NCEdCloud Services: Information & How To Login At Portal

NCEdCloud: NCEdCloud is North Carolina Education NCEd Cloud. NC Ed cloud is a service delivery platform for modern instructional and administrative support systems. It has infrastructure, tools and resources to support all NC Race to the Top (RttT) initiatives.

Your NCEdCloud account will allow to access Home Base products with only one register. You need to Login to PowerSchool, Schoolnet, NCEES, True North Logic and Open Class is streamlined by the mixing of the NCEdCloud Identity and Access Management i.e. IAM Service.

A single register account from NCEdCloud that will able to provides teachers, students and staff login to any or all Home Base applications. If you’re unaccustomed DPS. Then you need to first claim this portal account before you will be able to access the house Base products. You can check it on google



The NCEdCloud or PowerSchool shouldn’t be bookmarked and passwords mustn’t be saved or remembered. This might cause problems whether or not it allowed a previous login.


  1. You should Clear all bookmarks and saved passwords that connected to NCEdCloud and PowerSchool.
  2. You should Use a separate browser for email and other webpage tabs that you had prefer to leave open.

What is NCEdCloud?

The NCEdCloud was created as a secure and private single register platform accounts. The state vision for this single-sign on platform is to produce an area to access commonly visited websites utilized by teachers and students. Students and teachers won’t need to remember multiple usernames and passwords and can not must bookmark sites to locate them.

NCEdCloud which is “The North Carolina Education Cloud” that could be a service delivery platform for contemporary instructional and administrative support systems that has the infrastructure, tools and resources to support all NC Race to the highest (RttT) initiatives. Instead of creating new systems, the NCEdCloud login system has taken a better approach to facilitating shared services by collaborative procurements, pay-for-use statewide licensing arrangements, and shared support models.

Also, The Identity and Access Management Services is one in every of the NCEdCloud projects. Additionally, It is provided through a contract with Identity Automation (IdAuto). IdAuto could be a Houston, Texas based company that has identity, data, and access management services.

Official Site:

What is NCEdCloud IAM Service?

The NCEdCloud portal Service that gives you LEAs and Charter Schools a tool to enable their students, teachers, and employees, to use one account to login to integrated Target Applications, that includes Home Base.

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How To Claim NCEdCloud (IAM) Account

  1. Firstly, Open and visit Google Chrome or Firefox
  2. Then, go on >> Using Google Chrome or Firefox
  3. Now Click on Claim My Account.
  4. Next Select the LEA Student Claim Policy.
  5. Also now Click on Next.
  6. Then Enter the required information
  7. Now Type in the text.
  8. And Click on Next.
  9. Next Create a new password and then verify it.
  10. Now Click on Next.
  11. Then Answer ALL of the security questions out there.
  12. Next Click on Next. Then A confirmation page is displayed.
  13. At last, Print the confirmation page and save it in a secure location.

Now You can log into the NCEdCloud portal system by visiting the link >>> or directly to the student portal located at this link >>>


  • Pupil Number is Student ID number got from PowerSchool.
  • Grade [6-13] – Enter student grade for the present year
  • Follow the desired format for Birthdate with grades K-2.
  • LEA/Charter Code is 600.
  • You must type your password once on each line to make sure your passwords match.

Passwords should contain:

  • Be between 8 and 16 characters long
  • It should Contain a minimum of one uppercase character
  • Must Contain a minimum of one lowercase character
  • It should Contain a minimum of one numeric digit

How To Recover Forgotten Username

  1. Firstly Click on Need Help?
  2. Then Click on the Forgot My Username link
  3. Now Enter the email address (GCS email account)
  4. Next Follow the instructions for the Recaptcha field
  5. Then Click on Next
  6. At last You may receive an email message letting you recognize the username has been sent to the address you provided

How To Recover Forgotten Password

  1. Firstly Click on Need Help?
  2. Then Click on the Forgot My Password link
  3. Now Enter your username
  4. Next Follow the instructions for the Recaptcha field
  5. Then Answer the challenge questions provided
  6. At last, Click on Next

If questions don’t seem to be answered correctly, the error message are ‘Authentication Failed’.
Then Click the “Forgot My Password” again. And then follow the remaining instructions. If you still receive miscalculation message, ask your teacher to reset your password.

  1. Firstly If questions have answered correctly > Enter new password.
  2. Then Re-enter new password
  3. And now Click on Next
  4. Next Password change complete is received
  5. And then Close this tab
  6. Now Click on the NCEdCloud IAMS tab
  7. And Enter your username and also the password just created
  8. Then Click on Go (Any teacher listed on your current semester schedule can reset your NCEdCloud password)

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Features On NCEdCloud

When you have logged into the NCEdCloud Portal, you will able to see the following given tabs on the left-hand side of the screen there:

  • Applications: System will able to open in the Applications tab. Then select the application you like to use.
  • Profile: This is where you will able to change password or change the answers Of security questions.
  • Files: This will be empty.
  • Workflow: This will be empty.

Requirements To Login/Change/claim IAM account

  • Date of Birth
  • Student UID (PowerSchool number)
  • LEA (350)
  • A password you will use

Key Points For Logging in

  • DON’T use the NCEdCloud Login Button on the knowledge Website (previous website used).
  • DO type into your browser.
  • Bookmark the Rapid Identity Portal page (where the appliance Icons are).

NCEdCloud Trouble Shooting

  • Do Not bookmark the NCEdCloud log in page.
  • Make sure you’re login into the NCEdCloud using the subsequent link >>>
  • Additionally, Double-check to create sure you’re typing your Student Number correctly. And also the caps lock button isn’t pressed when entering your password.
  • If you wish further assistance contact the OHS Digital Learning Coach at

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Q1) Why Is MFA Being Required For NCEdCloud Login Portal?

As part of continuous efforts to boost the safety posture of statewide IT systems,. And because of the access users with NCEdCloud privileged roles (LEA Administrator, LEA Data Auditor, LEA Help Desk, LEA Student Help Desk, School Help Desk, and college Student Help Desk) need to student and employee data, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will now be required for users with any of those roles within the NCEdCloud IAM Service.

Q2) When Should You Start Using NCEdCloud IAM Service?

The NCEdCloud Services are integrate with Home Base applications for back-to-school 2015-2016. It’ll be replace this PowerSchool SSO system. All employees will have to claim their NCEdCloud account before July 6, 2015.

Q3) How To Claim NCEdCloud Account?

The video below demonstrates a way to claim your Account. You’ll be able to also click here >>> ( for a step-by-step handout.

Q4) What Capabilities Should Every Teacher Gain?

As an instructor, you’ve got the flexibility to alter and reset your students’ passwords to reduce class downtime. This IAM System pulls course information from PowerSchool. So you have got access to all or any of the scholars you teach during this schedule. Also, The video below demonstrates a way to change and reset student passwords.

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