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As we know, TikTok is a china based app that has its users all over the world. Because of TikTok vs. YouTube and further causes, TikTok’s rating was effected badly. Many people from India have uninstalled this app because of many reasons.  When Indian’s started to hate TikTok and wanted a new application that must be India based then somebody presented an application known as the Mitron app or Mitron TV. So stay tuned for a full explanation.

What Is Mitron TV App? 

A student from IIT Roorkee did a great job by making a new application known as Mitron TV. He used the term “Mitron” because our Prime Minister (Mr. Narendra Modi) use this term in his many speeches. The name is truly attractive and it will give tough competition to TikTok… (MITRON APPLICATION)

This is also a video making platform where you can make express anything. Same as TikTok you can use your creative content, talent, and uniqueness to attract the entire viewers. Mitron has intended for any category of age above 12 years. Youth are mostly showing interest in this app and posting their creative short videos the same as TikTok.

Mitron TV Analysis

Mitron is doing a great job. It has introduced on 25th May 2020 and within 5 days the analytics are as follows:


Within 1 week it has a decent rating of 4.8 stars which is great. It means people are interested in this app and providing their positive feedback after using it. Ratings are truly decent so you can trust this app.


Download mitron app

If we talk about downloads so the ratio of downloads is more than 5 million. More than 5 million people have downloaded it within 1 week. Below we are providing a link where you can directly download it: Mitron TV App Download
Reviews: I read many reviews provided by the users of Mitron and most of them were appreciating Mitron for decent quality. Indians are supporting it because now they have proud of their app. The term “Swadeshi” means a lot for Indians.  

Can Mitron TV Compete With Tiktok In The Future?

TikTok is already a big title but due to some reason, Indians do not want this app on their mobile anymore. At this time, a similar application like Mitron TV was extremely important to be familiarised with. (MITRON TV APPLICATION)


Yes, according to current analytics it can easily replace TikTok from India. The designers of Mitron need to do improvement continuously. Within 1 week it performed astonishingly and with regular changes or perfection, it will replace TikTok very soon. As an Indian, we feel proud to use our application instead of Chinese. It takes time to set stardom for any mobile application same as Mitron TV. It needs some time an after a point of time we can easily do every activity of TikTok in our Swadeshi application Mitron TV.


Mitron TV is performing well in our country and it is giving tough competition to Chinese app TikTok. Our youth is liking this application and using it the same as TikTok which was very vital. Our aim is to update you with the latest and precise updates related to social media. And hopefully, this information will assist you somehow. Share your opinion regarding Mitron TV and TikTok by commenting below. 

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