ONLYFANS APP: If there is one social network that became popular during the COVID pandemic, it was OnlyFans. This platform is intended for adults only. The majority content shown by the creators is based on erotic or sexual images and videos of all kinds. In this network there is no content censorship.

In addition to that adult content there is also another type. On the web there are renowned gastronomic chefs who share content, celebrities who put their images or fitness stars who show tips and videos on their profiles.

There are two types of user on this platform. On the one hand, there are the fans and on the other the content creators. To be both users it is necessary to be 18 years old, otherwise you cannot access this social network.

In the application and in its web version there were free channels, but in most cases users had to become fans of the content creators in order to access those images or videos. To become fans, they had to subscribe to the profile and pay a monthly fee. The amount of this fee was decided by creating content within a range of minimums and maximums set by OnlyFans.

Once you are subscribed, in addition to seeing the content that the creators publish, fans can receive extra content through premium paid messages, but in order to view it they must also pay in an extraordinary way for it. The same fans also have the possibility to write private messages to the creators requesting personalized requests, that is, they can request images or videos with certain characteristics and if the creator provides them, they can give a tip in exchange.

What is OnlyFans App?

OnlyFans App has become one of the most popular social platforms geared towards adults. Now you can download the OnlyFans app on Android and iPhone, but not in the way you expect but with much more austere content.

If you have ever used OnlyFans you will know that the safest way to access it was from the web browser. There were versions in APK, but it was risky to install them as well as having to do a long and tedious process. That is over, now you can download the OnlyFans app on Android and iPhone, but not in the way you expect, but with non-erotic content.

As you read it, you can download the OnlyFans app from the Apple Store or from the Play Store . Until now, the OnlyFans application could not be found in the iOS App Store or Google Play because both did not accept adult applications that included sexual or pornographic material.

Now OnlyFans has changed its strategy by putting an application in the application stores under the name OFTV. In it you can find all the content creators of OnlyFans with the only difference that they are not scantily clad or naked, but they wear clothes on top. OFTV is a space for OnlyFans content creators, but we will not find pornographic content in it, although there will be cooking recipes, training sessions, talks, etc.

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OFTV is more formal, but not too much

The application has been in development for some time and was actually launched in January, but it is now being promoted on OnlyFans to make it known and promote its use among users of mobile devices based on Android or iOS / iOS.

According to Bloomberg, the application offers a library of 800 videos , and they include videos in which the protagonists teach Pilates classes or show their culinary creations.

For Tim Stokely, CEO of OnlyFans, “OFTV provides a super convenient way for fans to watch content from their favorite creators. There is no adult content on OFTV because it is not being monetized and as there is no direct impact on creators’ earnings, we can be in the app store . “

With OFTV the platform wants to try to change its reputation as a provider of pornographic content , and the idea is to try to become a platform for all kinds of creators.

It is intended to follow the line of companies such as Patreon or even Substack, but until now OnlyFans had earned its fame for adult content, and the company wants users and creators to change that mentality and be able to take advantage of it for all types of content.

That is at least the intention, but if one walks through the videos now available it is evident that this more formal version of OnlyFans continues to have clear references to adult content , and in the podcasts section (with the image thumbnails, for example) the protagonists who pose do not seem to deviate too much from the image that OnlyFans already had with its usual content.

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