Minecraft houses: How to build modern and easy houses

Minecraft houses: How to build modern and easy houses – Minecraft is a game that allows you to create almost anything you can imagine, including modern and very realistic houses. This is one of many reasons why it has become one of the most popular games today. Being possible to build a home with almost any material, such as different types of wood, stone and metals, they can even be made with concrete and modern construction materials.

When entering Minecraft as a beginner, you usually start with simple houses with few material requirements. However, from this point on, increasingly demanding constructions can be carried out. Being able to create modern houses or innovate with thematic buildings. Depending on the level of complexity, more complicated materials and refined techniques will be required, especially if it is in survival mode.

Materials needed for construction

Minecraft houses

It is possible to find a wide variety of materials in the world of Minecraft. Some resources, such as wood, can be found in different colors, since they are obtained from different types of trees. Likewise, there are many tools that allow you to modify the shape and design of the construction material, for example the stone cutter and the chisel. The main resources used to build are:

  • Wood : This is one of the most used materials, as it is very easy to get and also one of the most attractive when you are starting out. There are many types, which offer the possibility of building wooden houses with different shades.
  • Stone – Stone is the next most important material for beginner house construction and is much more resistant to damage from explosions or fire. It is possible to change its shape to make designs such as borders and pillars, with the stone cutter tool.
  • Glass : This is an essential material to place light entrances, windows or decorate rooms. Glass provides a more modern and streamlined look to buildings.
  • Metal : It is essential for the construction of safer houses, since with this material mechanisms such as code doors or retinal scanning can be created.
  • Concrete : This is one of the newest materials in the game, it has a resistance to explosions a little below rock, but its hardness is greater. Its design has more intense colors than those of terracotta, it is visually more modern and its texture is smooth.

In addition to those already mentioned, it is possible to use gold, terracotta, obsidian, clay, sandstone, glowstone and wool. These can be stained in different colors using dye on a crafting table to create blocks of various shades and materials. Also, in combination with stains, the brush can be used as a paint to decorate all the walls of a house or other decorative elements.


Minecraft houses

It is used for the manufacture of houses, since it has a finish that is considered beautiful by most users (Minecraft houses). Concrete is made by wetting a block of cement, either with a bucket of water, by throwing it into a well, lake, river or sea. To obtain this material, it is required: one of the 16 dyes available in Minecraft, 4 blocks of sand and 4 blocks of gravel. Once assembled, they should be combined on the work table in any position.

Recommendations and tips to start building

The technique, materials and construction process vary greatly depending on the demands and experience of the user. However, there are some basic tips for building a house in Minecraft that can be applied in almost any case. These are related to the planning, the terrain and the colors to be used.

Practice and plan

It is advisable to start with simple constructions and later apply improvements or create another with greater complexity. In addition, planning and testing is important to gain skills and knowledge of what the ideal home would look like. There is more freedom to practice in the creative mode of the game and compare materials, to get a general idea of ​​what the final building should look like.

Use colors

Minecraft houses

It is possible to create paintings to paint the house and other complementary objects such as fences or stairs. There is a wide variety of natural colors that are obtained from the flowers on the manufacturing table, they can also be mixed to obtain secondary colors (Minecraft houses). This diversity allows the user to mix shapes and colors to create realistic or fanciful structures.

Modify the area

In this game there are no limitations of any kind, so you can make the most of the terrain. The player could raise hills, flatten the terrain, make holes or levels, create lakes, rivers or waterfalls and other geographical features in the area near the house. Basically, it is possible to adapt the construction area to what is required or could be imagined for an ideal house.

The best house designs in Minecraft

When entering Minecraft survival mode it is important to create a house as soon as possible, to have shelter when night falls and to be able to store the resources that are collected (Minecraft houses). For this reason, it is advisable to start with simple materials and, as time progresses, it will be possible to make more complex and attractive constructions, created with resources that are more difficult to obtain or elaborate.

Quick and simple house for survival

It is possible to build a house where the predominant materials are wood and stone, which is also aesthetically pleasing. The structure is semi-underground to use fewer resources and the upper part is built with steps to make the most of the space to place the chests. The decoration is created to personal taste, but it must be ensured that it is well lit and has a garden.

Classic house with fireplace

This construction is an excellent option for beginners, as long as they have time to get enough material, it is built with wood and stone. The house has a classic look and features a cobblestone fireplace and a triangular roof (Minecraft houses). This style offers ample space for chests, tables, ovens, and bookcases, but is fairly basic as it has only one deck and no complex materials are used.

Underground house with natural light

This is a very aesthetic and simple idea, one of the most relevant characteristics is that it allows the passage of sunlight during the day and you can see the stars at night, since it has a glass roof. It is an excellent idea to innovate and leave out the classic wooden roof houses. The space is large and the materials to be used can be simple or complex, in this case, the wooden floor varies to create a chess-like design.

Modern house with pool

These types of houses require more difficult materials to obtain and a more complex construction technique. Generally, white quartz or gray pavement and dark / light wood are used to contrast and give an elegant touch (Minecraft houses). Likewise, crystals of different colors are used, although transparent and dark predominate. This type of construction is rarely seen in survival mode due to the level of difficulty.

Modern house with waterfall

Modern houses tend to be complicated constructions or they can be simple and with elegant materials such as quartz, concrete, pavement and glass, among others. On the other hand, if elements such as waterfalls or swimming pools are added they are much more attractive and this is not something difficult to execute, the decorative factor also influences. A house without walls is not very functional in survival mode, but it can be an added extra space.

Modern concrete house

Modern concrete house

This is one of the most complex and attractive designs that have been made in Minecraft. In this building, various materials are used and two floors are created, thus obtaining a modern, elegant and realistic space (Minecraft houses). It has a patio and has a lot of interior space, which will be very useful to add decorative elements and tools of all kinds. It is an excellent option for players with an advanced level.

Rubik’s Cube House

This is an excellent example that you can build just about anything in Minecraft. It is a fun and striking design, since it refers to this game that everyone knows and is built with blocks of different colors. In addition, it is fully functional and has two floors where the player will have complete freedom to decorate and store the tools they need.

By combining new materials and tools, modern and elegant buildings can be created with space to store everything you need and make interior designs just as charming. In Minecraft there is great creative freedom, so it is also possible to build themed houses like the Rubik’s Cube.

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