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OCC D2L Student Helpdesk Login Portal: If you want to login to Occ Student Email Login, then there is a very easy and simple way to do it. A lot of sites will offer you tangled ways about doing it. Be that as it may, there is a lot simpler way. You should simply adhere to these straightforward instructions below.

What is D2L

D2L (or Desire2Learn) is a global software company with offices in Canada, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Singapore, and United States of America. It’s the developer of the Brightspace learning the executives framework, which might be a cloud-based programming suite utilized by schools, establishments of upper training, and organizations for on the web and mixed homeroom learning. D2L is that the designer of Open Courses, a colossal Open Online Course stage. The abbreviation D2L represents Desire 2 Learn (Desire to learn).

How To Login To occ d2l

  1. Firstly, Sign in to D2L home page
  2. Then, Click “HERE” within the Emergency Alert Login box
    Emergency Alert Login Instructions
  3. Then, Click “Request a Password”
  4. After that, Use your D2L email address to reset or create a password. An email are going to be sent with a link to create a password.
  5. Once a password is entered, you’ll have access to feature phone numbers and private email addresses.

Add Personal Email Addresses And telephone Numbers TO OCC D2L

  1. Firstly, Confirm you’re on the Email/Phone tab
  2. Then, Add personal email addresses within the top section
  3. Then, Add cell phones within the bottom section to receive texts and voice alerts.

The college reserves the proper to use this technique in the future for general notifications and announcements also as emergency alerts. Students will always have access (with username and password) to make changes to their personal email and mobile phone selections.

How To Activate Course from occ d2l

Note: due to a known bug, in order to see the shift in direction enactment when performing from the D2L Home Page, teachers will had the chance to close down and sign in again in the wake of saving during stage 5. After logging back in, the course enactment change will be thought about the course card under “My Courses.”

  1. Hover over the course picture on the D2L landing page.
  2. Select the ellipsis [A].
  3. Select Course Offering Information from the dropdown menu [B].
  4. Under the part named “Active,” select the checkbox close to “Course is active” [A].
  5. Select Save [B]. The course is now activated, and students will see it listed once they log in to D2L.

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How To Activate Course from within the Course Site

  1. Firstly, visit to the D2L course site that must be activated.
  2. Then, from the course navigation bar, select Edit Course.
  3. Then, Select Course Administration from the dropdown menu.
  4. After that, Select Course Offering Information.
  5. Under the section titled “Active”, and choose the checkbox by “Course is Active” [A].
  6. Select the Save button to save lots of changes [B]. The course is now activated, and students will see it listed once they log in to D2L.

History Of occ d2l

President and CEO John Baker founded Desire2Learn in 1999. The corporate is headquartered in Canada, Ontario, Kitchener, and has 800+ staff within the US, Canada, the UK, Brazil, Singapore and Australia.

D2L first introduced support for Competency Based Education, and subsequently added integrations in 2004 with other D2L products like ePortfolio.

In 2011, D2L acquired Captual Technologies Inc. Whose innovation advanced into the Brightspace Capture offering.

D2L brought $80 million up in financing in 2012.

In 2013, D2L procured Wiggio, and Knowillage Systems Inc., the maker of the versatile learning motor, LeaP.

In 2014, D2L rebranded its incorporated learning stage as Brightspace. The corporate name changed to D2L Corporation. In 2014, D2L raised a $85 million series B financing round. D2L obtained the Achievement Standards Network (ASN).

Patent battle Of occ d2l

Contenders incorporate BlackBoard Inc. what’s more, Moodle Pty Ltd. In 2006, D2L and Blackboard were engaged with a lawful argument about issues in regards to U.S. Patent 6,988,138. In December 2009, the businesses issued a joint handout indicating that legal proceedings had ended with both companies agreeing to license each other’s software. For more information about Blackboard and U.S.

Zoom Web Conferencing at OCC D2L

Welcome to Zoom at Oakland Community College! If this is your first Zoom session, please read below for instructions on the way to get start. If you’ve got trouble, inspect the help links to the right of this paragraph.


You do not have to sign in. So as to join a lively Zoom meeting, click on the Join a meeting link above. You’ll have the meeting ID number given by your instructor.

Instructors and Staff

To sign in or plan a gathering, kindly snap on the Instructor/Staff sign in connect above. To dispatch an unscheduled video meeting, click the Host a gathering join above.

In case you’re an OCC faculty or employee, you’ll have the option to make your own OCC Zoom Pro account. Enter your OCC staff email address as your username, click the sign up button, then, at that point, follow the headings.

Important: You’ll use your @oaklandcc.edu email address and your Zoom password to log into Zoom, not your OCC credentials.

Device Help

Still having problems? so as for Zoom to figure correctly, you’ll need a webcam, microphone, speakers, and a reliable internet connection. For help troubleshooting your devices with Zoom, please click Submit Help Request to urge help from a Zoom agent.

If you’re unsure if a tool is compatible, check our System Requirements link on the proper to see if your device support. For many commonly asked questions on the Zoom system, check the Common Questions and Zoom Support links for extra help.

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Frequently Used Terms and Definitions Of OCC D2L


D2L is that the system used by OCC to deliver online and hybrid courses also as materials and activities for a few face to face courses. Sometimes you’ll hear OCC’s D2L system mentioned as Brightspace by D2L.


Learning Environment: Term utilized by the company D2L to define their learning the board framework.


Learning Management System: a web-based application used to organize and distribute digital materials utilized in course work, assignments, and assessments; track and calculate grades; and facilitate communication among students and teachers. OCC’s LMS is D2L.

Platform Requirements For occ d2l

Browser Support

For an updated list on what browsers, review the Browser Support Lifecycle and Platform Requirements and version are currently supported by D2L.

Supported File Formats

Audit Brightspace’s Platform Requirements report for document types.

D2L Helpdesk

Help is accessible to D2L students encountering issues with the D2L system. The D2L Helpdesk is out there 24 by 7 including weekends and holydays (855) 772-1235 (complementary).

The helpdesk can’t help with:

Inquiries regarding your course, grades or course materials; contact your educator password resets

Contact Information

The OCC D2L Student Helpdesk is here to give you help all of your D2L specialized requirements. To ensure the assurance of your record and private data we require both your understudy OCC ID and your OCC understudy email address to help .

For help if it’s not too much trouble, see our business hours underneath:

Telephone Hours: 24/7

Complementary: 1-855-772-1235

Email Hours: 24/7

Submit your request here: Contact Support

Talk Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am – 8pm EST

Select the “Chat With An Expert” icon within the bottom right corner and fill within the required fields.

Note: The “Chat With An Expert” won’t open outside of the chat services business hours. Please contact one among our representatives via phone or email when requesting assistance outside of business hours.

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Q1) How do I know if my course is in D2L?

IF your instructor are going to be using D2L, a link are going to be visible next to the courses listed under My Class Schedule once you are logged into MyOCC.

Q2) Who do I contact for questions i’ve got about course materials?

Contact your instructor if you’ve got questions regarding your course’s content, materials, due dates, etc.

Help! What does this error mean? “No login. Either you’ve got did not login or your login has expired.”

This is a error message demonstrating that your D2L meeting was finished due to inactivity. An inactivity timeout of 180 minutes (3 hours) has been set for OCC’s D2L system. If you’re logged into the system and remain idle (navigate to no new pages) for extended than 3 hours, the system will automatically log you out. If you attempt any function in OCC’s D2L system and are logged out because of inactivity, you’ll receive the subsequent message: No login. Either you’ve got did not login or your login has expired. To continue using OCC’s D2L system, you’d need to log in again.

Q3) Where do I’m going to get help with logging into D2L?

D2L will be going to use your MyOCC credentials to log you into the system. If you do not remember your MyOCC username, choose the “What’s My User Name” link at rock bottom of MyOCC. If you do not remember your MyOCC password, choose the “What’s My Password” link at the bottom of MyOCC, otherwise you can visit any Enrollment Services location and ask to possess your MyOCC password reset.

Q4) Where am I able to find information regarding D2L’s web accessibility compliance?

Currently Oakland community college uses the D2L Learning Environment. Visit D2L’s Accessibility Standards Compliance page to review accessibility information regarding the learning Environment.

Q5) Does one have an example of how D2L works with the JAWS screen reader?

Review the D2L Screen Reader Tips.

Q6) Where am I able to find information regarding D2L’s web accessibility compliance?

Currently Oakland junior college uses the D2L Learning Environment. To review accessibility information regarding the training Environment, visit D2L’s Accessibility Standards Compliance page.

Q7) Does one have an example of how D2L works with the JAWS screen reader?

Review the D2L Screen Reader Tips.

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