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Mejortorrent is one of those internet sites to download torrent of series or movies, or to download music from YouTube, documentaries, books, games and even software … But, since mid-2018 Mejortorrent does not work, so we look for alternatives like Mejortorrent1 that they work and that may be an option for those looking to watch movies from the Web.

Since the arrival of the pandemic, computer services have exploded and with it the consumption of series, movies, games, programs and more through torrent. Many pages have been established as favorites, but there must always be a plan B, that’s why we present you alternatives to Mejortorrent.

The digital community has taken advantage of this protocol that allows users to join in a “swarm” to download and upload large files simultaneously as they are divided into small pieces of information located on an unlimited number of different hosts. Some of our most visited pages dedicated to torrent sharing tend to have temporary shutdowns or host crashes, so you always have to know options to continue downloading the files of your choice through alternatives to MejorTorrent .

The use of sites like the Mejortorrent alternatives has risk: You may be disrespecting the copyright of the movies, for example. So you have to be careful, and it is always better to look for options like Netflix-type subscription streaming services. Another problem is that there are many viruses and intrusive advertisements in Mejortorrent, GNULA and their alternatives. It is a risk to the security of your computer.

Mejortorrent had more visits in Spain than other famous websites, such as Ebuy or Aliexpress, in its heyday. But the closure of MejorTorrent made the alternatives are all over the Internet. As you read it: there are a few alternatives to Mejortorrent and they have the approval of many. You just have to be a little cautious. Remember that some torrents can infect your device with malware .

Alternatives to Mejortorrent there are many, but not all work the same. Although in essence they all seek more or less the same: Share download links for series and movies from the Internet. Now, there are alternatives to Mejortorrent such as Telegram series groups, where users directly share series and movie download links and thus do not have to have a Web that serves as a repository of links such as Plusdede or similar ones came to be.

Mejortorrent: Options That Work

There is always controversy regarding its use, but the mix between culture, leisure and business has always made it difficult to agree on the free exchange of content. If it is true that copyrighted files are released, there are also a large number of torrent files that are released by users or companies to publicize a brand.

As a connected community we enjoy the news, but also the consequences, so we must be aware of the content that appears on the web that we download to our teams and that they do not always come with good intentions on the part of those responsible.

The fight against piracy has been going on for some years now. The United States and Europe have joined forces and the worst attack occurred in 2017, when a list was published with the websites that the authorities had closed. As of May 2018, hundreds of movie download portals were already closed, including Mejortorrent Movies. In this way, millions of users were left without their favorite entertainment website. But immediately its creators issued a hopeful statement, saying that they would return and that Mejortorrent Movies would soon be reborn .

What should you do to use these websites that are nothing more than torrent file search engines? Take into account that if you don’t have the torrent installed properly, and you also don’t know how to handle it, then everything will be more complicated for you. Now, if you religiously follow these steps every time you go to download movies, you will do super well.

Mejortorrent not working: Alternatives

A very important fact, to avoid problems with justice, we trust that it is for personal enjoyment, in any case, here we are going to review some alternatives to a Mejortorrent

But first we are going to know what a torrent is . It is a super known tool to download, simply and easily, large files on the internet. For example, it is the most used to download movies and series for free . Many people choose torrent over direct download. The reason is to avoid captchas, codes and other kinds of obstacles when starting a download.

Torrent is nourished, never better said, from the content provided by other users. The more people share the content you are looking for (movies, series, music, programs or games), the easier it will be to locate the file and the faster it will be downloaded. And it is that torrent uses a P2P protocol, which makes centralized servers unnecessary.

For those who like to get to the point is one of the best options when looking for entertainment when it comes to series and movies. Since its entry, the simplicity of its interface and operation is noticeable: an orderly design where we see the posters of the programs ordered by publication date.

Its minimalist appearance allows you to freely browse what you are looking for without any visual interruption. On the main page we find the options to choose between series and movies, with the option to sort them by genre, alphabetical order, relevance or simply write the name of what you want, and voila, zero ornaments or options that deviate you from your goal.

Among the alternatives to MejorTorrent we find a place with material one hundred percent available in high definition, it is only a matter of giving a review to the current catalog, when opening the preferred poster we can know the technical sheet of the production and the possibility of seeing its trailer, immediately the option to download the torrent. Many moviegoers or fans of audiovisuals will be surprised by the mix of novelties and classics from cinema and television, an inventory that continues to increase its variety every week.

With a minimalist style, we have other alternatives to MejorTorrent where we can see a lot of audiovisual material and even suggest to the administrator in case of not finding what is desired. may not stand out for its interface, but many will find in it several options to download between movies, series and documentaries.

From the main page we can navigate between the tabs of genres and year of release, as well as an exclusive section for 4K quality.For fans of hot releases they may not be satisfied with the date of the most recent publications, but for that We have the option to “request a movie”, it is only a matter of placing our email and suggesting the name of the desired title.

By clicking on our preferred material we have the technical sheet, trailer and the possibility of adding any comment of interest to the publication. You will find an interesting collection of film classics, as well as film noir that cannot be found on any page if you are a movie buff.

The series cannot be absent, although their way of ordering them is not the best, if there are enough seasons of successful television programs and streaming services to have a good time.


The digital community has made it one of its main allies, and it is not lacking in merits. DonTorrent is one of the most popular pages in recent times and an excellent alternative to Mejortorrent that works with the additional support of certain Telegram channels.

Its quality and variety can be seen from its central page because we see the material and the available categories very well organized: films, series, documentaries, games, music and other varied. An extensive gallery that even before entering the category informs you of the amount of content that exists in the catalog, everything is ordered by publication date but can also be configured in alphabetical order, there is even a section with the list of added Torrents in the last days.

Many HD categories are accessible, including 4K movies and the option to select different languages ​​or image quality. When selecting the preferred poster we see the technical sheet of the production, synopsis and the download option, a fairly simple process for everyone. Few pages dedicate space to information and here you will find a blog with current technological topics and guides to run your favorite PC programs.


The option of eFilm is the most interesting: Its catalog has many series and films by few known. There is even classic cinema, and that is increasingly difficult to find. And the best thing is that it is an option to consume good content for free and 100% legal. Here you will not have phishing or SPAM problems. No invasive advertising. No hidden payments.

eFilm is a streaming audiovisual loan platform for library users: you just have to use your public library card to be able to legally access thousands of movies, series, shorts and more. For its users it offers:

  • Access 24/7 – 365 days a year.
  • Free and legal.
  • Viewing in streaming.
  • Minimum loan of 48 hours, without waiting.
  • Choose original version, subtitled or dubbed in Spanish.
  • Rate the movies and create your own library.


We have already said that Mejortorrent was the most popular in Spain. That is why this torrent became a target of the National Police and in July 2018 they announced its final closure. At least the domain – – and the list of official proxies of the page. But, almost immediately, it burst in with almost the same power, but with another name: Mejortorrent1 . Most, if not all of the torrents, have been flagged for violating copyright laws. Although the police authorities have declared war on these types of sites on the web, the truth is that they are still active on the internet because changing the domain is enough for them.

In a matter of days, he assumed the throne among torrents in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. So this alternative to Mejortorrent could not be more appropriate . Its offer of material in HD is considerable and much of it in Spanish. Up to more than 50 thousand torrent links and its community is updating content daily. The truth is that simplicity stands out in this torrent. is like a twin, same format and features and has quality content, just like MejorTorrent movies . There you will find HD films, recent releases, series, documentaries and other content that may be of interest to you.

On both pages, and in a highly visible place, they leave direct and clear information, in addition to warning the user about the way in which they work. They explain verbatim that “This website does not contain any type of stored file. All files are shared through BitTorrent, a P2P exchange program between users ”, this implicitly translates that it is recommended that users become Seeder (seed users) and thus contribute more download files, which will help this “secret” society to be more active.

Other alternatives to MejorTorrent that cannot be absent from the lists of our entertainment providers if what we are looking for are series and movies. The task knows how to update itself with the recent successes of streaming services, mixed with the classics of the big and small screen.

One of the few torrent pages where you can get material dubbed in Spanish in almost all of its titles, also when selecting the material to download, we can previously consult the options in available resolution and its weight. The material is of good quality with alternatives such as HD, blueray, 3D and 4K.

It has a fairly intuitive navigation where we can also know the synopsis of the titles, technical sheet and trailer before deciding to download, there is even at all times a column on the right of the screen with the most recent comments made by users who have used the service. In all productions, the option to comment and rate is available, in addition the page has a link to an official Telegram group so that the cinephile and seriéfila community is up to date with the news presented.


Popularity has a price and this website has managed to get many followers by virtue of its variety of content and its modern interface that manages to combine simplicity with effectiveness. Despite the domain changes, 1337x continues to be one of the most recommended Mejortorrent alternatives for finding diverse material from the online population.

Movies, series, games, music, applications, anime, documentaries, others and adults are the sections found on the main page. Visitors can keep up to date with the news and download trends of the different materials available, either by day or by week, even the top of the most downloaded.

All torrents have complete information on the characteristics of the file to download, origin and even opinion of the content. If you register, you will have the possibility to share material with the entire web community, in addition to knowing how to expand the excellent catalog of the page.


This alternative to Mejortorrent works today with the domain: It began to gain more and more followers after the closure of Mejortorrent, in July 2018. Its catalog of movies and series in HD is quite generous. It has content in English, in Spanish from Spain, and in Latin American Spanish. In terms of quality, they have material with resolutions of 720p or 1080p.


Another alternative to Mejortorrent is Descargas2020, widely used by those who want to download different types of content with an IPTV service for example. It is not recommended for security reasons, but we always leave the information here in case you need it for something. Of course: when in doubt, nothing to click on strange links and nothing to leave personal data, much less bank details, since this type of site is usually a pack for phishing .

The pirate bay

In Spain, this alternative to Mejortorrent is very popular, but it is even more so in the rest of the international community.

His repertoire of films in English is one of the largest. The Pirate Bay is also an alternative to GNULA that offers the function of browsing to know what content is available in the categories: AUDIO, VIDEO and GAMES. It also has subcategories, such as AUDIO BOOKS, COMICS and MOVIES IN HIGH RESOLUTION.


Another interesting alternative to Mejortorrent. When we open the TorrentLocura page, we find an attractive graphic presentation that invites us to immediately click on the windows that shape its cover.

This way we can more easily identify the latest movies and series releases, with their respective quality (720p or 1080p). Many of the movies and series are subtitled, for those who prefer the original language.


Among the alternatives to Mejortorrent we find Mejortorrentt with a double T at the end, as you are reading it. It is a site to share torrent links that does not have the series or movies to download in any repository or physical server, so they “protect” themselves from possible copyright problems. On their website they explain it like this:

«This website does not contain any type of stored file. All files are shared using BitTorrent , a P2P program for sharing between users »

It is this one that has resurfaced from Mejortorrent Movies . It has the same style, more or less the same dynamics, but there are often many malicious file alerts. Although if you are one of those who take risks, then you can find content of your interest. They are very specific and in the help section they explain how to download, remembering that everything they publish is not stored on their server and that it is done through the peer-to-peer network.

Regarding BitTorrent , they say that there are several clients, but that they recommend using uTorrent for its ease and even place a link with the explanatory manual on how to install and configure it. For the roll! If you still can’t download, they suggest a codec pack (they are used to encode and decode audio and video formats). Advertising usually appears, but it is not that annoying.

The heir to the famous torrent TORRENTZ.EU . Practically with the same presentation, that is to say, simple and without major pretentions. We continue to go to this torrent for its wide range of movies, series, documentaries and games. Good part of them in excellent quality.


Pepecine is a website that integrates movies and series to watch online. You can find a wide repertoire of films dubbed into Spanish and films with subtitles, there is something for everyone.

One of the main problems with PEPECINE is that you have to register, that is, you have to open an account, which is preferable to avoid due to security issues: It is always preferable to watch movies online without downloading anything

Mejortorrent Movies

The fact: Downloading files through P2P networks has always been immersed in tremendous controversy . The reason: the legality or not of the procedure. Downloading is NOT legal in Spain. However, most legal experts in this area agree that it is not a crime if the download is not for profit . But it may constitute a civil offense for which the offender may be obliged to compensate with a certain sum of money.

If you want to know everything about downloading torrents, keep reading: The first thing is that we assume that a .torrent file is not a container of materials, but a way to share between users, that legal loophole is understandable. What escapes any doubt is that we will always be in search of places to download movies and series, right? In any case, remember that there are also options to enjoy free movies or series with alternatives such as Amazon Prime Video free for 30 days at this link.

Some of us do not have a flash type fiber to use any of the alternatives to MejorTorrent . On the contrary, we can be in disgrace and depend on a WiFi network that is going at a snail’s pace. And incidentally, one of those that needs us to “push”. So it is best to follow the following 4 steps of the ritual and help our torrent.

1.-See how many seeds the torrent has. This is nothing more than the number of Internet users who have the content they have already downloaded available to other users.

2.-Stop, be still! While you are downloading torrent, tie your hands, do not use any other program or application on your computer.

3.-Do you want to go in a hurry? Well, set the highest bandwidth for the file you have selected.

4.- No limits! A very slow download may be due to a configuration issue, without realizing it, you may have checked the option: activate transfer limiter . If so, disable it and problem solved.

Taking risks is another of the decisions that you are going to have to assume, because on these pages, including the Mejortorrent Movies substitutes, you run the great risk of stumbling upon super malicious viruses that can severely affect your computer or device. Some users have reported that they have had to uninstall the antivirus and allow the entry of risky content to download, so if you are one of those who take risks then go ahead!

Sometimes going through these matters will seem like a labyrinth with no way out, but as you can see, there are always other paths. You just have to follow the signs and you will be safe. Best of all, you can continue to enjoy entertainment from home, a reality that is gaining more followers every day.

Also take into account that BitTorrent is used for the process of sharing and using the content, and it is the seed users who take the leading role. On the other hand, it must be recognized that domain blocks will continue, that is a reality, and Mejortorrent Movies will surely continue to transform or mutate, because the authorities are obliged to protect and enforce copyright laws.

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