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Top 10 Most Addictive Android Games Of 2021

Android Games: Putting the most straightforward free addictive android games on a stock is certifiably not a basic errand. There are many top games you’ll appreciate at no expense and that they are phenomenal. Fortunate for Android clients, some of the most popular titles from top engineers are accessible on play store as a free download while our iOS clients ought to get hold of them. Yeah, we will stomach sponsored ads, and if necessary then we will just upgrade to the premium version.

All Android Games aren’t equal. Some are more entertaining and captivating than others. Below we’ve got compiled an inventory of the simplest mobile games that may never disappoint you in your quest after adventure and fun. The following are the 10 Addictive Android Games 2020…

1. Subway Surfers

We’re beginning with one in every of the foremost popular endless running games available. Subway Surfers could be a classic offering and is one in every of the foremost highly rated games on the Google Play Store with innumerable players across the globe (Android Games). It’s fundamental enough with straightforward controls, and you’ll participate in the interest and mount up and off electrical links and plans inside the metro during a proposal to get away the grip of the Inspector.

Subway Surfers (Android Games)

The three lanes of the subway are navigated by swiping left and right the display of your device, and you’ll be able to also jump up or roll. It’s an aerobatic game that features avoiding impediments and hoverboard surfing, and assembling coins in transit will allow you to induce extra substance and powers. The sport also features a leaderboard and happens to possess great graphics.
Download: AndroidiOS

2. Clash of Clans – Addictive Games Online

Clash of Clans comes from SuperCell and has been one among the foremost viral and popular games of 2016 and it’s still going strong. It had been released for Android in October 2013, a year after its iOS release, and maybe a freemium game, which implies that it’s liberal to play with an enormous inventory of in-app purchases. As players, you would like to make a community (in the shape of a clan), train troops, and attack other players (Android Games) to earn gold, elixir, and Dark Elixir.

Clash of Clans – Addictive Games Online (Android Games)

The Clash of Clans game is completely online so not only will your progress be saved. You’ll be able to also play against other players from the large player pool this game has. You initially initiate with the sport with the builders you’ll deploy more using gems, builders facilitate your upgrade your building. So as to earn and store gold and elixir, a player must build gold mines and storage. While the sport is pretty addictive and massively popular it can quickly get repetitive (at least for my taste) if you have got been a World of Warcraft player, you’ll end up receiving.
Download: Android

3. Big Hunter

You may not have heard of this game but this can be one in all my favorite within the casual games list. Worked by a company named Kakrod Interactive, the game is about up during an ancestral climate with totally astounding 2D designs. Android minimalists will love the UI for its cleanliness and shut adherence to material design. As a tribal hunter you’re presupposed to seek out animals sort of a Mammoth and Rhinos.

Big Hunter (Android Games)

The game looks smooth and that is likely its most prominent asset. On account of the negligible way to deal with style, the controls and settings don’t get inside the way and you’re straight into the activity of chasing down these antiquated creatures (don’t stress you have a lance to utilize). The sport is absolving to play with ads and you’ll remove them for the worth of ₹115. With over 100 levels for every animal, you’ll end up spending hours on this game. (Android Games)
Download: Android

4. Temple Run

Temple Run is that the most thrilling and fun run for Android, where you’ve got to run as quickly as possible to urge off from the evil spirits while gaining the best possible number of points. Swipe your finger to show left-right, jump and slide to avoid obstacles. Perhaps the entirety of your companions are as of now playing Temple Run for android – can beat their record?

Temple Run (Android Games)

I should state that the method of reasoning that this game is on this rundown is that it generally gives you an adrenaline surge. Having to overflow from a growling beast inside the sky keeps one on the sting of their seat. You must jump over or slither under a few obstructions as you gather coins and catalysts. There are a few levels during this game.
Download: Android

5. Fast like a Fox

Fingersoft is a founder of the platformer game “Fast like a Fox”. You’ll have painted a picture in your mind for what a platformer is nevertheless hold your foxes(pun proposed) as this current one has a stunt out its sleeves. The game utilizes mathematical vector-based illustrations which look totally stunning. The game relies upon during a woods based scene where you’ll be controlling a fox, making it bounce and dealing with it while so far promising you don’t wind up tumbling down into the pits. The stunt that this game has is the manner by which you control the fox.

Fast like a Fox (Android Games)

You need to stay tapping the rear of your phone together with your 4 fingers to create the fox run. At the identical time, you would like to tap the screen to form the fox jump onto the platform. This is often where the game gets challenging, progressively. Alternatively, you are doing have the choice to vary the control mechanism to form the fox jump once you tap the screen, but it just drains the fun out of the game very quickly. The game is unengaged to play and you’ll unlock upgrades via in-app purchases.
Download: Android

6. This Is Not A Game

This is no game is not a game. I don’t have a great deal to make reference to about this one since it isn’t to such an extent as a game. This “thing” has over 1 million downloads and it won the reception jam because it isn’t a game and other people shouldn’t be downloading it. (Android Games)

This is Not A Game (Android Games)

There’s no stellar sound effects, no stunning graphic, and also no easy control. And if you would like to play a game you shouldn’t be downloading there’s No Game because again, it’s not a game. Still, even as a formality, I’ll leave a link because I do know people will want to play this game which isn’t even a game.
Download: Android

7. Two Dots

Modern-day teens aren’t strangers to the game Candy Crush and therefore the rage caused by random strangers spamming your Facebook to induce lives. While the reason was basic, coordinate the indistinguishable candies to dispose of them, it immediately developed from being a viral game to an unavoidable wellspring of disturbance. Enter Dots, a game by Playdots Inc.

Two Dots (Android Games)

Once more, it’s tied in with associating dabs to dispose of them yet it’s and feels increasingly lightweight, less the social uneasiness of mentioning lives. Two Dots is far better. It takes everything unprecedented and loved about Dots and places it in an amazingly rather progressively genuine course of action. Not at all like Candy Crush and Dots, which utilize haphazardly created levels, each level on Two Dots has been planned by genuine humans(wonder how that activity feels like). Moreover, you now have special abilities like sinking an anchor, sending dots into the region, and far more which I’ll leave for you to find yourself.
Download: Android

8. Cut The Rope: Time Travel

Cut The Rope was first released within the year 2012 and it featured a monster named Omnom, who has to be fed candies. The game highlights certifiable material science related to incredible 2D graphics and thusly the controls couldn’t are any simpler, you essentially should, in light of the fact that the name proposes, Cut The Rope and feed Omnom. Because the game progresses you’ll find more tools to use to induce the candy to Omnom. Cut The Rope Time Travel holds the indistinguishable controls and testing levels from Cut the Rope and places the beast, Omnom into the noteworthy time where he’s in the midst of his progenitors.

Cut The Rope: Time Travel

The Cut The Rope game gets trickier as you now have two monsters to feed. So now, you would like to carefully plan your moves, ensuring none of the monsters are left starving for candies. Cut The Rope Time Travel lace across six time periods, Cut the Rope: Time Travel offers levels from the center Ages to the time period, stopping in Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt along the way too to go to Omnom’s ancestors.T he ancestors keep changing supported the period you’re playing and therefore the graphics just keep convalescing.
Download: Android

9. The Room

This next game I’m visiting tell you about might not exactly be your right option to spend time, because you’ll easily take up hours just clearing one level. Macworld called this game “so great that it’s alarming”. To be honest, it’s a desirable game. You begin the game inside a room, with a locked safe. Your goal? Open that safe. Sounds simple right? it isn’t, provides it an effort. While the storyline is well the worst one up to now. The engaging part is that the puzzles that you just must solve to urge that safe open.

The Room

The game ticks lots of boxes, you have got great graphics, together with the good ambiance. There’s a story behind why you wish to open the safe but I’m not here to spoil the experience for you. Just a touch, you won’t be thrilled to search out out what the safe contains but the journey towards getting it open is what’s important. The game layers puzzle over even more puzzles. Where the game doesn’t shine is that the controls, it’s fussy and infrequently frustrating.
Download: AndroidiOS


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8 Ball Pool is that the world’s #1 pool game where you’ll play with friends
Download: AndroidiOS


Android as a platform has been undergoing constant evolution, and with iteration served to users within the fall of every year, the chances for developers increase. What this suggests is that as time passes, apps and games will start becoming more and more aware, with better graphics(nearing desktop-class graphics soon enough) and great sound, down the road.

If you guys liked this text then do share this together with your friends and tell us which of those games is your favorite within the comments section down below. We’ll retreat to you with the new article till then stay tuned.

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