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Download My Child Lebensborn APK – Latest version – for Android. This dramatic game shows us how hatred ends up perpetuating collective conflicts.

Although the armed conflict of a war may end in a certain year, on a certain date, the wounds generated by that war can last for many years. This is what the game My Child Lebensborn tries to teach us, which will put us in the shoes of a person from Norway who adopts a German child raised by the SS, just after the end of the Second World War.

This game is based on real events, and the situations in which we will find ourselves can be quite crude. As Norwegian people, will we be willing to adopt a child from Nazi Germany? Can we resist the stress of having a descendant of an invading force in our own home?

What is My Child Lebensborn?

It is a dramatic game that is not suitable for children, because its content is very intense psychologically. In this game we will find ourselves in the position of a person from Norway who adopts a child Lebensborn, that is, a child raised by the SS during the years of Nazi Germany with the idea of ​​enhancing the Aryan race and making it predominant.

After the outcome of the war, many of these children were left homeless, so they were adopted by families from different corners of Norway, but we must not forget that these children were raised within the Nazi ideology. Will we be able to deal with this, and will we achieve the heartwarming reward of finally seeing our adopted child happy?

Learn about the history of the Lebensborn

During WWII, thousands of Aryan children were raised by the Lebensborn program run by the SS. Its upbringing took place between 1935 and ceased in 1944, with the defeat of Germany in the war. Homeless, these thousands of children were overwhelmingly adopted by Norwegian families, who, however, had to face great difficulties in the process.

These children had been raised in the Nazi ideology, but now they were living with families that had been invaded by Hitler’s Germany. The transition was very difficult, and the global economy was too, so in this game you are going to experience all these hardships first hand.

Characteristics My child Lebensborn

Based on real facts. This game is based on the experiences of real families who adopted a Lebensborn boy or girl at the end of the Second World War. Because of this, the game offers us a very raw experience that corresponds to what happened during those years in so many families in Norway.

Talk to your adopted child. As you talk with your adopted child and make decisions that affect him, you can gradually perceive his reactions, which will not always be good. You will have the difficult task ahead of transforming their worldview and integrating them into a different world, far from the pernicious Nazi ideas.

Support your adopted child in a critical period. In this game, you will accompany your adopted child for a year in which you will be his main support and reference. It will be possibly the worst year of his life, so you will have to work hard to convince your adopted child and get him to change his mind and integrate into his new society.

Work, take care of the house, and play with your adopted child. Naturally, you will not be able to have as much time as you would like to take care of your adopted child. You will also have to take care of the house, work to earn money, manage that money during the post-war period, and, in the short time you have free, play with your adopted child to try to make him feel better and start enjoying his childhood.

My Child Lebensborn APK Mod Free Download for Android

Download the free full My Child Lebensborn game for Android by clicking on the link below, and discover some of the hardest teachings that World War II left in Norway!

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