Mobile for videogames: 7 aspects to look for to choose the best one

Mobile for videogames: In recent years, the trend of using mobile phones to play video games has become popular , to the point that the demand for mid-range and high-end equipment has increased. Here we review the 7 characteristics in which you should look to choose the best mobile for video games. And we leave you some interesting models. Let’s see.

Mobile for videogames: Features

These types of mobiles stand out for having great power characteristics. It is important to look at the processor, screen, and RAM.

However, there are other specifications to take into account to define an ideal mobile for video games. If you are thinking of buying one, keep reading. Here we give you the keys to choose the right equipment.


When it comes to mobile games for video games, a good screen size is essential to achieve a good experience. It is recommended to purchase a computer that has dimensions greater than 6.43 inches. This accompanied with a minimum FullHD + resolution of 2400 × 1080 pixels . It is not only about achieving good visibility in the images, it is essential to have an adequate distribution of the buttons. This will allow you to better position your fingers on the panel.

In this section it is also advisable to verify the type of screen it includes. Among the best options is the AMOLED panel.

As a bonus, it is a good idea to have Corning Gorilla Glass protection , as it adds resistance to the screen. In addition, this will give you protection against dust, shock and water. (Mobile for videogames)

Finally, tactile feedback should not be neglected. In this sense, as it is the field of video games, it is best to opt for a mobile with at least 300 Hz refresh rate . You will get a better response when playing.

Processor and RAM

Enjoying your favorite video games on your mobile is an activity that consumes too many resources. It is the reason that you must have a powerful processor. This will prevent the computer from behaving slowly or crashing.

Among the best options on the market are the Snapdragon 888 , or MediaTek models such as Dimensity and Helio with HyperEngine technology. This must be accompanied by a good RAM memory capacity. At least 8GB is recommended as a minimum.


It is not only about having a powerful processor, since this alone is not capable of managing all the functions of the device. The graphics card will allow you to enjoy a good experience, as well as a good performance of the mobile for video games. It will offer good fluidity and sharp, high-quality images . Also, having a good GPU will allow to lighten the processor load, avoiding overloading the mobile. (Mobile for videogames)

The refresh rate is also included here, so at least 90 Hz is recommended. When it comes to a Snapdragon, MediaTek or Exynos CPU, the best combinations go hand in hand with the Adreno or Mali brands.


If it is about playing, the ideal is to have hours of charge to avoid interrupting this activity. This means that you have to take a good look at the battery section. In this sense, at least you must have a 4,500 mAh battery . If the capacity is less, we will probably have to load more in a row.

However, there is one feature that should not be overlooked in reference to this section. It’s about the possibility of fast charging. With this, it is possible to reduce the charging time, allowing you to enjoy more hours of play throughout the day. Among the best options are models that are compatible with at least 65W . As an additional, you can find mobiles that have wireless charging.


The more resources a video game consumes, the more space it occupies on the device. To this must be added the data that is stored as the application is used. Let us remember that the operating system in itself occupies a good amount of space on the mobile. So you should think carefully about which model of mobile for video games to choose taking into account this characteristic.

For a computer that is planned to be used for gaming, the internal storage must be quite large. At a minimum it is recommended that you have at least 128GB of space . This is considered sufficient to download and enjoy various video games. If desired, it can be expanded with a memory card, if the mobile has this option.


Excellent quality audio can offer a more immersive and complete experience, regardless of whether you are using the phone’s own speaker or headphones. Nowadays, many mobiles have Dolby Atmos technology , an ideal option when using headphones.

This audio system offers clearer and clearer sound, so you can enjoy video games to the fullest. Also, if you have Bluetooth headphones, verify that they are of the latest generation, so that better audio fidelity and much lower latency can be guaranteed .


Most video game titles require an Internet connection. And we don’t always have a WiFi network available to enjoy hours of play. In many cases, you need mobile data.

Here the processor comes into play again. Although 4G technology has a greater presence, you should not underestimate the benefits of 5G that is present in many models. It is best to explore mobiles that have processors that integrate either of these two technologies. Both stand out for greatly reducing latency , although this will also depend on the quality of your service provider.

Although we often look at prices before features, the latter are key to properly choosing a mobile for video games. Only in this way, we can define if the performance of the equipment is adequate to work with these applications. Taking into account each of our tips, you can make the right choice.

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