then, Navigate to the description
  5. At last, click Install Now to start downloading the apk.

How To Clear history and website data

  1. Firstly Activate Airplane mode on your device.
  2. Then Navigate to Safari pane preferences in the Settings app.
  3. Now Click on Clear History and Website data.
  4. Next Open the revoked app installed with PandaHelper.
  5. Now turn off the Airplane mode.
  6. At last, return to the revoked app.

Why Use Modified Apps?

Simply because they provide what the stock apps should but don’t. While apps like Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, so on are useful apps, they miss some obvious features. what percentage times have you ever used one among the popular apps and wondered why it doesn’t have an evident but simple feature? The modified apps give us those features at no cost.

One thing you are doing must know – if you plan to download a modified version of a stock app, you need to delete the official stock app first. Otherwise, you’re likely to run into conflict issues.

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Panda Helper VIP

Panda Helper VIP is on the market for 19.99 USD. The license is valid for 1 year and may be used only per one device. There are not any refunds available. The license is valid per device, and if you modify it it’ll be not moved to a brand new device. remember of this downside before you create payment.

Additionally, Other advantages of the VIP edition are Panda Cheat Engine allowing you to activate cheat in games, Panda Speeder to hurry up gameplay, Panda Auto Clicker to automatically tap on the screen, and Panda Cloner to run up to three copies of the app. Only supported apps can access those features.

PandaHelper iOS offers two options to put in apps. The default method requires removing the initial app installed from AppStore before you’ll download it from Panda Store. Also Clone App feature allows you to make a separate copy of the app without the requirement to uninstall the first version.

Features Of Panda Helper

  • Completely free to use
  • User-friendly
  • Safe to use
  • Good Cydia alternative
  • No need to jailbreak or root your device
  • Works with Android and iOS
  • Works with an Android emulator on your desktop
  • Thousands of third-party apps and games
  • Modified stock apps and tweaked/unlocked stock games
  • Lots of unofficial content like emulators, streaming apps, screen recorders, and more
  • 24/7 support

Fix – App Cannot Be Downloaded at This Time

There are something that you can try:

  1. Reset Network Settings: Open Settings, visit Network>Reset Network Settings. Restart your device and take a look at installing the app again
  2. Reinstall Panda Helper: Delete PandaHelper and reinstall it
  3. Wait: it might be that the servers are slow because of traffic. Try again later
  4. Clear the Cache: clear the cache for the PandaHelper app

Popular Apps By Panda Helper

  • Spotify++
  • Unc0ver
  • YouTube++
  • Snapchat++
  • BeeTV APK
  • MediaBox HD APK

Alternatives Panda Helper

  • AppValley
  • TweakBox
  • TweakDoor
  • ACMarket APK
  • TuTuApp
  • HappyMod APK
  • Emus4u App
  • CokernutX
  • Ignition App
  • CyrusHub

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Q1) Is Panda Helper legal or Not?

Yes. Panda Helper could be a legal software offering access to most well-liked apps, and software not available in AppStore like MovieBox, Popcorn Time iOS, iPlayTV, and more. Using the app is legal but, it offers also an choice to download paid apps and games at no cost and this can be illegal.

Q2) Is Panda Helper Safe or Not?

Yes. It is safe to use and you are doing not should bear the rooting process the least bit. Also, the app are going to be monitored by the developers and you may get the newest updates to mend the problems. If you’re installing the PandaHelper from the official link, then it’s 100% safe.

Q3) Why To Download Panda Helper?

For a start, you get access to any or all this content, for free:

  • iOS Apps: many official iOS apps and games
  • Exclusive Apps: game emulators, screen recorders, and Cydia apps
  • Tweaks: stock iOS apps and games tweaked with additional features
  • 100% Safe: no must jailbreak so no breaking Apple’s security and your warranty isn’t voided
  • Great Cydia Alternative: the highest alternative to Cydia, offering unofficial content not found anywhere else
  • Unofficial Content: the most reason for jailbreaking, now everyone can have unofficial tweaked and modified apps and games, together with some cool Cydia tweaks, without jailbreaking
  • 24/7 Support: you’ll contact us via Facebook and Twitter to urge help or request content, and therefore the support team offers 24/7 customer sport, irrespective of the geographical zone.

Q4) What is Panda Helper Lite Apk?

Panda Helper comes with 2 versions i.e. Lite and VIP. Lite is that the free version, offering thousands of apps, games and more but if you would like a premium service, simply choose the paid VIP version at the time of download.

Q5) How to update Panda Helper app?

To update apps or games in Panda Helper you wish to open the App Store from the house Screen. Next, look for an app and install it another time. there’s no auto-update feature available in PandaHelper, and you would like to upgrade apps manually.

Q6) Why Panda Helper App is not working?

If Panda Helper isn’t opening, working or the icon in gray because Apple did revoke the certificate. you wish to wait, all apps and games available via PandaHelper should add the following 48 hours. return within the next few hours and everything should be fine.

Q7) How to avoid Panda Helper revokes?

The only choice to avoid apps revokes on iOS is to jailbreak your device. Otherwise, it’s required to reinstall all apps and games after certificate revoke.

Q8) What is Panda Helper iOS Apk?

Panda Helper iOS is a free AppStore platform with access to popular games and applications. Also the main purpose of the store is to offer its users an option to download paid apps and games for free on mobile devices. Moreover, PandaHelper is packed with a variety of hacks, tweaks, ++ apps for iOS.

The most important feature of the AppStore is the ability to install cracked apps without jailbreak or using a computer. Additionally, the built-in download manager helps you to track all actual tasks and downloaded files. Navigate through the software and game list and install everything you like on your iOS 14.

Q9) How To Fix the Untrusted Developer Error?

This will appear after you try and run PandaHelper the primary time. And it’s dead simple to fix:

  1. Firstly Open Settings >> General >> Profiles and Device Management
  2. Then Tap the app name within the app profile list
  3. At last, Tap Trust and shut your Settings app down.

When you try PandaHelper again, the error won’t be here.

Q10) Will Panda Helper Void Warranty?

No. Panda Helper runs like all normal app and doesn’t need root iOS access. meaning it doesn’t break the protection that Apple surrounds the iOS in. you will find that one or two of the Cydia tweaks included within the app change the functionality of your device but must you must visit an Apple store together with your device, just delete that tweak before you go.

Q11) What To do if Panda Helper won’t Download or Verify?

This is all the way down to the app certificate being revoked. The developers use enterprise apps that are expired. And Apple will revoke these regularly. While the developers do update the certificates as often as they will, now and again, you may find that the app won’t download because they’re updating at the time.

Delete PandaHelper and wait, provides it a pair of hours so try the app again. If you prefer this page on Facebook and click on on Following>See First, you may get notified of all updates.

Q12) What To Do If My Apps Crashed?

The easiest path to resolve this can be to delete Panda Helper from your android device so reinstall it using the guide above.


There is no doubting the recognition of Panda Helper. While the free version offers over enough for many people, some have opted to upgrade to the paid version for more stability, faster downloads, and more choice of content.

Additionally, PandaHelper is and always are absolve to download and use, as will any app, game, or tweak included within the installer. With no jailbreak needed, anyone can do that installer, it’s easy to delete if you don’t prefer it.


We are a freeware resource website providing information for educational purpose & works independently. never claims this app as our copyright material. It’s the property of its actual owner. Use this application at your own risk.

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