MyLabCorp Login Portal: Guide To LabCorp Employee Login

MyLabCorp Portal: MyLabCorp login portal is an employee portal which allows the associates of the company to access exclusive work-related benefits. It is one of the leading health care diagnostics companies in the world.

Who would want an exclusive healthcare employee portal over those that work with clinical laboratories? LabCorp also understands this which is why it facilitates its employees with mylabcorp login portal. So if you’re an employee of LabCorp, then you need to have already got an account in this online employee portal.

MyLabCorp site is also accessed anytime and anywhere you will be so long as you’ve got an internet connection.

Once logged in, you will be able to access the following: payment status, work schedule, and employee benefits, including financial security, healthcare, career development, community involvement, and life balance programs.

But if you haven’t then here is that the orient how you’ll be able to join the portal. We’ve got also mentioned other problems associated with MyLabCorp Login like recovering lost accounts, issues with forgot passwords, and Troubleshooting methods. Besides, we’ve included Employee benefits within the article if you’re on the point of join them. Want to directly go there? Just click on the context given within the table given below.

What Is MyLabCorp?

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp) is an American S&P 500 company. It absolutely was founded on September 5, 1978 and headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina. MyLabCorp runs one amongst the most important clinical laboratory networks globally, with a USA network of 36 primary laboratories.

It performs its most important volume of specialty testing at its Center for Esoteric Testing in North Carolina, Burlington, where the company is headquartered.

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings or LabCorp for brief is one among the biggest clinical laboratory network operators. In 1995, the corporate was merged with the National Health Laboratory. As of 2017, the company is home to over 61,000 employees.

MyLabCorp is an online login web portal for the Employees of the LabCorp. If you’re trying to find the LabCorp Login process then, this text provides the whole step by step guide to you.

LabCorp provides several patient a diagnostic, drug development and technology-enabled solutions. And also the employees must track all the info about that. This My LabCorp helps you to urge access to any or all features and also gives you a lot benefits.

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MyLabCorp Patient Portal

The MyLabCorp login portal isn’t only used for patients but also staff, so you’ll want to change your password and username to something else that can’t be easily guessed. To search out this login guide, you’ll be able to use the search engine that you just used to login to My LabCorp Patient Portal otherwise you can try finding it within the Help menu at the top of the page. There’s also a help center that’s located on the same page.

Requirements To Login On MyLabCorp

As a MyLabCorp employee, you may need to make sure that you possess some things that are necessary for the login procedure. This stuff are,

A LabCorp employee ID. This can serve as your username for the login process. You need to have or will receive your employee ID from your supervisor on the day you joined the corporate.

A password. You’ll need the default password to access your account on the employee portal. By default, your login password is about to be your birthdate within the mm/dd/yy format followed the last four digits of your Social Security Number. So as an example, if your date of birth is June 24th, 1990 and therefore the last four digits of your SSN number are 0987, then your employee portal login password is 0624900987 by default.

And after all, ensure that your internet won’t ditch you halfway through the method and your web browser is updated to be compatible with the web site.

How To Login To MyLabCorp Web Portal

If you have got gathered all that you simply must login to the LabCorp employee web portal, then let’s start with the login process. Following are the steps word-to-word to enter your account on the portal given below:

  1. Visit MyLabCorp login portal for employees.
  2. In the ‘myLogin’ section, enter your Employee ID within the given input box.
  3. In the next box, as discussed above input your default password.
  4. And then, click on the ‘Login’ button.
  5. If you’ve got taken all the above-given steps correctly then you’ll be successfully logged into your MyLabCorp employee account.

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How To Recover MyLabCorp Forgotten Login Password

With time, if you have got created a brand new password and have forgotten it then worry not! we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you’ll be able to reset your password into the MyLabCorp login portal.

  1. Once on the login page, scroll right down to find ‘Forgot Your Password’ and click on that.
  2. On the following page, you may be asked for your Employee ID, feed it within the input box.
  3. And then click on next.
  4. You will be asked some security questions which you need to answer correctly.
  5. Once you have got provided the proper answer, your password are restored to be your default password.
  6. After that, if you would like you’ll be able to change your password through your portal account.

It is advised to instantly change your password once you’ve got restored it to the default password.

Other Details

Along with the employees, LabCorp offers their members of the family to create a mylabcorp account. If you’re a family member of a LabCorp employee and you would like to join the portal then follow these steps,

  1. Visit mylabcorp login page.
  2. Scroll right down to find the login section for ‘Spouses and Domestic partners of LabCorp employees’ so click on ‘Login’.
  3. For the partners of all the LabCorp employees, LabCorp offers you an exclusive Spouse Program. Under this program, the members of the family can get access to numerous LabCorp facilities like LabCorp Rally, eHealth Screening, CafeWell, and Weight Watchers either free or at a discounted rate.

Importance Of LabCorp Employee ID

LabCorp employee ID is given to each employee from the very first day of the task. The ID contains 5 or 6 digit numbers, which is employed as a user name for the MyLabCorp login portal. Just in case if you didn’t get your employee ID, then you would like to contact your supervisor.

Fix Troubleshoot

Here are some things that you simply can try if you’re facing any problem while accessing the mylabcorp login portal.

  • If you’re unable to reset your password, then recheck your answer to the safety question asked. It should happen that you simply may have answered it incorrectly.
  • If that’s not the case and you’re still unable to revive your password, then you’ll need to contact the service desk to reset your password. To do so, you’ll invoke 336-436-4357 and 877-735-3776, otherwise you may send an email to
  • Understand that your answer to the safety question isn’t case-sensitive.
  • You cannot keep trying to recollect your password by entering any random alphanumeric combination that you just have ever set as your password. This can only disable your account.
  • If that happens, you’ll either attempt to recover your password by clicking on ‘Forgot Your Password’ and following the steps mentioned above otherwise you may should contact the IT service desk and also ask them to reactivate your account and after that reset your password.
  • These are some steps that you simply can take if you’re unable to access your mylabcorp login portal. That being said, it’s always in your best interest to recollect your employee ID and password.

Spouses And Domestic Partners Of LabCorp Employees

Alongside employees, LabCorp also offers the members of the family of its employees to own access to their account on the portal. If you work at LabCorp and wish an account for your members of the family otherwise you are a family member of a LabCorp employee, to join the login mylabcorp login portal, you’ll be able to follow these kinds of steps:

  1. Go to the mylabcorp login page.
  2. And below the login box, you’ll be able to find the Login button besides Spouses & Domestic Partners of LabCorp employees option.

LabCorp offers different programs for the members of the family of its employees. LabCorp offers different wellness programs like LabCorp eHealth Screenings, LabCorp CaféWell, LabCorp Rally, and LabCorp Weight Watchers. It’s an exclusive Spouse Program for the partners of all its employees.

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Warning While Accessing Portal

Do not leave your new password because it was given. Try as much as you’ll be able to to change your password the moment your login MyLabCorp.

Your MyLabCorp account are suspended/blocked after 3 unsuccessful login. And when this happens, you would like to go through the procedures above to reset your LabCorp password again.

Alternatively, you’ll have to contact MyLabCorp IT team to help reset your account and generate a new password to login.

MyLabCorp Contact Details

531 South Spring Street

Burlington, North Carolina 27215

Phone Number: 877-735-3776

Email Address:


I wish you get all the data you’re searching for about MyLabCorp. I have provided step by step guide to finish the LabCorp Login process. Follow the procedure and complete the LabCorp Login process and obtain access to any or all the features.

LabCorp deals with its employees but also their families. And to urge all the care, all you would like to try and do as an employee is logged into the MyLabCorp login portal with some easy steps. And LabCorp will be sure of the rest. That was all about the MyLabCorp Login @ have you ever worked with an organization that cares for you and your family? What’s your experience? Scroll down and share it with us by commenting in the comment box.

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