Myblinn Portal Login: Guide To Login Blinn College Portal

Myblinn Portal: Welcome to Myblinn Account Login Guide. Ans Affordable tuition and housing make Blinn the best community college in Texas. 

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eCampus Login · Courses · Students · Faculty or Staff · Need Any Help? … eCampus – Desire2Learn is that the learning management that Blinn College switched to Fall …

Blinn Online may be a versatile, convenient, and fairly priced option that allows you to fit courses into your schedule irrespective of where you’re. Blinn offers a various choice of online degree and certificate programs to suit your requirements.

About Blinn College

Blinn College (Myblinn Portal) may be a public junior college, located in Brenham, Texas. They has their additional campuses in Bryan, Brenham, Sealy, and Schulenburg. It absolutely was established in 1884. Quite 65 percent of scholars are attending the Bryan campus.

If you are doing not understand how to login to eCampus, please visit these instructions (eCampus). Blinn College firstly offered distance education classes in the year 1996. In fall 2004, there have 1,700 students enrolled in distance learning courses.

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Requirements to Login the Myblinn College Account

There are some basic details that you simply have to access the Myblinn portal. You need to have the subsequent things to access the Blinn College portal:

  • You will need a User Name and Password to access the Blinn College Login portal. If you’re a student, then your username is that the name,lastname##
    . Where the ## is that the last 2 digits of your student ID number. Employees can use the pc log-in because the username.
  • You must have a computer, Laptop, PC, or Smartphone to access the portal.
  • Make sure that you simply have a reliable internet connection to access the portal.

How To Login At Myblinn Account

It is a really simple process to log in to your Myblinn portal of Blinn College account. You simply need your user name and password to access the portal. If you have got your login credentials with you, then you simply must follow these simple instructions below:

  1. Firstly, You need to visit to this link
  2. By clicking on the link mentioned above, you’ll be redirected to the Blinn College portal.
  3. There, on the given fields, you would like to input your user name and password.
  4. After entering your login credentials, you wish to select the sign up option.
  5. If you have got entered the right login credentials, then you’ll be logged in to your Myblinn Portal.

How to Recover Forgotten User ID of EPPI Card Account

Make sure that you simply have your User ID to access your EPPI Card account. Except for any reason, if you forgot your User ID, then you’ve got to recover it. so as to recover your forgotten User ID, you have got to follow these simple instructions below:

  1. Firstly, You have to visit to the current link
  2. Then, under the login button, you have got to select the Forgot User ID option.
  3. Next, provide your EPPI Card number on the given field.
  4. Now You have to provide CVV code in other box.
  5. At the end After that, you only must select the Submit button for the steps further.

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How to Reset Forgotten Password of EPPI Card Account

You will require password to access EPPI Card portal. For any reason, if you forgot your password, then you have got to reset the password. So as to reset your forgotten password, you’ll be able to simply follow these simple steps as mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, you wish to visit to the current link
  2. Then, on the given field, you’ve got to input your User ID.
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  7. To confirm your password, you’ve got to retype your password.
  8. Then, you’ve got to produce your CVV on the next field.
  9. After entering all the desired details, you wish to select the Submit button.
  10. And then, just follow the on-screen instructions to reset your forgotten EPPI Card password.

How to Register for the EPPI Card Account

The new users should register their account first to manage their EPPI Card. The registration process for the EPPI Card account is kind of simple. You have got to follow these simple instructions below to form your account:

  1. Firstly, you wish to click on this link
  2. Then, under the Login button, you’ve got to click on the New User button.
  3. On the first field, you have got to provide your EPPI Card number.
  4. Then, simply input your CVV, SSN, and Date of Birth on the following fields.
  5. Then, you have got to make a User ID for your account.
  6. For your account, you wish to create a password.
  7. To confirm your password, you’ve got to retype your password.
  8. You have to input your email address on the following field.
  9. For the confirmation, you’ve got to retype your confirmation.
  10. Then, After entering all the desired details, you would like to pick out the Submit button.
  11. Then, simply follow the steps further to form your EPPI Card online account.

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How To Set up Blinn (Myblinn) Email Account?

Blinn College is partner with Microsoft Office 365 for education purpose to produce Email accounts For future, current and former Blinn students. Existing account was transition from Live@edu to Office 365 to the date June 1, 2013.

Each and every student is provisioned an account when their application is complete.

  1. To start using your account Firstly visit to >> or use the e-mail icon in myBlinn.
  2. Your e-mail address is:
  3. Username should – Firstname.LastnameLast2digitsBlinnID (ex. ann.smith89)
  4. Your password for email and Office 365 is that the same as your Blinn password (myBlinn, eCampus, wireless, printing, etc.)
  5. Mobile Devices and Outlook – Use Exchange, Outlook or ActiveSync because the account type and your full email address because the Username and your Blinn password.
  6. If requested- Exchange ActiveSync server name:

What To Do with Myblinn account

  1. Firstly Receive official communications from Blinn College
  2. Then Send or Receive Email to friends, fellow students, faculty and staff
  3. Now Check email on Mobile/Cell phone (Exchange ActiveSync server name if requested:
  4. Next Store and share 1 TB of documents on OneDrive
  5. Then Install Office 365 on laptop and mobile device- Microsoft Office licensing Discounts
  6. Now Share information with blogs, web pages, lists and photos in Sites
  7. And Use Office Online applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
  8. At the end Forward this e-mail account or check multiple e-mail accounts

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit allows you to earn highschool graduation credit and college credit for the same class. A Dual Credit class could be a COLLEGE COURSE! You will have a permanent COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT!

Attendance Policy

  • Blinn requires to attend class
  • It has an attendance policy
  • If you are doing not attend, you’ll be dropped
  • When it’s necessary to >>Drop or Withdraw<< from a DC Class.
    • Contact your counselor
    • You’ll not be charged for the drop, but might not receive a refund.
  • You should Check the Blinn Academic Calendar for the last day to drop.

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Blinn College Contact (Myblinn)

Blinn College that offers you very reliable customer service. If you having any trouble accessing the portal, simply contact Blinn College.


902 College Ave.
Brenham, TX 77833
Non-Emergency Number: 979-830-4000

Enrollment Services:

Call Center Number (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.): 979-830-4800

Bryan Tours: 979-209-7541

Emergency Contact Info:

Brenham Campus Police: 979-337-7272
Bryan Campus Police: 979-273-7373


Q1) Is Blinn College part of Texas A&M?

The Texas A&M-Blinn”Transfer Enrollment at A&M” (TEAM) Program could be a collaborative, co-enrollment partnership between a big university (Texas A&M) together with a community school (Blinn).

Q2) Does Blinn have dorms?

Please produce other plans in place within the event the scholar isn’t ready to secure housing on the Blinn-Brenham Campus. … Students who wish to dwell at the kindergarten home must adhere to all or any requirements as summarized by the house office on their website:

Q3) Is Blinn College d1?

Blinn College is member of the National college Athletic Association (NJCAA), Region XIV Athletic Conference, and therefore the Southwest college Football Conference. Men’s athletic programs that includes games like basketball, baseball, soccer and football.

Q4) How do I log into myBLINN?

To log into your myBLINN account visit Your user name is your given name, period, your surname, last 2 digits of your Blinn student ID. Your Blinn student ID is also found within the admissions checklist item email sent to the e-mail address provided through the ApplyTexas application. You may receive this email once you’ve got submitted an application to Blinn College. Password may be your date of birth within the MM-DD-YY format. If you’ve got forgotten your password, click on the Forgot Password link. You’ll have the choice to reset your password using the safety questions you previously founded.

Remember, you’ll be able to always get help through Ask Blinn, where you’ll get instant answers to a good sort of questions. Head to and provides it a try.

Q5) Is Blinn a 2 year college?

Blinn College may be a two-year academic institution based program in Brenham, Texas, with campuses in Brenham, Bryan, Schulenburg, and Sealy. While Brenham is Blinn’s primary campus, with dorms and apartments, over 65% of its pupils attend the Bryan campus.

Q6) What is the annual tuition at Texas A&M?

Undergraduate Students. The estimated cost to attend Texas A&M to induce 2018-2019 is approximately $27,888 for in-state residents, including tuition and costs, housing & meals, books, transportation and miscellaneous expenses.


So, these details can be enough to access the Blinn College portal. Ensure that you simply have your registered username and password to access the portal. For any reason, if you forgot or lost your Blinn College password, then you’ve got to reset the password. If you have got your login credentials, you simply have to follow these simple instructions as mentioned above. Still, if you have got any questions about the Blinn College portal, you’ll be able to contact Blinn College.

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